The Seed Monopolies: The warning signs were there

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By: S.D. Fields (C) copyright 2010   All Rights Reserved

Essentially the same thing is happening in agriculture that happened in 1913 with the Federal Reserve. Thomas Jefferson gave us a stark warning during his era….”The central banks and the corporations that grow up around them are more dangerous than any standing army”.
   I’ve got a new company slogan for Monsanto…………  


The warning signs have been around for years, so have the predictions. When I was a kid I remember a conversation between my dad and two neighbors. It was spring planting season during the mid 1970’s and we were standing along the road visiting. The focus of these men was the PVPA label on the bags of soybean seed. One remarked “You wait, one of these days those bastards will end up stealing this from us!” At the time and for several years to follow I had no clue what they where talking about; but I do now.

The PVPA was not a totally welcome event. Our genetic infrastructure had been loaned to private industry to enhance & market under their label. The fears were soothed by the exemption from infringement of “farmers’ right to save seed”.

Fast forward twenty five years. READ MORE

FED AUDITED – And Not By Congress

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Sent: Thu, January 14, 2010 12:35:12 AM

PRESS RELEASE/Irwin-Schiff-News

FED AUDITED – And Not By Congress

Five state Republics on relation of the People as individuals have filed suit in Washington D.C. to audit the FEDERAL RESERVE for equities, labor, backing the private money system Federal Reserve. The suit alleges waste, abuse conversion and fraud. Suit may be accessed by web at http://pacer. psc.uscourts. gov/. Case numbers in range from cv10:0004-rjl through cv10:0008-rjl represent the States of North Carolina, Washington, South Carolina, California and Georgia respectively.

Spokesman for the Americans state the individual state relators will accept joinder to the audit under an agreement which will be made public soon.

The group of people from five states purchased a contract from the United States District Court to provide legal process to find out where the value, their labor, has and is being used. This tactic is based on the fact that the United States is a corporation selling the goods and services of a government. More

Devvy Kidd on The Ruthie Report

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NATIONWIDE TALK SHOW     “The Ruthie Report” live or archived at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport

8 pm CST every Thursday  

This weeks Guest:    Devvy Kidd    Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion. Check your political correctness at the door. 
Ruthie More

Tell Congress we want a real healthcare reform bill.

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Congressional Democrats are frantically negotiating the final version of the so-called healthcare “reform” bill. We think they should stop and start over.

Tell Congress we want a real healthcare reform bill.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

I do not believe the healthcare bill is about reform. Reform would change direction in healthcare policy, whereas this healthcare bill continues on the failed path of increased government control. More

Executive Orders: The Hallmarks Of Fascist Tyranny.

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Forwarded to PPJ by: James Harvey

Article By: J. Speer-Williams 1-17-10

The Executive Branch of our federal government has become a 500 pound tick that’s being fed by a 50 pound dog (the American people) due to presidential Executive Orders (EOs). EOs – not to be confused with Eos, the supernaturally beautiful goddess of Greek mythology – have become an ugly fact of American life, ever since our terrible conflagration known as the American Civil War.

An Executive Order (EO) is an order made by a president that has the full force and effect of any laws constitutionally passed by congress, and signed by the president. In a representative democracy, laws are made by duly elected representatives, not by a head of state, by mere edict, with no debate, or samplings of public opinion, such as EOs are made into law: The former is known as “rule by law,” the latter as “rule by men.” READ MORE

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