Are corporations people or are people corporations?


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by: Frank Mancuso (c)copyright 2010


There seems to be some debate as to whether or not corporations are humans; in the eyes of the law they are. They have the same rights as people in a court of law and the Supreme Court has just given them the right of free speech and empowered them to overrule the votes of we mere citizens, by their financial might, to advertise for their choice. They can lobby and buy political influence and often escape violations of law because they are too big to fail and it goes on and on.

But are they really people? More

Old NAIS vs. New NAIS: No Way! No How!


by Marti Oakley (C) 2010 copyright ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


The good news is the federal government has abandoned its original National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

The bad news is they just gave it a new alphabet name; National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA).

Under US Code & Title, Agricultural dictates are listed as non-positive law, as is Commerce.  What this means is that although they have written corporate codes, statutes and regulations and they can site them as existing……these same codes, regulations and statutes are not enforceable by the federal government as they are not in the enumerated powers of the federal government.  This renders them “non-positive”.  And this is why government has created autonomous agencies which are incorporated and for-profit.  These corporations then write the necessary rules and regulations and buy access to the states via cooperative agreements with state agencies, also incorporated and operating for-profit.  Its corporate contract business. More

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