By: Gary Rea  (C) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

As with the recent Haitian earthquake and the one that caused the Indonesian tsunami of 2004, which killed hundreds of thousands, there is evidence that the causal agent may have been HAARP, the Department of Defense’s weapon of mass destruction that can be used to create hurricanes, earthquakes and other anomalies by pushing the ionosphere out into space, thus disturbing the atmosphere,  and by creating low frequency sound waves that can be targeted along existing fault lines, disrupting the already fragile fault. This capability of HAARP to induce earthquakes has been demonstrated in the laboratory.

But, even more telling is the fact that HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been shown to produce auroral anomalies in the sky, not unlike the “northern lights,” which are an aurora. The very mention of the word “auroral” in the acronym “HAARP” suggests as much. What is significant about this aspect of HAARP is that Chilean journalist and MSNBC correspondent Cecilia Lagos, reporting from Santiago, said on MSNBC just days ago, that “the sky was changing colors.”

Now, this is particularly significant when one considers that changes in the color of the sky have never before been reported as having anything to do with earthquakes, nor would one expect a tremor caused by a disrupted fault in the earth’s crust to cause auroras to appear in the sky. No observation of any such effect in association with earthquakes has ever been documented before now.

Some will inevitably ask what the possible motivation would be for our government to create such “natural disasters,” in the first place. Perhaps the Indonesian quake and subsequent tsunami was a test run, but, as I pointed out in my article on the Haitian quake, the motivation is very likely two-fold: the ushering of Haiti into the New World Order and the theft of the trillions of dollars in gold discovered in Haiti in recent years. As for the motive for the Chilean quake, that might also be multifaceted. First, there is the desire to subjugate Chile, just as Haiti, but then there is the possible motivation to cause further damage in Hawaii and elsewhere – which apparently didn’t come off as hoped for. Had the tsunami hit Hawaii with sufficient force to cause massive casualties and billions of dollars in damage, we might now be seeing a virtual state of martial law beginning to unfold in our fiftieth state.

But, yet another possible motive for devastating Chile might be to create further dependence of Chile upon the U.S. and, by extension, upon the IMF and the World Bank. It has been noted before that Chile’s debt is good for American business.

If I (and many others who have raised the same suspicions, recently) am right about all this, I believe this is only the beginning of what could be an “earthquake war,” or a false-flag operation to end all false-flag operations; one that would ultimately lead to the total submission of the world’s population to a global government, which, of course, would be positioned to look like our ultimate savior in the wake of a series of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis around the world. If HAARP is being used to create these incidents, then it could be aimed at any target on earth, from the San Andreas fault of California to the Niqually fault in the Puget Sound area, to the New Madrid fault in Southeastern Missouri (which, in 1811, caused a quake that changed the course of the Mississippi River), to the Yellowstone supercaldera, which, itself, could devastate the entire United States if it were to erupt.

Of course, these “natural disasters” would be blamed on man-made climate change and, even if not, the general public’s ignorance of HAARP and its capabilities, plus the fact that the average American can’t wrap his or her mind around the idea that their own government might be in evil hands, bent upon our destruction, is more than sufficient to disguise what is happening.

ADDENDUM: This morning (3-2-2010), I read an article on Yahoo that originated from, titled, “Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth,” implying that NASA has determined (somehow; it doesn’t say by what method) the Chilean quake may have altered the earth’s axis. But, what I find most intriguing about this article is the way it is worded. Especially the quotes from NASA scientists, which seem to imply, not only that they approve of this alteration of the earth’s axis, but that they may even be behind it!