Southern Poverty Law Center: The greatest threat to the US today

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Excerpted: marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.” These are somehow now a threat to SPLC and the government for whom SPLC generates propaganda.    SPLC receives some funding from the FBI in exchange for allowing them to access its intelligence files. 

In my opinion, one of the greatest threats to our country existing today is, The Southern Poverty Law Center.  This page asks you to add your voice to the ignorance and propaganda.  Contrary to SPLC’s claim that all the groups listed: 

“All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

So how did Oathkeepers and constitutionalists qualify for this stance?  And many others fingered by SPLC for not knuckling under to unlawful federal mandates.______Marti

This is taken directly from Southern Poverty Law Center’s website.  This organization views Oathkeepers, Constitutionalists and sovereignty groups, among many others as “hate groups”.  SPLC has now come out and declared the Catholic church to be a threat also. 

Link: Active U.S. Hate Groups

Stand Strong Against Hate

Join people across the nation who are standing strong against the hate. Add yourself to our map as a voice for tolerance. The Southern Poverty Law Center counted 932 active hate groups in the United States in 2009. Only organizations and their chapters known to be active during 2009 are included.  More

Canadians fighting back against GE Wheat & Alfalfa

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From our Canadian correspondent: Sandra Finely


(GE = genetically engineered.

GMO = genetically modified organism. Same thing.)

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Support Bill C-474 – before April 1, 2010.

Together we can stop GE Alfalfa and GE Wheat.

Flax farmers in Canada are now paying a heavy price because of this exact problem.  Late last year, Canadian flax exports were discovered contaminated with GE “Triffid” flax.  Flax farmers actually foresaw that GE contamination or even the threat of contamination would close their export markets.  They took steps in 2001 to remove GE flax from the market. Despite this measure, flax farmers were not protected. The GE flax contamination closed our export markets in 2009. It has created market uncertainty and depressed prices. Farmers are also paying for testing and cleanup and may be required to abandon their own farm-saved flax seed and buy certified seed instead. These costs are an unnecessary and preventable burden.

We cannot allow GE seeds to harm our export markets. More

“One World, One Health: The global food basket” people are reduced to animals

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Dr. Corrie Brown – “One World, One Health: The global food basket”

From the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) Kansas City conference last week. Click here to view:

Note:  The concept by CB is presented to a group prone to buy this data 100%.  It doesn’t make a lot of difference who believes what, this is promoted as the “big picture” that will be told over and over. 
Some of her data is as flaky as Farrakhan, much is impossible to substantiate, and some is no doubt factual. 
Her angle is a socialistic blend of “for the common good”. 
Her solution is not people, but world government, rules and regulations. 
Her villain is disease, her solution is control.
People are reduced to animal status and all animals should feed one another and not fight.  As with Marx, in theory, all are fed around the world,  in theory.   Darol Dickinson

The military has new toy: An electromagnetic beam to par boil you!

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They are so damn proud of this Active Denial System. Originally tested in Iraq and Afghanistan on civillians who were protesting the occupation, the ADS can cause spontaneous bleeding from ears, nose and mouth.  In effect, it will microwave human beings.  Far less messy than shooting their brains out for dissenting, this is the ultimate weapon for “plausible deniability”. In other words, you may know they used this weapon on you, you just won’t be able to prove it. 

The system was designed for actual use here in the US against the civillian population.  Many major cities in the US now have armoured vehicles and tanks and some are rumored to have the ADS already installed.  And the military…that would be OUR military…is so damn proud of this.  ADS is far more popular with the military than the sonic sound weapon used on the Pennsylvania protesters.  Fox news seems equally as thrilled with this torture device.  Go figure.

“The Ruthie Report” with guest: Tom Tancredo

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Join Ruthie on 4/1/10 with Special Guest: Tom Tancredo
We will be discussing Rob Krenz
The Arizona Rancher murdered on the border on 3/27/10
We will get updates of the demands for placing
the National Guard on the border and info
on any pending leads or arrests.
live or archived at:
via The Conservative Alliance Media Network 8 pm CST every Thursday
Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion.
Check your political correctness at the door.
Special Guest:
 4/01/10 Tom Tancredo More

Fox News Links Infowars.com to Hutaree and “Radical Right Wing”


by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

I knew this day would arrive sooner or later and now it is here. Fox News Channel has reported on a story in which the husband of a military servicewoman is alleged to have posted threatening comments on Infowars.com, the website of radio personality Alex Jones.

The Fox story calls Infowars.com a “radical right-wing website,” which is ridiculous as the people who follow Alex Jones are both from the so-called “left” as well as the so-called “right,” and many more are unaffiliated independents, as well as libertarians. Furthermore, nearly all of them are aware of the false left-right paradigm the government and the media use to keep us divided.

NCIS has confiscated the man’s shotgun and is holding it while their “probe” into the case continues, in violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, not to mention the man’s First Amendment right to say whatever the hell he wants to.

Fox reported that the man posted his comment under the name “ACA,” but infowars says that, after doing a search of their own site, they could find no user name that matches this, nor could they find any text matching the man’s alleged message:

“THEN I WILL ( I here by threatn you with violence) if you come to my door [address removed] see if im joking! and as for you BEN what dose it look like? you living in it right now! IVAN go buy a gun and get some practice in,” More

McCarthy rises from the dead: The Southern Poverty Law Center is the new face of McCarthyism


by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


One of the darkest periods of our recent social and political history were the years Joe McCarthy mounted what became known as the “Second Red Scare”.  McCarthyism lasted from the 1940’s well into the late 1950’s. 

Making unsubstantiated accusations of treason, subversion and publicly destroying individuals unfortunate enough to be caught in McCarthy’s sites, career’s were ruined along with lives and reputations.  Usually, the only evidence McCarthy and his cohorts had, if you can call it that; was suspicion.  No evidence was needed, and those residing in our hallowed halls of government repeatedly failed to step forward and stop this paranoid fantasy exhibited by McCarthy. 

McCarthyism has been revived via the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The practice of using unsubstantiated accusations has been raised to a fine art by SPLC as they assemble their McCarthy-esque lists of “groups, individuals, organizations, etc.,” whom they want us to believe should come under close scrutiny not only by their own organization, but also the government.  SPLC is a social predator and attempts to be a social controller and is in reality, an arm of government sponsored propaganda.  More

Required RFID implanted chip Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry.


 Posted by: annonymous

 “National Medical Device Registry” section.Page  1006 “to be enacted within 36 months upon passage”
Required RFID implanted chip Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The  government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. What does a  National Medical Device Registry mean?
National Medical Device Registry from H.R. 3200 [Healthcare Bill], pages 1001-1008: (g)(1) The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry  (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of  postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that- ”(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; ”(B)and is- ”(i) a class III device; or  ”(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or  life-sustaining.”
Then on page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1,section B:”(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to  information respecting a device described in paragraph (1), including claims  data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the  pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic  health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the  Secretary
“What exactly is a class II device that is implantable?
Approved by the FDA,  a class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder  system for patient identification and health information.” More

Arizona rancher shot and killed by illegal immigrant

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minnsir@yahoo.com “The Ruthie Report”


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                            Contact:  DAVID PAYNE SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010                                                                                                 

TEL: (614) 738-0003 PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                            EMAIL:  davidpayne@jdforsenate.com     

Phoenix, AZ (March 28) – JD Hayworth offers his prayers and condolences to the wife, family and friends of Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz, who was found shot to death after calling in Sonoran Allianceto his brother that he was giving aid to an apparent illegal alien he found at one of his cattle watering holes.

This is the violence with which you have threatened me if I do not bow to your dictates

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If I somehow manage to resist either buying your mandated insurance policies, or paying the fines you would impose on me, then eventually policemen with guns will show up at my door to kidnap me and imprison me. If I resist then these agents will draw their guns, and point them at me. If I attempt to defend myself then they will shoot me.
Most DC Downsizers advocate non-violence. We oppose the initiation of force, and call for prudence even in the use of retaliatory force. We therefore . . .

* Condemn recent threats and acts of violence against Congressional offices because of the healthcare bill
* And urge Congress to likewise condemn and reject the threats and violence contained in the healthcare bill itself


You can borrow from or copy this sample letter . . . More

Who is Lt. Eric Shine, and why should we care?


Source: Martial Law 911

Lt. Eric Shine is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and is an expert in the history of the United States Merchant Marine, as well as issues relating to shipping and national security.

In his role as a whistle blower, Lt. Shine has taken his USMM oath, Acto Non Verba or “Deeds Not Words” to new heights. Lt. Shine has been the subject on hundreds of articles and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs nationwide including shows on Air America, Voice of America, and Pacifica Radio.

Iron Mountain Report: A world army? A loss of sovereingty?

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The Video that started it all – written about in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and the subject of an NBC DATELINE.
This is a 2:40 hour … all » documentary investigating the little known IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, leaked to the press in 1967. Purports to be a top-secret government plan to bring in the New World Order and the ultimate plans for American citizens.
Declared a hoax, it was later verified by a top Pentagon official as real. The agenda is being carried out right under the noses of the American people. It is all about people control via deception and manipulation.
Deep into Eugenics, birth control and hideous plans for a tyrannical slave state. It is all coming true after OKC and 9-11 with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the military police operating in America. Airports first, railroads, then highways, and finally a complete LOCKDOWN under the pretense of “security”. A MUST SEE
the link to part 1 will give you the option to continue on through each consecutive part (1-14).  This video will explain all that is happening to our country and what is to come.

Protected: Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

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Dear Mr. Armey: you don’t speak for the Tea Party movement

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 by: Ruthie Hendrycks  minnsir@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Armey and Freedom Works:

I welcome the support of Freedom Works with regards to the many issues we find our nation faced with today and especially those in the efforts fighting illegal immigration.

However with that said, Mr. Armey, as a representative of Freedom Works – you no more speak for me on the issue of illegal immigration than do others with opposing views.

I do realize that you have the right to speak your mind and share your views – just as I do – however your action of throwing groups, organizations and individuals “under the bus” who disagree with you… is disturbing not to mention in direct violation of what the Tea Party Movement stands for. More

Oakland Four’ Sued by LCMS – Interview by Rev. Cascione

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Dear National Religion and/or News Editor:

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church of Oakland, California has filed a motion for summary judgment as defendants in a legal case being pursued by the California–Nevada–Hawaii District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, and its District President, Robert Newton.

The motion is attached. For further information, please contact Dr. Sharon Bowles of San Francisco State University at airshay2@cs.com.

Court file: wORD 97 VERSION OF P&A in support of defendants summary judgment (3)  

There are also 2 videos on You Tube which will brief you on this case. See: View interview with Oakland Four Oakland Four’ Sued by More

McCain & Lieberman: The Enemy Belligerent Act or: The Attack of the Grumpy Old Men


by: Marti Oakley (c)coyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


What is a “Belligerent”?  According to the online free dictionary it is one who is:

1. Inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive.

2. Of, pertaining to, or engaged in warfare.

n.One that is hostile or aggressive, especially one that is engaged in war.

Black’s Law 8th Edition,Pg. 164, says only that it is a country involved in a war or other international armed conflict. 

Obviously, this bill authored by McCain and Lieberman is a declaration of war against the people of the (50) sovereign yet united, states. 

It would appear that the corporate United States is in fact an Enemy Belligerent, having waged multiple undeclared wars of aggression against non-threatening countries and now openly has declared war against the American public under this bill. 

Senators McCain and Lieberman seem to have turned their attention to constructing the means by which legal US citizens can be detained, interrogated and tortured.  It would also allow the indefinite detention of any individual anywhere in the world for any reason or no reason.  This must be the facilitating act to support Obama’s “Prolonged Detention Programs” where US citizens can be indefinitely detained for crimes they never committed……but the government via some lunatic in some office hidden deep in the White house decides needs re-education because they voiced their dissent about egregious government policies.  More

Joint FBI, DHS Raid on Militias in Michigan, Ohio & Indiana


by: Gary Rea (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Saturday night, a joint “anti-terrorism” task force composed of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement descended upon a Christian Militia group known as Hutaree near the town of Adrian, Michigan.

Seven people have been arrested and are scheduled to be brought before the U.S. District Court in Detroit on Monday.

According to sources not known, the FBI has been in charge of raids conducted in Adrian over the last two days. According to Mike Lakomar of Michiganmilitia.com, the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia and the Michiganmilitia.com were not a part of the raid. More

Congress Declared Obsolete!



By: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

In an unprecedented move that totally violates the Constitutional provisions for separation of powers, President Barrack Obama has, today, while the Senate is at recess, appointed fifteen new people to key administrative jobs without Senate approval! More

The EU’s Europol: the Birth of the Thought Police


by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Like Orwell’s “Thought Police,” the EU has now created a new intelligence agency of its own: Europol.

Europol’s powers go far beyond what has been seen in the EU, so far. It can spy on every citizen of the EU, accessing personal information from political opinions to sexual preferences. It can monitor communications, including internet use, monitoring individuals’ behavior. More

Minnesota’s National Guard should not participate in undeclared wars

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Leslie Davis is an Minnesota activist.

Opinion by Leslie Davis

Afghanistan and Iraq are undeclared guerrilla wars where the guerrilla hides by day amongst the populace. Guerrilla is a synonym for insurgent but the politicians and militarists can’t face that fact. Chasing guerillas (insurgents) with drones and huge bombs causes enormous damage, kills and maims civilians, creates rage and anger amongst the populace, and increases guerrilla support. More

Mark Dankof joins the Ugly Truth podcast with Dr. Kaukab Siddique

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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 11:15:15 -0700
Subject: The Ugly Truth Podcast March 26, 2010
From: Mark Glenn at crescentandcross@gmail.com More

Minnesota petition against conforming Minnesota Law to Obamacare

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I OPPOSE CONFORMING MINNESOTA LAW TO OBAMACARE!  This petition is attached below.  More

Tester introduces Meat Safety and Accountability Act

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Please find below a Press Release issued by Senator Jon Tester this Wednesday, announcing his introduction of the “Meat Safety and Accountability Act“, aka “The Traceback Bill“.  If it passes, USDA would be forced to trace back to the slaughterhouse of origin of enteric bacteria, namely E.coli and Salmonella.  USDA has publicly admitted that it will NOT perform Tracebacks when agency-collected samples of ground beef are determined to be contaminated with E.coli.  Instead, USDA will only do tracebacks when E.coli-laced meat causes an outbreak. More

Animal ID, Another View


                                                                                                                                               Comments By James Clement, DVM, Cow-Calf Research & Consulting, regarding the Ron DeHaven / AVMA News Release on Animal ID





James Clement, DVM

3/9/2010 More

David Icke: New Age Conman


by Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Many in the so-called “patriot movement” are disciples of a world view in which we are merely trapped in a “five-sense” dimension that is an illusion, while the “reality” is that we are all a part of a “universal consciousness” that we can’t perceive as long as we are trapped within the realm that is only apprehended by our five senses. Add to that the belief that the New World Order is run by reptilian shape-shifters, including Queen Elizabeth II, and you have the gist of what has been accepted almost without question and certainly without a shred of supporting evidence by millions of people all over the world. More

Armoured vehicles adopted by B.C. RCMP

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Sandra Finley reports from Canada on the growing use of armoured vehicles and tanks in Canadian Cities.  The same thing is occuring here in the states as major cities “federalize” their law enforcement and convert them to military operations.  Marti


“ The RCMP said the so-called “Cougars for cops” is a national program, and residents of other cities can expect to see the vehicles on their streets too. “ More


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Thank you Chairman Levin, and members of the House Committee on Ways and Means, for allowing the Coalition for a Prosperous America to present this written testimony to you.  We respectfully request that this written testimony be accepted into the written record for this hearing.


The Coalition for a Prosperous America, and its members, support neutralizing the persistent undervaluation of the Chinese renminbi through countervailing duties and/or anti-dumping duties.  This can best be accomplished through passage of the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act of 2009 (H.R. 2378).  There is wide agreement that China persistently undervalues its currency and that the impact is a mercantilist one, not a free-trade result.  The quantity of undervaluation is anywhere from 25 to 50 percent, a range that is agreed upon widely.  This currency manipulation has in large part been an underlying cause of the Great Recession. 

The volume of manufacturing and jobs off shored because of this unfair trade tactic has been devastating.  As Treasury Secretary Geithner has argued, we cannot grow GDP without correcting this problem.  Diplomacy and negotiation have been tried for several years, reached the upper levels with President Obama’s November 2009 visit to China, and failed.  Enforcement of international norms, which disallow such undervaluation, is necessary.  The U.S. House should pass the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act for 2009 (HR 2378) to neutralize this currency advantage and return to free and fair trade.  Passage of HR 2378 is the most significant jobs creation and economic growth action that this body can take.


The Answer is No. The Time is Now



by: Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2o10 ALL RIGHTS RSERVED



If I had the opportunity to sit in each living room of America, this would be the conversation I would have with each individual who believe they have no power.

America – why are we making this so difficult? The endless discussion, the banter back and forth, the reconciliation game being played in Washington, D.C., Republican, Democrats, Constitutionality?

The answer, though simple, is quite clear once the muck is removed from the discussion. No. Polite, firm and insistent. “No Thank you Mr. Republicrat. The answer to Health Care Reform is No. The answer to an increase in Taxes? No.”  Not a qualified maybe, not a “wait and see”, the answer is No.

Can one not see the return of the Republican’s to the discussion is no more than their attempt to grab what little power and money not already jingling in the pockets of the Democrats? The call sweeping the Nation now  is – “The Vote in 2010 is going to wipe out the corruption in Washington, by replacing the Democrats with Republicans.” Do you really believe that?

I say the answer is No.   No incumbents.   Each and every one of them has contributed to the conflagration that currently abides in this Nation. If you truly believe that through the election process a single one is going to carry through for your wants or needs, take the blinders off and open your eyes.

The only path to the return to simple Government of the People By the People is the People.

Not promises, additional Regulatory Practices, endless debate or bargaining. More

End the phony “War on Drugs”

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Downsizer Dispatch


News item after news item underscores the futility of the War on Drugs. Yet Congress and the President want to continue the same failed policies, no matter how many innocent people are caught in the crossfire.

Please send a letter telling Congress to end the failed, unconstitutional War on Drugs.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

In November, the American Medical Association urged Congress to reclassify marijuana as a “drug with possible medicinal benefit.”

I believe you should go further than that, and re-think the entire War on Drugs . . . More


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NEXT SHOW – (THIS FRIDAY – March 26th) at 5:00PM


My guest this week is Dr. Jerome Corsi PhD, an American author, best-known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command (with co-author John O’Neill). He writes for conservative websites such as WorldNetDaily and Human Eventsand he will discuss the dangers posed to American sovereignty by the United Nations, the plans for a North American Union, and the New World Order.
If you have specific questions, please call the show while it is on the air (646-200-0326) and/or email your questions or opinions to me and I will read them on the air.
Click on the link below for more information about the show and or to listen to the show.


If you, or a member of your organization, would like to be on the show, or you would like us to dedicate a show to a specific topic of interest, please email me at: john@TealPartyRep.com  (note the new email address)

John Wallace
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How the American Republic Died at Philadelphia in 1787


by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

It is generally supposed, by most Americans, that the Constitution is the founding document of this nation. It is not. In fact, the United States of America was founded with the ratification of our original constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (Articles of Confederation, for short) on March 1, 1781.

This document was written to secure a union between the original thirteen states and it was written by the states, for the states. In other words, the states created the central government, which consisted of nothing more than a very weak unicameral Congress, composed of not less than two and no more than seven representatives from each state.

The original intent, as laid out in the Articles, was “a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever.”

In short, the Articles represented a voluntary union of friendship and cooperation between the states and nothing more. It was never intended to be another body of government, ruling over the states. In fact, the authors of the Articles greatly feared such a central government. More

Another Bureaucratic Bungle:Apparently, the U.S. Census Bureau did not get the memo.


by: Dan Martin  (c)copyright 2010

Apparently, the U.S. Census Bureau did not get the memo.

Everyone in our hometown has a Post Office Box. We do not pay anything for them. Our only choice in the matter is a) P.O. Box or b) no mail. There is no house-to-house delivery in our town.

We are not unique in this. There are at least eleven other towns within 12.5 miles of where I sit that have the same arrangement for getting their mail.

Today I learned from our Agent In Charge (read: Postmaster) that all of the Census forms were returned because they bore addresses that, technically, do not exist. The Census Bureau, according to the Agent, does not send Census forms to P.O. Boxes. The Post Office is not at liberty to “box” the mail, even if the box number is a part of the address or the zip code.

The Agent will mercifully remain unnamed. That person does not make policy; their responsibility is merely to carry it out.

According to the Census Bureau: More

Nevada Chemtrails: The politicians do nothing. The media remain silent.

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by: DB Donovan

contact: donovan1@intermind.net

Dear Nevada Media,

The photograph is of chemical clouds in the sky over Las Vegas. So many have been sick in what seems to be a direct correlation to exposure to these chemical clouds. These chemical contrails are often laden with aluminum oxide (chaff) and barium powders, amongst many other heavy metals, mycoplasma and bio-toxins. Ingesting these heavy metals seems to be vastly increasing reported memory problems, mental fog, headaches, chronic fatigue, walking pneumonia, persistent cough, flu-like illness, recurring sinus and respiratory infections. 

These aerosol programs are kept secret from the public due to the invasive nature of spraying the atmosphere (your breathing air) with dangerous chemical ingredients.  More

The Shadow Government’s Healthcare Bill Rules.


by: J. Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


I recently wrote what I had hoped was a satirical article, poking fun at the fact President Obama could not feasibly have read all the legislation he has signed into law, centering on the on the mammoth 2,700 page Healthcare Reform Bill. And although some people appreciated the article, a couple of readers did not. More

Are GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA lying to parents about the Rotarix Recall?



By: Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved


Suppose your child could become seriously ill and Rotavirus could be bypassed with the use of a vaccine. Your Pediatrician’s recommendation? Rotarix, which is developed and marketed by GlaxoSmithKline.

Well, Rotarix won’t be the recommendation any longer because the FDA has discovered that – oops – this vaccine that was given to over 30 million children worldwide since 2008 contained a contaminating virus known as PCV-1. Rotarix use has been “temporarily suspended”. More

What in the World Are They Spraying? Part II

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Chemtrails over Farm Wars property   farmwars.info

By Michael J. Murphy  http://truthmediaproductions.blogspot.com

Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances From Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World?

A Closer Look. More

A Tale of Two Tyrants

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by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


As those who are awake and aware of what has really been going on in America and the world for the last nine years know, the Bush administration, following the false-flag attacks it created on 9/11, used this as an excuse to create the USA Patriot Act and, later, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, two laws that were the most dangerous to human liberty since the Alien and Sedition Act was passed by the Rothschild-paid Federalists in 1789. In addition, on January 27, 2009, one week into his presidency, Obama passed HR 645, the law that “authorizes” the FEMA camps that had already been constructed under Bush’s administration in 2006 by government contractor Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR). More

Rachel Maddow: Indefinite detention? Shame on you… President Obama

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Prolonged Detention centers:  Obama’s speech, parts of which are clipped here, Obama advocates pre-crime detention for crimes no one has committed.  Now we’re going to imprison people preventively: indefinite detention without trial.  This is the “change you can believe in”. More



by: J.Speer-Williams (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

_______”Under Obama’s unconstitutional doctrine of Prolonged Detention, America is officially imprisoning people, not for any crimes they have committed, but for “crimes” they may commit in the future. Prolonged Detention, sometimes called “Preventive Detention” is the Obama power to keep people in prison, indefinitely, without any proof of guilt, without any formal charges being brought against them, and without any legal defense, convictions, or any sentencing; but, torture is optional. This is not the Rule of Law, it is the Rule of Obama“______________________________ More

“Ruthie Reports”Replacing Americans – the Deadly Consequences of an Open Border with Mexico”

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The Ruthie Report” 8 pm CST every Thursday via Conservative Alliance Media Network at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport   

Please join me this Thursday for “The Ruthie Report” with Guest – Dave Gibson. We will be discussing Replacing Americans – the Deadly Consequences of an Open Border with Mexico We will also discuss his articles from the Examiner-Minneapolis and more You Do Not Want To Miss It *******

                   NATIONWIDE TALK SHOW      

       “The Ruthie Report” live or archived at

 http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport via The Conservative Alliance Media Network 8 pm CST every Thursday       

 Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion. Check your political correctness at the door.

 ****** 4/01/10 Tom Tancredo More

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