Thom Hartmann’s:

“Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights” (Paperback)

The Seminal Book on How Corporations Came to Have the Same “Rights” as People, Leading to the Disastrous Supreme Court Decision on Jan. 21.

Signed by the Editor of BuzzFlash, With a Personal Note.

by Thom Hartmann’s Review (excerpt)

Buy this book we have touted before because it brilliantly explains how we got to the point of the disastrous decision against democracy made by a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court on Jan. 21.

Signed by the Editor of BuzzFlash, With a Personal Note.

“Thom Hartmann takes on these most difficult questions and tells a startling story that will forever change your understanding of American history. Amongst a deep historical context, Hartmann the describes the history of the Fourteenth Amendment–created at the end of the Civil War to grant basic rights to freed slaves–and how it has been used by lawyers representing corporate interests to extend additional rights to businesses far more frequently than to freed slaves. Prior to 1886, corporations were referred to in U.S. law as “artificial persons.” But in 1886, after a series of cases brought by lawyers representing the expanding railroad interests, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations were “persons” and entitled to the same rights granted to people under the Bill of Rights. Since this ruling, America has lost the legal structures that allowed for people to control corporate behavior.”

Hartmann, rated the top progressive talk show host by the top magazine following talk radio, write a book review column exclusively for BuzzFlash. But he is also a prolific and visionary author himself, and this is perhaps his most important book on how we found ourselves in a situation where America’s government is virtually subservient to a corporate oligarchy.

BuzzFlash is such an advocate for people reading this book that we alerted Thom that no new copies were available, resulting in another publisher picking up the rights and re-releasing it in November of 2009.

For anyone who wants to understand how corporations came to acquire rights reserved for individual citizens, this is vital and timely reading (think about the hundreds of millions of dollars corporations invest in lobbying and campaign funds to own our elected officials on Capitol Hill.)