Looks like Colorado has had enough of government corruption

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CONTACT: Brigette Cutchins

Restore Our Colorado 303.801.8856 rocorg@live.com

“The registered electors shall be the sole and exclusive judges of the legality, reasonableness and sufficiency of such ground or grounds assigned for such recall, and said ground or grounds shall not be open to review. “


We, the People, Are the Rightful Masters of Both Congress and the Courts

Denver, Colorado, Monday, January 25, 2010

“We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution” – Abraham Lincoln

In America today – we have 1 party rule – with 2 gangs of frauds. The American people realize this and that is why a revolution has ensued.

On Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, RestoreOurColorado will present to the Office of the Secretary of State a Petition of Recall form for approval of its form as per the requirements of the 21st Article of the state Constitution. More

Has Forbes Gone Psychotic or Taken the Blue Pill?



Posted by: Dr. Mercola
January 30 2010

Forbes has declared Monsanto “Company of the Year,” calling criticism of the notorious company “vicious” attacks against a company that “has been working to make humanity better fed.”

What’s more, Forbes claims that the attacks come because Monsanto has close to a monopoly in some seed markets, which Forbes argues is because they are making “seeds that are too good.”

You read that right. Apparently, Monsanto’s decades-long attempt to control the seed market — which has led it lawsuits against small farmers and genetically modified plants that never regerminate, forcing farmers to buy seeds year after year — is apparently just a result of their being “too good.”

I encourage you all to BOYCOTT Forbes and cancel any subscription you may have.


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