by: Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

“And lets not forget……this bill is such a good deal…..congress exempted itself from forced participation.  And that exemption will be enjoyed by both sides of the isle.  Even the Republicans, who just love to say no, didn’t object to that little caveat.”


While I admit health care needs reforming, a tedious read of this monstrosity of a bill reveals that it has nothing to do with healthcare access, but everything to do with cementing the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations death grip on our nation. 

There is no doubt that health care access in this country needs reform, but as currently proposed, we will all be at the mercy of a government controlled system dedicated to preserving the corporate influence and profit of insurance company’s and big pharma. 

Corporations own two things: assets and liabilities. 

Corporations have one duty:  to make a profit.  READ MORE