Taylor issues a challenge to Wisconsin Media: engage in a more comprehensive reporting of candidates and issues with a factual unbiased approach. Are you still the sentinels of the First Amendment and free speech?

Rob Taylor’s Campaign has noticed that a great institution, the Wisconsin Media, has been censoring its reporting of the current political news in Wisconsin. The choice has been made to cover only Republicans and Democrats in the upcoming 2010 election cycle.

It seems the Wisconsin Media has missed an entire group of independent candidates seeking office at Federal, State, and local level leaving Wisconsinites in the dark as to true diversity of choice that they have in the election process.

The major news outlets have become slanted and biased toward liberal and progressive candidates touting them as mainstream and portraying in a positive light without vetting them as in the past. The selection of a narrow breadth of candidates limits choice and promotes corruption. The natural process of elimination, refinement, and reform stagnates and withers in this state. This does not serve the citizens of Wisconsin well nor does it lend credibility to these once great institutions when an entire slate of Independent Candidates is seeking office and is historically ignored until a week before the elections. Some of those candidates for Federal and State office are:




Rob Taylor United States Senate

Mike Krsiean 3rd Congressional District, U.S.

Daniel Mielke 7th Congressional District, U.S.

Tim Nerenz – 2nd Congressional District, U.S.

Samantha Carter 4th Congressional District, U.S.

Joe Stern 8th Congressional District, U.S.

The Media’s long-established function in politics has been to bring into view the entire gambit of candidates seeking public office and present them for the public scrutiny. This vital role allows the vetting process to take place in an unprejudiced way which is critical for an informed electorate and ethically functioning Government to exist. This condition results only when an impartial media brings forth the facts for all to see. Taylor challenges the mainstream media to conduct an interview, print a biography, or cover an event in a more timely fashion and spur on the debate that will follow. The healing of our lands from greed and corruption will then begin when all are brought into the light.

Many Wisconsin Mainstream Media outlets have seen their ratings, subscriptions, and listeners decline in the past decade, why, because they have become opinion oriented and moved away from factual unbiased reporting. Taylor’s campaign notes that the First Amendment guarantees a free press and free speech but it must be tempered with responsible and ethical conduct in order to maintain that independent freedom to report news and events in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately as the media has gravitated away from factual investigative reporting and into a talking points spin cycle, it has become the mouth piece for the Republican and Democratic parties.

Many internet and cable news sites have taken the place of our once proud media outlets and now take up the torch of the free press instead.

Covering the issues of all candidates will reconnect the mainstream Wisconsin Media to the mainstream Wisconsin voter that exists outside the Madison beltway. Stop the hemorrhaging. Taylor’s campaign challenges the media to undertake this small step and find your listeners, subscribers, viewers, and market share again. Will you regain trust and prestige in the eyes of the public?

The Taylor campaign has therefore reiterated this challenge to the Wisconsin Media, give Wisconsin the complete picture, restore your greatness with unbiased and factual reporting, and perform the media’s time-honored role as the guardian of the First Amendment. Will you accept the challenge or will we mourn your loss into the pages of history?

We await your response.

James James Governor Wisconsin