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By being forced to function only as a citizen of the United States, everyone was foreclosed from access to genuine law, substance, sovereignty, real law, and constitutional due process, confined to operating in law and commerce only within the Banker’s private commercial, military, limited-liability jurisdiction. Americans’ survival came to depend on acting as if they were “citizens of the United States” and inseparably united with and bound to what is called their “Straw Man”.  

A person’s “Straw Man” is their ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME.  This is the core of the situation.  It revolves around the meaning and significance of the words used in the acts involving them, especially the name. A few crucial facts concerning the name are:  

1.  In law, every word, letter, punctuation, and capitalization utilized in legal documents and proceedings has legal import and significance.  Law means the rules revolving around the use of deadly force.  The ultimate legal consequence of every word used in law is life and death.  This fact imparts to law its unique importance.  Law is not simply another academic pursuit, but a field bearing on one’s very survival.  

2.  A person’s name is a “flag” per the Law of the Flag, proclaiming their rights, standing in law, applicable law, and jurisdiction. When set forth in upper- and lower-case letters, in accord with the established rules of English grammar, a name is called a “true name”. In law, such a name signifies the real person, the living, flesh-and-blood, sentient being with free will, and unbounded spiritual dimension, absolute (unalienable) rights, full standing in law, and access to the substance and content of genuine law. When set forth in all capital letters, both law and English grammar mandate that such an assemblage of letters be considered something entirely different than a true name and all the content that a true name signifies.  Such deception now comprises the foundational legal device used to control not only America, but the population of the entire world.  

Every system of civilized law, however, must include two characteristics: Remedy and Recourse.  Remedy is a way to get out from under the law.  Recourse provides a way to recover any loss incurred by way of damage from the law.   

Even the banksters must follow the law.  Otherwise they would be at each other’s throats!  Never assume that all the crooks have the same agenda.  They don’t.  And their children don’t necessarily have the same agenda as their parents.  Accordingly, there still exists law which includes Remedy and Recourse .  

For “citizens of the United States”, Remedy and Recourse apparently come under the heading of Redemption, a complicated, highly intricate, legal manipulation intended to allow a person to regain true control over one’s life.  I say, “apparently”.  Basically, the jury is still out on this one.  In truth, it’s likely an ongoing process, i.e. “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.”