Who is Jordan Maxwell?


By: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

To many in the truth movement, Jordan Maxwell has become a revered source of information. Appearing many times on the Alex Jones Show, and the author of many books and videos of his own, Jordan Maxwell has been supposedly exposing the Machiavellian machinations of the global elite for many years.

However, what most in the truth movement have failed to realize is that they are unwittingly being led into the New World Order by Maxwell, Jones, David Icke, Alan Watt and others. I will cover those others at a later date, but for now, I will focus upon Jordan Maxwell.

First of all, Jordan Maxwell derived his name from Jordanus Maximus, a character created by Helena Blavatsky in her book, Isis Unveiled – which Jordan Maxwell has publicly admitted is his favorite book by Blavatsky, whom he has also publicly acknowledged great admiration for. More

Sugar Free Imitation Honey – WTF???


By Barbara H. Peterson

I’m as forgiving as the next gal, but really! There is a limit to my endurance. Hubby went shopping the other day and brought home HoneyTree’s Sugar Free Imitation Honey. This product is “a proud sponsor of the Diabetes Research Institute” according to the label on the container. Yes, it was in the honey department, and yes, the container looked and felt like a honey container, and yes, hubby was trying to be helpful, and yes, he is half-blind, and yes, it was the cheapest on the shelf. However, it was only after looking at the ingredients on the label that I was truly repulsed:

Maltitol syrup, natural and artificial flavor, Acesulfame K, Malic acid

I was especially attracted to the ingredient labeled Acesulfame K, so I looked it up. The following comes from SweetPoison.com: More


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“II. We Declare ourselves INDEPENDENT of the Democrat Party and its power drunk junta in Washington DC, which is currently seeking to impose a Socialist agenda on our Republic.

We reject arrogant Left-wing politicians who furtively hide from public scrutiny, as they cut corrupt deals loaded with earmarks and pork in order to produce 2000 page pieces of legislation so purposely incomprehensible, they do not even bother to read them before foisting them upon us. “

“III. We Declare ourselves INDEPENDENT of the Republican Party, which has in the past manipulated its Conservative Base to win election after election and which then betrays everything that Base fought for and believed.

We reject the idea that the electoral goals of the Republican Party are identical to the goals of the Tea Party Movement or that this Movement is an adjunct to the Republican Party.”


02-24-2010 9:54 pm – Tea Party Patriots
I. As the course of human events winds its way through History, it has found some paths lead to Tyranny and some to Liberty. In seeking a path to Liberty, a great and powerful movement is now rising from every corner of our land. Created by the Will of the American People, it rejects unconstitutional domination by the Government that is supposed to be its servant. This movement has arisen, in large part, because our elected officials have failed us. More

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