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Down through the annuals of history, central governments have been notorious in their consistent and repeated crimes against humanity; but perhaps, at no time was their crimes more heinous than during the years of the Second World War.

    Since WWII, however, the severity and magnitude of governmental crimes have exploded exponentially. And, the explosions started in a monstrous way after the Japanese nation had lost its ability to wage war, and was trying to surrender on reasonable terms: It was then that US president Harry S. Truman issued his Executive Order to drop two atomic bombs on defeated Japan.

Prior to the atomic attack on Japan, the US had waged a fire-bombing war, not on the Japanese military, but on innocent Japanese men, women and children, beginning with the dropping of 700,000 incendiary bombs on Tokyo. Two nights later, a force of more than 500 B-29s, again, struck the heart of the Japanese Empire with 4,000 tons of incendiaries. Those Tokyo fire-bombs brought more horror than our minds can comprehend, but the resulting winds wrought even more terror. The heat from the flaming cauldrons below was so intense, that the B-29s flying above were often buffeted upwards by as much as 4,000 feet. More

Police state: America’s new way of life


By: Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

_____”Or how about those sonic weapons you used on those protesters in Pennsylvania?  Aren’t these weapons just the greatest?  Hell!  You can be several hundreds of yards away and do horrific damage to a large number of people and they never know what hit them! ____________

Hearing that Janet Napolitano urged governors at a recent national meeting to “really get in and dig, and find out what is causing so many young people to become extremists”, I had to wonder just what had shorted out in that woman’s brain?  Does she really believe what she says?  Is she just talking from a “be sure to say this’ memo?  Is she really this clueless?

While the government is in “hard sell” mode, the same government corporation Ms. Napolitano gets her paycheck from busies its self spying on its own people, compiling:

  • blacklists,
  • watch lists,
  • suspect lists,
  • no-fly lists,
  • possible suspect lists,
  • terrorist watch lists,
  • domestic terrorist watch lists,
  • could be a terrorist watch list and last but not least:
  • anyone who isn’t me is a terrorist watch list. More

Stuff your damn global economy and international trade along with it….


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 Name one SEC member or politician who lost their job or Wall Street pirate who has been charged with anything other than how to spend the money they stole from taxpayers via the bailouts.  You can’t.  It didn’t happen and it isn’t going to.

We’re in the crapper!  Get it?  We are losing our butts, or have and yet our government seems intent on pushing the US right over the cliff.  Let me say this once and for all!  GLOBALISM IS A DISASTER!  International trade sucks and is a detriment to us all as it currently exists.  That global economy they keep referring too?  It’s a screaming disaster in every country where it exists.  What part of this doesn’t our government get? 

Unregulated, free-for-all, no oversight, markets are NOT THE SAME THING AS CAPITALISM! More

Equine Welfare Alliance co-founder speaks out about Illinois Rep. Jim Sacia’s insatiable quest for Slaughtering Horses

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written by Vicki Tobin of  The Equine Welfare Alliance

I found this fascinating quote today:

We have seen one scandal after the next in Illinois over the past few years. Our governor was removed from office, we have the highest deficit and unemployment rate in Illinois history and an economy that has hit rock bottom. Budgets are exploding, threats of tax increases loom and all Jim Sacia can offer his constituents is a bill to slaughter horses.rtfitch.wordpress.com, Straight from the Horse’s Heart, Mar 2010

You should read the whole article.

Congress and the Executive have traded jobs.

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by: R.W. Monty


To: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 

 #1 First Street, Washington, D. C.

.Feb. 24, 2010

In the beginning we were British. Washington and our other founders liked a lot of British things, but they didn’t trust the autocracy. For this reason they began a search for something better. They tried a polyglot system called the Articles of Confederation. When that failed, they tried our current Federal Government. The denominator, between these two systems, is fear of autocracy. Our founders didn’t want a king or a tyrant.

Move forward 2 1/2 centuries. Mr. Obama has asked the Congress to deliver a Health Care bill for him to sign. The operative points here are:

  • The President asked them to do it
  • They are doing it
  • He will approve whatever it is, when they get it to his desk. This badly violates the Constitution. More

Wisconsin legislative members in need of anger management,psychological counseling or treatment.


by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Wisconsin bill 747…..a screaming Jackass alert

Just when we thought things in Wisconsin couldn’t get any worse or any more ludicrous, along comes Wisconsin Assembly bill 747.  I have no idea what the Wisconsin legislature is smoking these days, but it must be some powerful stuff. 

When I first read this bill I thought it must be some kind of a joke, but it isn’t.  With all the laws already on the books regarding animal welfare and treatment, and laws criminalizing animal abuse, apparently a few of Wisconsin’s esteemed government officials decided the state needed one more law but expanded to now include “child victims” and mandating anger management and psychological counseling or treatment for those charged with abuse. 

I would recommend the same thing for legislators who sit around and conjure up this kind of pointless crap.  These people obviously have far too much idle time on their hands and out of frustration, anger or just an attempt to amuse themselves, come up with mindless and pointless bills that can have no other purpose other than to agitate the public.

While I believe this bill could be beneficial in ending the abuse and inhumane treatment of animals forced to live their lives in CAFO operations, or, those animals subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of industrialized processors while USDA inspectors look on,  we all know it will never be used in that way.  Instead, it is targeted to individuals with no mention of the known offenders anywhere in the language. 

After reading this piece of tripe I have concluded the best thing for the State of Wisconsin is to have mandatory mental disorder testing before anyone can even run for office. 

Wyoming Joins Phony “Sovereignty Movement”


According to an article on the Tenth Amendment Center website, Wyoming’s governor Dave Freudenthal has just signed Wyoming’s Joint Resolution 2 (HJ0002), claiming “sovereignty on behalf of the State of Wyoming and for its citizens under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government or reserved to the people by the Constitution of the United States.”

The problem with this, as well as with identical resolutions from several other states, as I have pointed out before (see “Sovereignty Hypocrisy,” “Sovereignty Hypocrisy – Part II,” and “Sovereignty Hypocrisy – Part III”), is that Wyoming, like all the other states “declaring sovereignty” is simply blowing a smoke screen to conceal its involvement in the New World Order police state that is slowly coalescing right before our eyes.

As with most of the other states “declaring sovereignty,” Wyoming also has FEMA camps within its borders, More

Wisconsin:2009-2010 ASSEMBLY BILL 747

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2009 – 2010 LEGISLATURE


February 12, 2010 – Introduced by Representatives MILROY, TURNER, ZEPNICK, A.

WILLIAMS, BERCEAU, SINICKI, PASCH, BENEDICT and SMITH, cosponsored by Senators JAUCH, CARPENTER and RISSER. Referred to Committee on Criminal Justice.

1 AN ACT to amend 813.12 (3) (a) (intro.), 813.12 (4) (a) (intro.), 813.122 (4) (a)

2 (intro.), 813.122 (5) (a) (intro.), 813.125 (3) (a) (intro.), 813.125 (4) (a) (intro.), More

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