By Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  MSM these days would be more aptly called “mainstream media for  morons” (MSMM) as these mediums have long ceased to be a source of any news.  What do appear to be attempts at legitimate reporting is actually a watered down sound bite delivered by a less than believable “reporter”.  I personally believe a system much like the [pay per view] premiums could and should be installed on “professional” news services.  We could call it [pay per spew] and charge them each time they pollute the airwaves with government approved content.  Just a thought.

As for MSMM I personally don’t give damn what celebrity is having a drug or drinking problem, or, even who might be sleeping with whom.  I don’t particularly think I care to see anyone’s naked crotch, even if it is one belonging to a Hilton.  (I can’t imagine hers is any more interesting or attractive than anyone else’s but most of us have enough sense to remember our underwear). 

I really don’t want to hear another word about another politician who supposedly just rediscovered God, or alcohol or the newest local escort service.  I don’t believe for one minute there are two sides to the “isle” or that there is any difference in intent or action between to the two faux party’s and I surely don’t believe even one of them is remotely interested in anything other than their own self promotion and securing lucrative deals with corporate carpetbaggers promising a land with streets paved with gold for those willing to get on national TV or Radio to prostitute themselves for a corporate agenda. 

Realizing the entire country would probably convulse and begin hurling human sized chunks of congress-critters as a result of another underhanded, corporate driven assault on freedom and civil liberties, those pillars of society; those pious and righteous standard bearers for God, country and the American way have found the perfect way to relieve them selves of any first hand responsibility or blame in the coming limitations on the internet.

The net suffers from two major flaws; one political and the other purely a money issue although ultimately these two things merge resulting in this dilemma:

How can we prevent open access to the net and the resulting flow of information that allows the exposure of just how rotten to the core our government really is and at the same time: keep this money mill that is the net generating massive amounts of cash?

From the political perspective nothing is more pressing than stopping the flow of information; stopping the access to the actual processes at work and the people involved in the ongoing criminal activities of our own government most of which are focused on ending the Constitutional Republic and converting us to a publicly acknowledged fascist state. 

The greatest threat to the criminal activities of those who hold seat in the District of Criminals is the continued exposure of their activity by activists and alternative news sites on the internet.  Gone are the days when simple control of mainstream media, including newspapers, cable and local news could be conducted simply by applying political pressure or by supplying an influx of cash buried in noxious legislation or other means. 

Realizing that more real news was appearing by supposedly [amateur] journalists and reporters on the net, who also quite accidentally (or not) exposed the limited and controlled professional’s lack of depth and truth, many also realized that information was now, out of their control.  Politicians were understandably now appalled at being in the spotlight not for their great and good deeds which usually were greatly embellished, but for their actual actions.  Oh! No!  That’s not supposed to happen!

As the internet grew and expanded, the access to previously unknown and inaccessible information surrounding legislation, political activity not reported by those professionals in MSMM, so too grew the explosion of alternate news sources by amateur reporters and journalists who were/are compelled to report the real state of affairs in the District of Criminals. 

As the exposure of corruption in the “District” continues, and as the criminals who have so thoroughly sold us out to corporate stakeholders is repeatedly brought to light, MSMM has begun reporting on “cyber attacks”.  Oooooh!  I’m so scared!  We need to do something!  We have to protect the public from possible online terrorists.  I agree. 

I decided the best thing we could all do to protect ourselves from cyber attacks by those creepy cyber terrorists is, shut down all the government propaganda sites; end the Pentagon Office of Information propaganda activities.  We could then move to shutting down the Fusion Centers which attack us daily as they data mine our activities.  Cut the surveillance activities of the NSA by say, oh …maybe 10,000…that alone could free up millions of phone lines not to mention billions of dollars wasted spying on American’s.  The remaining 10,000 employees of NSA could then focus their attention on maybe looking for actual terrorists.  The possibilities are endless!

I still maintain that a “pay-per-spew” system could work wonders.  It could reduce our monthly cable bills significantly.  Every time one of these paid whores gets in front of a camera and starts spouting the government approved content…..let’s charge’em!  Every time they report a non-event, claim to have a tape from Bin laden who is most likely long dead; claim we are killing people in the mid-east so we can bring peace and democracy; any of the constant and useless drivel that comprises what is supposed to be mainstream news….charge them a spew fee.  The way I figure it, within just a few days we could wipe our monthly cable bills out entirely.