By: Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

_____”Or how about those sonic weapons you used on those protesters in Pennsylvania?  Aren’t these weapons just the greatest?  Hell!  You can be several hundreds of yards away and do horrific damage to a large number of people and they never know what hit them! ____________

Hearing that Janet Napolitano urged governors at a recent national meeting to “really get in and dig, and find out what is causing so many young people to become extremists”, I had to wonder just what had shorted out in that woman’s brain?  Does she really believe what she says?  Is she just talking from a “be sure to say this’ memo?  Is she really this clueless?

While the government is in “hard sell” mode, the same government corporation Ms. Napolitano gets her paycheck from busies its self spying on its own people, compiling:

  • blacklists,
  • watch lists,
  • suspect lists,
  • no-fly lists,
  • possible suspect lists,
  • terrorist watch lists,
  • domestic terrorist watch lists,
  • could be a terrorist watch list and last but not least:
  • anyone who isn’t me is a terrorist watch list.

We have more than 2 million people on the government payroll, more than half of whom draw a paycheck for spying on, snitching on, reporting on, the people of the (50) united but sovereign states. 

Our phone calls are monitored and logged, illegally.  Our email is rifled through and bundled and sold to any one of the 18 or more federal spy agencies after first traversing state spy agencies, by the several Tele-Com companies who got immunity after the fact from being prosecuted for violating individual rights.  (You remember them don’t you, Ms. Napolitano?  They got immunity through the unconstitutional bill of attainder passed by the District of Criminals)

Our police departments and Sheriff’s departments have been “federalized” and now operate under the direction of HSD.  That’s why you keep shoveling money their way and why they are the first services to be threatened with “cuts” if they don’t co-operate or if the state refuses to cooperate with your demands.  They are outfitted like Sci-Fi creatures and armed with weapons meant for no other purpose than harming the public they formerly protected.  But that really isn’t their function anymore is it?  Their basic duty now is to protect you (the corporate government) from us (the (50) states). 

Many major cities such as Atlanta and Los Angeles now have tanks with Active Denial Systems mounted on them.  Nothing like par-boiling a group of protesters who had the gall to stand up and exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL rights!

Or how about those sonic weapons you used on those protesters in Pennsylvania?  Aren’t these weapons just the greatest?  Hell!  You can be several hundreds of yards away and do horrific damage to a large number of people and they never know what hit them!  I can’t imagine the testosterone surge that occurs when the buttons are pushed on these weapons and the accompanying knowledge that you just fired on your own countrymen; your own neighbors, maybe even friends and family.  And for what?  Because they stood up and spoke out against the corruption that is killing our country? 

While the MSMM (Main Stream Media for Morons) dutifully attempts to ridicule, humiliate, castigate and generally deride such movements as the 10ther’s, the Tea Partys, and even Oathkeepers; generally anyone who refuses submission to the iron fist of fascism, these movements continue to grow.  I am sure you are wondering why; after all, you and this corporation you work for have done everything you could to frighten the population into compliant silence. 

The Patriot movement is alive and well and growing with each day.  We fear extremists too, only for us they have names like “congress”, FBI, CIA, NSA, SEIC, and hundreds of other government created corporations all operating as “government”.   We understand fully that agencies such as the USDA, the FDA, HHS, DHS, and even SCOTUS, are no longer public service agencies or offices, if in fact, they ever were.  We understand far too well that there is an extremist element in our country, and that the majority of those extremists are in our government on one level or another. 

I believe I can answer your questions for you:  What makes young people turn to extremism?  That in itself is a question meant to divert.  The real question you should be asking and probably do ask behind closed doors is this:

“Why?  After all the lies we have told, all the false flag threats, the wars of aggression, the dismantling of the country, the attempts to tag and track and spy on everyone; why, after granting ourselves the power to totally decimate anyone we choose to, at any time we choose; why won’t they submit?  Why won’t they give up?”

Answer:  Because we don’t like extremists who hide behind government titles and offices who work to no other end than to destroy us and we won’t give up our country to any one regardless of the personal cost.

Ms. Napolitano:  The extremists you need to fear are probably sitting in offices adjacent to yours; start your search there.