Looks like the the Republicans are up to their same old tactics. This kind of stuff is what helped them lose in 2008.  You’d think they’d learn!


To: Members of the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

We, the undersigned, are concerned about actions by persons in positions of authority in various Republican Party committees of the 7th Congressional District; issues we believe violate established policies and customary propriety of conduct.

We know that these actions have caused deep conflict in several county parties and that some are seriously depleted in membership if not completely collapsed, they have been torn apart by the actions of people in positions of authority. We are additionally concerned about the real possibility of the formation of a third party, which would further serve to fragment the Republican Party.

Several media sources have already picked up on these stories, asking questions that could potentially lead to damaging the Party. These actions have started in the last several years, and some have been conducted to favor one campaign over the other in the 2010 Congressional election.

It is difficult as individuals to take action on these matters, but feel it is important for the entire Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin to be informed. We come to this conclusion because Reince Priebus has not responded to several complaints that have been reported to him. Below are the actions we can cite, we believe we have a high degree of accuracy in our knowledge of these actions, but are aware that inaccuracies are always possible.

Previous District Caucuses and Exec. Committee Meetings, 2007-2008

Members of the Wood and Marathon County Parties report a failure of the 7th District leadership to allow opposing opinions to be voiced at the district caucus. At one District Executive Committee meeting, Chairman Duffy didn’t allow Keith or Ruth Hawks of Marathon County to give the informational only county report because they were not on the District Executive Committee (The Marathon County Chair and V. Chair weren’t present), while he allowed Michael Monson to give the Langlade County Report, (Monson was not Chair or V. Chair of Langlade County) rather than the Langlade County V. Chair, Pete Pospichal, who was present.

Clark County Party Executive is Threatened with Loss of Employment by District Vice Chairman

While holding a position with the Clark County Republican Party, Clark Palmer is threatened with loss of his employment at Memorial Hospital in Neillsville over issues concerning Keene Winters’ position in the Party. Sean Duffy, who at that time was Vice-Chairman of the 7th District, made this threat. Several Party members witnessed this event, no further action was taken.

Clean Campaign Ultimatum – Spring 2009

Signed by some County Party Chairs, this document was written by District leadership. This document favors the candidacy of Sean Duffy with restrictions that disproportionately limit and affect the candidacy of Dan Mielke. This document was circulated to County Party Chairmen to sign without prior approval of the District Executive Committee or the County Executive Committee. This is another concern that has already hit the news media with The Lakeland Times reporting that 16 county party chairmen have signed the document. After some Chairmen signed the document, the wording was changed, but the chairmen were not notified of the changes.

Is this document being kept secret from party members and selected county party officers? How do we find out who has signed it when it was never passed by the District Executive Committee and is seemingly being handled with some secrecy? An early copy of the Ultimatum shows that James McGarigle of Lincoln County was an early signer as were Richard Hartung of Polk County and Craig Rosand of Douglas County. The Ultimatum threatens enforcement such as censoring and/or excluding one candidate over the other if its parameters are violated, which requires powers not granted to them. The Executive Committee of Lincoln County never approved the Ultimatum. Wood and Portage County Chairmen have signed the document and a letter to the editor about the document by some of these Chairmen who signed it was published in the Wausau Daily Herald.

Wood County Tea Party – Beginning of Sept, 2009

Sean Duffy speaks at the Wood County Tea Party in Marshfield. Upon being asked if he was also notified of the event, Dan Mielke responded that he was told the event was canceled. The event was organized by the Wood County Republican Party through its Vice Chairman, Verna Bidgood.

7th District Executive Committee Meeting Goes Into Closed Session – Oct 3rd, 2009

In the closed session an attempt was made to bring back The Clean Campaign Ultimatum calling it The Clean Campaign “Pledge.” The District leadership tried very hard to get it passed and had it brought up for a vote three times and each time it failed. To work on developing a Clean Campaign Pledge is far from a proper reason to call a closed session (see Robert’s Rules and other sources for closed sessions). It appears the reason for the closed session was to keep it secret from Dan Mielke.

Lincoln County Republicans “Pints and Politics” Promotes Sean Duffy as a Guest – Nov 12

Dan Mielke is not promoted by this event. Dan Mielke notified us that he was not invited to this event until the day before.

John Yackel and Mike Monson address Lincoln County Republicans Executive Committee– Nov 17

Non-members John Yackel and Mike Monson are allowed by Chairman Jim McGarigle to address the Lincoln County Republicans Executive Committee regarding the Kevin Stevenson issue. Most members of the Executive Committee weren’t informed of the purpose of the presence of Yackel and Monson and Chairman McGarigle didn’t ask the Executive Committee to go into closed session. Yackel and Monson made numerous accusations about Kevin Stevenson. According to Marathon County people who were in the leadership of the County Party at the time, at least two accusations made by Yackel are false.

The Stevenson’s were not informed about the Lincoln County meeting, leaving them no chance of defending themselves regarding anything Yackel, Monson, or McGarigle had to say about them. This is a highly improper action on the part of McGarigle, Monson and Yackel.

Lincoln County Facebook Page Used to Promote Duffy Fundraiser – Nov. 18

Mr. McGarigle may not have emailed Duffy announcements either as there have been no notices posted by McGarigle from either candidate since the Duffy announcement. Reference the announcement:

From: Facebook notification+zj4oooaj0y46@facebookmail.com

Subject: James McGarigle invited you to the event “Sean Duffy for Congress Fundraiser”…

James invited you to “Sean Duffy for Congress Fundraiser” on Wednesday, November 18 at 5:00pm.

Event: Sean Duffy For Congress Fundraiser

Start Time: Wednesday, November 18 at 5:00pm

End Time: Wednesday, November 18 at 8:00pm

Where: Les & Jim’s Lincoln Lanes 1208 N Center Ave Merrill, WI

Wood County “Pints and Politics” – Verna Bidgood, correspondence with Sean Duffy

Verna Bidgood, Wood County Republicans Vice-Chair sent a notification to Sean Duffy informing him of an upcoming Wood County Republicans “Points and Politics” event, while failing to notify Dan Mielke of that same event. Subsequent correspondences by Verna Bidgood were also copied only to the Sean Duffy campaign.

Wood County Republicans “Pints and Politics” Event, Sean Duffy Is Invited, Dan Mielke is not notified – Dec 15th

Wood County Republicans issued an email notice of this event mentioning Sean Duffy, but not Dan Mielke. Mielke is a paid member of the Wood County Party.

College Republican Chair Rebuffs Information From Mielke Campaign – December 21,2009

Andrew Amys, Chair of the UW-Superior College Republicans, instructed Dan Mielke NOT to send him information from the Mielke for Congress campaign. A College Republican Chair not wanting info from a Republican candidate for Congress is improper. Did the UW Superior College Republicans Executive Committee decide this or is Amys acting on his own? After complaints by others, Mr. Amys supplied Mr. Mielke with a different email address to which to send announcements, claiming he didn’t want his personal address to be used. The UW Stevens Point College Republicans notified Dan Mielke that they will only be working with Duffy’s campaign and not Mielke’s.

Langlade County Officials Improperly Ousted Pete Pospichal from the Position of V.Chairman and Later Called a Hearing to Do So all Over again to Make it Proper

One of the charges contains a legal opinion that Mr. Pospichal committed a Class H felony, yet gives a very general description of what he did that they claim is a Class H felony. Wisconsin Statute 943.207 TRANSFER OF RECORDED SOUNDS can be either a Class A misdemeanor or Class H felony. This is a very serious matter. We also understand that after resignations on the Executive Committee and the ouster of Pospichal, the Langlade County Party is no longer functioning. The County Party has not delivered a written notice of his removal to Mr. Pospichal.

Dan Mielke is Being Barred from Speaking to Lincoln Day Dinners by some County Party Officials

According to correspondence from Dan Hubin, Chairman of Washburn County, Dan Mielke is not allowed to speak to attendees or to distribute literature. Sean Duffy is an invited speaker. This is improper and hurts the party’s own members who wish to hear from both candidates. Are these actions the result of proper Executive Committee authorization or are they decisions being made by the party chairmen? In Sawyer County, Mielke was not invited to the Lincoln Day Dinner, after he asked if he could attend, they allowed him a short time to speak. The Ashland/Bayfield County joint organization did not invited Mielke to speak at their dinner as well. These prohibitions are now public information across a huge section of Wisconsin as someone called WSAU radio to complain about it on Feb. 17.

Carl Kluz Physically Blocks Door and Prohibits Ed Marek Entrance to the Marathon County 2010 Caucus – January 31

Mr. Kluz said the Party had rejected his membership and would refund his dues, while Mr. Marek had documentation with him from the Party informing him that his dues were received and that he was a member in good standing. Approval and reference numbers were provided to the County as documentation from Ed Marek, while Mr. Kluz had no documentation to back up his claim.

It is known that the Chair of Marathon County is a relative of and supporter of Sean Duffy, along with a majority of the Executive leadership; while Ed Marek has been perceived to be a Dan Mielke supporter. Is entry into the caucus dependent on which candidate a member supports in the Congressional primary?

In a request to the local government unit to use a room for the Caucus, the Marathon County Party requested police presence because it expected trouble. This is yet another incident that has been reported by the media. The story appeared in the City Pages newspaper of Wausau and distributed across Central Wisconsin free of charge.

Lincoln County Chairman James McGarigle Publicly Accused Dan Mielke of Violating Campaign Disclosure Law

Chairman McGarigle publicly accused Mielke of not identifying who paid for Mielke’s Robo-call Poll, although McGarigle hung up on the call before the end of the survey, where the disclosure statement resided.

National Media Attention (Wall Street Journal, National Review Online Columnist, Time Magazine) Is Touting Duffy as the Eventual Candidate against Congressman Obey.

These media outlets or columnists never contacted Dan Mielke. How are they drawing their conclusions? Are officials of the RNC or RPW feeding this information to the national media?

It certainly appears to us that there is a clearly identifiable pattern or trend to these concerns, that the persons behind these actions have some commonality, and there are indications that Reince Priebus may be involved in some of these concerns. That is why we felt it necessary to copy the entire Executive Committee of the RPW. We are seeing indications of a possible collapse of the Republican Party of the 7th Congressional District and are concerned about the emergence of a third party. The result will not bode well for the Republican Party.

Is the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin going to address these issues? Can we expect to see immediate, serious leadership from you with regard to these concerns?

We would like a written response.

We the Undersigned:

Prepared February 17, 2010