Suit seeks to bar genetically modified sugar beets

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 JEFF BARNARD From Associated Press March 01, 2010 PHILOMATH, Ore. (AP) — Organic farmers fear this year’s spring breezes will be carrying pollen from genetically altered sugar beets, which they say could render their crops worthless, and they hope to persuade a federal judge this week to halt the plantings nationwide. More

Fusion Centers: Your community based spy agency


“Fusion centers constitute a new piece in a vastly more powerful police apparatus. They give the executive branch an incredible physical reach into state and local communities.”

c/o Thomas Cincotta for The Public Eye

The Department of Homeland Security’s network of fusion centers operate under the auspices of state police or even large local police forces, thus sidestepping the guidelines enacted under the Privacy Act of 1974 that limit information sharing by federal agencies. Yet fusion centers have a national command center feel, with mosaics of television monitors, and desks for all the police agents assigned to work together and enjoy face time — the county sheriff, local police officers, the FBI, National Guard (restricted by law to drug-related missions), state police, Department of Homeland Security, and the civilian intelligence analysts. The FBI field office may rent space to fusion centers, and even helps run the Los Angeles fusion center, but it rarely plays a visibly lead role. Still, all the analysts are tied into federal information-sharing networks. More

A Shortage Of Common Sense

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Green Fuels Could Damage Environment, Study Claims
By Stephen Jones
Epoch Times Staff


“However, the study claims that palm oil, the most common form of biofuel, effectively increases emissions by 31 percent because of the carbon released when forests are turned into plantations.”

Good grief! The buzz-cutting of the Earth’s flora has to stop!

The sun is up from eight-and-three-quarters to thirteen-and-a-half hours every day.

The problem is NOT finding a source of energy, i.e., “biofuel.”

The problem is storage and distribution of more energy from the sun than one planet can possibly ever use.

Dan Martin

Admiralty Law: The obliterating of Constitutional rights and liberties

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 Live link:  Legal Information Institute

admiralty: an overview

 Admiralty law or maritime law is the distinct body of law (both substantive and procedural) governing navigation and shipping. Topics associated with this field in legal reference works may include: shipping; navigation; waters; commerce; seamen; towage; wharves, piers, and docks; insurance; maritime liens; canals; and recreation. Piracy (ship hijacking) is also an aspect of admiralty.

The courts and Congress seek to create a uniform body of admiralty law both nationally and internationally in order to facilitate commerce. The federal courts derive their exclusive jurisdiction over this field from the Judiciary Act of 1789 and from Article III, § 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Congress regulates admiralty partially through the Commerce Clause. American admiralty law formerly applied only to American tidal waters. It now extends to any waters navigable within the United States for interstate or foreign commerce. In such waters admiralty jurisdiction includes maritime matters not involving interstate commerce, including recreational boating. Continue Reading »

The McCarran-Ferguson Act: Repealing this act will put insurance into Admiralty law

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General information:
Repealing this act will put insurance into Admiralty law.

Dan Mielke is Being Barred from Speaking to Lincoln Day Dinners by some County Party OfficialsWisconsin:


Looks like the the Republicans are up to their same old tactics. This kind of stuff is what helped them lose in 2008.  You’d think they’d learn!


To: Members of the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

We, the undersigned, are concerned about actions by persons in positions of authority in various Republican Party committees of the 7th Congressional District; issues we believe violate established policies and customary propriety of conduct.

We know that these actions have caused deep conflict in several county parties and that some are seriously depleted in membership if not completely collapsed, they have been torn apart by the actions of people in positions of authority. We are additionally concerned about the real possibility of the formation of a third party, which would further serve to fragment the Republican Party.

Several media sources have already picked up on these stories, asking questions that could potentially lead to damaging the Party. These actions have started in the last several years, and some have been conducted to favor one campaign over the other in the 2010 Congressional election. More

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