by: Marti Oakley (c) 2010 All rights reserved

“You have condoned and encouraged the suppression of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to peaceably assemble, the right to be secure in our papers, persons and property and these assaults on our freedom are non-stop.  From every corner, from every possible venue you attack us.  You create false crises’ and false remedies all the while threatening us with attacks from someone “over there” when it is you we need to fear. 


I would like to demand the presence of every senator, every representative so that I may enumerate my grievances while looking you in your faces, and for as much time as I may consume……and of course…… for other purposes.

Please be seated and end all your conversations; the doors are locked and you will not be allowed to meander outside chattering in your attempts to display your contempt for my presence here today.  Now sit down, shut your mouths and listen!

Now that all of you are seated I intend to bring to your attention many of the issues, the policies and laws that have been implemented by both your chambers, by both of the two major parties that have aggravated me greatly along with millions of other Americans.  You refused to listen when we called your offices; you cast aside without looking at, the petitions we heaped upon your desks with millions of signatures demanding that you not proceed with some piece of political quackery, and you proceeded to act as if you owed no amount of loyalty or concern to the people whose lives your actions were going to affect directly and immediately.  Today, I will attempt to highlight some of the most egregious actions having occurred in the last eight years and continuing into this new administration. 

Before we even get to those issues I must make a few things clear.  I do not consider any but a few of you worthy of the adjective “distinguished” and I will not attempt to hide my disgust for you, collectively.  Few of you could rise to that description of “distinguished” anyway.   I really take offense while watching CSPAN when so much time is wasted by referring to each other in such patronizing terms.  Furthermore, I don’t believe any of you are remotely concerned with the people who have vested so much hope in you by voting you into office, sometimes for several successive terms, only to realize at this late date they voted against themselves and the best interest of our country. 

The Wars

I need you to understand that I do not fear attacks from foreign terrorists.  I know these things cannot be remotely possible as you have squandered trillions of dollars on surveillance of all kinds but generally on sovereign citizens of the (50) united states; without due process, without provocation, without any reason whatsoever, other than you decided you could. I also know that because your actions have so enraged the general populations of the (50) united states, you yourself have been besieged by an inner terror that comes from knowing how deeply, how terribly you have harmed these same people and that eventually they will come for you. 

I also know this kind of foreign attack could not be possible because the trillions of dollars having been borrowed and stolen to build this war machine of death and destruction is state of the art; the best in the world.  So how could any foreign terrorist possibly penetrate this?  After all; they are living in caves, right?  

At every opportunity you antagonize those you claim are our enemies, then, sell them war weaponry which will be used against our own military; the same military whose very existence is predicated upon protecting our nation; the same military you sent to war based on lies and deception on behalf of oil cartels and imperialism. 

Each of you should be forced to carry the coffins and dig the graves for those who had so much honor they fought your wars of greed, and who died believing they were protecting our nation. 

Each of you should have to face the families of our dead soldiers and explain to them why Halliburton, Mobil Exxon, Dutch Shell, the Carlyle Group and many other profiteers of these wars were of more value than their son; their father; their brother; their uncle; their friends. 

And while you continue to fund these wars for corporations and while you continue to tell us how frightened we must be of these foreigners you claim hate us so much they want us dead, you actively promote the massive immigration of these same people into our country.  The same people, from the same countries you are destroying: who send our soldiers home in a box. 

While spreading your propaganda about how these terrorists could attack us again at any time and using this as the rational for taking away our freedom; for establishing what is nothing less than a non-declared police state, you leave our southern border unprotected.  You prosecute agents who do try to protect it.  You allow American citizens to be terrorized by drug cartels; to be kidnapped, to be murdered along this border yet refuse to send our military there to secure the border and to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. 

If there was in fact any true threat of terrorism from foreign interests, you would have moved immediately to secure that border.  Instead, you build FEMA camps for the intended use of incarcerating sovereign citizens who might refuse to “cooperate”.

The Bailouts

While millions of Americans find themselves out of work and the number of homeless families and individuals increases, you continue to promote a global economy.  Our manufacturing base has been carefully obliterated while our jobs, our incomes and our security were shipped to countries where slave labor wages are being paid and human beings are effectively reduced to the “human capital” status you are eyeing for us.  You are now trying to figure out how to make us comfortable with the knowledge that you now put us in the category of “commodities’; assets to be bought, sold and traded.  

Even someone such as my self with no claim to economic mastery can look at this situation and realize that not only does it not work; it was never intended to. 

The culture of cronyism, corporate pandering, and outright corruption in the District of Criminals is staggering.  While millions lose their jobs you continue to protect the ultra wealthy.  You claimed giving them massive tax breaks, creating loopholes to avoid taxes; leaving them virtually unscathed by the mounting national debt was the way to economic recovery.  Supposedly, these wealthy so & so’s were going to “re-invest” in America with all the money they saved by not paying taxes.  But that’s not what happened is it?

Your wealthy and affluent friends fled the country with their ill gotten gains and invested in foreign currencies and markets and they started doing this long before Bush Junior left office.

Currently, through legislative corruption you are attempting to: 

  • Seize food production and supply, (Fake food safety bills)
  • Overtake water rights and access,  (Water Restoration Act)
  • Establish REAL ID either through (Homeland Security or Healthcare Reform)
  • Void private property ownership either through (Eminent Domain or Premises ID,

Or, seizing land under the Lands Preservation Act or other illegal instruments used by the federal government; expressly prohibited in the Constitution.)

  • Through the massive and undecipherable Healthcare Reform Act, you intend to take all personal and individual rights.  Under this Act we will cease to be anything other than chattel property owned by the state, and numbered and catalogued accordingly.

You now want to cut Veterans Benefits, Social Security and other taxpayer funded programs because YOU spent us into such massive debt we have no way out.  These are not “entitlement” programs in the sense you represent them; these are not welfare programs.  These were programs funded by taxpayers and benefits accrued for service to this country; something you would not be familiar with. 

This debt that you call “national”, is one created by the corporation operating as, “THE UNITED STATES”.  It is not a debt incurred in the name of the people.  We owe nothing as nothing was borrowed in our names.  We will leave it to you to figure out how YOU will repay what you have borrowed in the name of a business.  

The only welfare provided was to the corporations you bailed out and not one of those CEO’s or any of their subordinates was prosecuted were they?  Not one did a day in jail or forfeited any of the wealth they amassed while bankrupting not only the country, but their companies as well.  If you need money to pay down the debt, how ‘bout asking these guys to anti-up?  Or, how about you?  Why not forgo your pay for a few years? Or, maybe pay for your own insurance?   Sell those private government jets you like to fly around in or forego the limo services or the bloated staffs in your offices.

Home foreclosures are at an all time high; Your response?  You bailed out the same corrupt banking and insurance system that created the crisis.  You took money from those already in desperate straights and handed trillions of it over to the crooks and thieves at the core of the crises.  And the money you borrowed to bail out your buddies came from; where?  From mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren who will bear that debt for generations to come and from the very people whose jobs you bid a fond farewell to, over the last twenty five years. It isn’t our debt; it isn’t their debt.  Its yours!

The money you squandered bailing out your friends could have paid off every inflated mortgage and most likely a fair amount of all credit cards in the US.  According to you, its ok if the economy affecting all of us out here fails, we weren’t big enough to merit your concern. But, these corrupt institutions were “too big to fail”.  We could borrow to bailout corporations, but not to help out everyday Americans.   What did you think would be the affect of a $250 check to a Social Security recipient, when compared to a multi-billion dollar hand out to continue funding corporate corruption? 

While we go down in flames

You have condoned and encouraged the suppression of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to peaceably assemble, the right to be secure in our papers, persons and property and these assaults on our freedom are non-stop.  From every corner, from every possible venue you attack us.  You create false crises’ and false remedies all the while threatening us with attacks from someone “over there” when it is you we need to fear. 

The CIA, prohibited from activity within the US, is now active in every state government and on our streets.  The CIA along with the FBI have now become active domestic terrorists working in tandem with at least 15 other national spy agencies, most notably the NSA, to spy upon, intrude upon, to threaten, to invade, to suppress and terrify the American people.  Fusion Centers have sprung up in every most every major city, where our friends and neighbors and family members, now employed by the government, spend their days listening in on our phone calls, intercept and read our email even our snail mail and reporting on our activity of any kind.  GPS is now used to track and locate our homes, our vehicles and, if forced implantation of RFID chips is somehow achieved, of us.

Thanks to GPS our homes can now be scanned via satellite and zeroed in on.  Using advanced thermal technology, even the movement and location of our pets in our homes can be determined; never mind the obvious invasion of our former personal and private lives.

I did note however, that you exempted your selves and your wealthy friends form these privacy invasions, just as you exempted your selves from being subjected to healthcare reform. 

In summary

It is time to declare a moratorium on congress: suspend all activity until we can assess and re-evaluate whether or not we should allow you to continue and allow only necessary functions of government (admittedly, few are) to remain active. 

None of us is safe from either party’s malicious intentions while congress is in session and neither party is a viable alternative to the other.  In the District of Criminals, they are one and the same and both present a threat, equally, to the (50) but sovereign United States and the freedom and safety of “We the People”.