By Ron Ewart, President

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“The more laws government passes, the more law breakers government makes.”  Ron Ewart

We have repeated the following phrase several times in our articles, since repetition seems to be the only way to get a message across.  “YOUR MONEY IS GOVERNMENT’S MAJOR POWER OVER YOUThe first power that government has over you is YOUR perception that YOUR money is their money.  The second power that government has over you is by using the money they take from you by force, against you.  But, the third power that government has over you is that you will religiously obey their laws, no matter how many they pass, or how unconstitutional those laws may be.

From another article we wrote:  “The consequence of too many laws is that huge segments of the public are totally unaware of their existence.  And yet, under the law, ignorance of the law is not a defense.” 

And speaking of too many laws, don’t you just love going to the airport and being treated like a criminal ….. or a terrorist?  Instead of taking care of the problem as the most powerful nation on Earth, we turn little old ladies into criminals, as they are forced to take their shoes off and are wanded all over their entire bodies.  Then there are the poor souls who have the misfortune of having had hip or knee replacements.  They are required to almost undress, while some gaping TSA agent scans every inch of their body and clothing and the immediate crowd gathers ’round to watch the virtual undressing, all the while muttering to themselves, “thank God it wasn’t me.” 

Why in the Hell don’t we use our unequaled American Military power to once and for all, silence the terrorists by issuing a Presidential proclamation to all other countries and ratified by the U. S. Congress, instead of enduring this senseless death by a thousand cuts.  That proclamation would simply state, “if a terrorist being harbored by a third-world or rogue country, perpetrates a terrorist act against the United States, or its interests, the seat of power of that country will be wiped off the face of the Earth, along with anyone in those seats of power.”  We damn near got Khadafi’s son in one of our raids.  Too bad we missed him …. and his father.

Sure it’s harsh, but just watch other countries clean up their act and take care of the terrorists and terrorists cells in their own country, so that we don’t have to go to war to do it.  Just think, we could disband the useless Homeland Security.  We could focus on protecting our borders with our military, instead of sending our men and women off to war.

But enough of saber rattling.  Let’s get back to America and too many laws.  Take the IRS code for example.  The code contains thousands of pages of rules, instructions and forms, many of which are in direct conflict with each other, or take a covey of high-paid lawyers to interpret them.  The IRS can’t even interpret them and if you ask 10 IRS agents the same question, you will get 10 different answers.  The insanity of such a system only serves to drive up anger and frustration and drive down compliance.  Thus, almost every law-abiding income tax filer has broken one or more rules in the code and is subject to fines and penalties, if caught.   Cheating isn’t just an isolated instance, it is probably wholesale, as the anger and frustration levels rise.

Environmental laws, traffic laws, behavior laws and millions upon millions of other local, state and federal laws, virtually makes every single American a law breaker, subjecting them to the potential for fines, penalties and even jail time.  Environmental code violations have become sacrosanct in the law and receive more attention than some violent criminal violations.  People have gone to jail for just putting some dirt or digging in a wetland and we know of two such people who served time for this so-called “crime”.

But now along comes Obama Care, Cap and Trade and the new and improved Smart Grid. Each one of these new laws will restrict American human behavior way beyond what our Founding Fathers envisioned in their concept of individual life, liberty, dignity, equal justice under the law and the pursuit of happiness, as codified in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.

Obama care is the complete take over of the American Health Care System and thus control of every aspect of human behavior, because every aspect of human behavior affects the cost of health care, one way or another.

Cap and Trade legislation, or the Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations, will take over the American energy industry through the control of greenhouse gas emissions and drive the cost of energy through the roof, thus driving the cost of everything else through the roof that is connected to energy.  That’s virtually everything.

But Smart Grid, when fully implemented, will take away your control of all the machines in your business and in your home.  One of the provisions of Smart Grid will be a small electronic circuit board placed in the appliances in your home that can turn the appliance on or off, or adjust it one way or another, to compensate for loads on the power grid.  You are sitting there in your living room and suddenly you notice it is getting colder.  That is because the smart grid card in your furnace control unit has sensed an increasing load on the grid and has re-adjusted your furnace from a comfortable 72 degrees to a most uncomfortable 60 degrees and you won’t be able to do one damn thing about it …. legally that is.  Or you are in Arizona and the outside temperature is 110 degrees, but the smart card, hidden in your thermostat, turns off your air conditioner.

So much for free choice in America.

And that’s not all.  Sensing circuits will be placed in the power lines coming to your home and business.  If the sensors detect that you are taking more than your “fair” share, or exceeding an arbitrary average, some arrogant bureaucrat from the newly formed energy agency, will come knocking on your door to investigate.  Could this new agency be the energy Gestapo of America?  Will they wear brown shirts, we wonder?

But never under estimate the American ingenuity and their uncanny ability to flaunt a stupid law.  When automobile catalytic converters (CC’s) came on the scene around 1975, some Americans removed them, or circumvented them in some way.  It was illegal to “monkey” with the CC’s but tens of thousands of Americans “monkeyed” with them anyway.  Oh, and by the way, the product of a CC is carbon dioxide (CO2) that now the government, in its infinite wisdom, has declared a pollutant and will regulate its emissions, no matter what it costs you.  Will the government then scrap the offending CC in its attempt to regulate CO2?  Not likely.

Hey, it even gets “better” than that.  Under Cap and Trade you will not be able to sell your home until you get an energy audit from the government.  If you don’t pass the audit, you will have to make expensive repairs to bring your home up to the new “energy” code, in order to sell it.  Those repairs will cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Most people won’t have those thousands and will give up trying to sell, or they will have to sell to the black market at a much reduced price, who will then bring your home up to code and turn around and sell it for a huge profit.

You ask, what is driving this insanity.  We’ll tell you.  The government, driven by national and international radical environmentalists and a social justice mindset from the corrupt United Nations and socialist Europe, is mandating efficiency and conservation of the American energy supply system, instead of increasing our energy supply by allowing recovery of our own oil, our own natural gas, our own coal and building nuclear power plants.  Instead of doing what made this country the most wealthy, the most powerful and the most generous nation on Earth, government is going to deprive us of the life-blood of our commerce and our economy ….. energy.  In short, they are going to tighten efficiency and limit access to energy for the purpose of conserving it, instead of creating more.  That folks, is the policy of losers and it is losers who are running our country.  Some might say it is the policy of traitors.  They need to be replaced and soon.

Let’s examine the unintended consequences of Obama Care, Cap and Trade and the Smart Grid.  A massive breaking of the laws will occur as people circumvent, cheat and enter the black markets.  This author has the capability of removing the offending circuit cards from the appliances and from the furnace control unit and would do so in a second.  Giving up the right of free choice is not an option.

I purposely don’t wear a seat belt in my car, not because it isn’t the smart thing to do.  I don’t wear one because the damn government told me I had to.  It is my form of Gandhi’s passive resistance.

You see, I’m a free, independent and self-reliant American, not a government serf and I don’t consider myself a criminal for going around, or circumventing, stupid, unconstitutional laws, even if there is a price to pay if I get caught.  The more Americans that resist this government for exceeding its constitutional powers, the greater the chance we can relieve them of those powers. 

Remember.  “The third power that government has over you is that you will religiously obey their laws, no matter how many they pass, or how unconstitutional those laws may be.

So we ask, will Americans bow down and capitulate to government’s laws, or will they resist?  That is the question for all Americans who still consider themselves free men and women.  That is the question for those who still believe in our God-given, natural rights of individual freedom.  Are they willing to defend those rights, no matter what the cost?  We will soon see, as the time to defend our rights is long past due.

Ron Ewart, President


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