While the churches fiddled …….humanity burned

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By: Marti Oakley  (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

“So, I’m asking this……why the silence?  Cat got your bank account?  ..I mean, tongue?”

In 2000 when the Bush & Co. Crime organization was unconstitutionally selected by the Supreme Court as the new president of the corporation we know as THE UNITED STATES, unlawfully taking possession of that office, the religious fanatics of all stripes fell to their knees and cried “hallelujah”.  It was not uncommon to hear those who subscribe to radical religious beliefs claim that “god” had selected Bush; it was “god” who wanted Bush in the White House; some even going so far as to proclaim that god was living in the White house via Bush.   I could only conclude that “god” must have been really pissed at us, or, he was actually holding a seat on the Supreme Court and no one told us, or, he was possibly staying over at the big house maybe sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. 

Realizing the willing gullibility of those who believed the torturous twisting of scripture, the misinterpretations of and intentional misrepresenting of biblical quotes, the neo-conservative wing (formerly known as “the crazies in the basement” by Bush Sr.) kicked into high gear.  The crazies from the basement publicly embraced those driven insane by religious zealotry and the game was on although the zealots seemed not to be aware they were even playing.  More

Environmental Group Joins Hunting Lobby in Government Sponsored Assault on Nevada’s Mustangs



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Environmental Group Joins Hunting Lobby in Government Sponsored Assault on Nevada’s Mustangs

“Scapegoating wild horses and burros for range deterioration must stop—they comprise only a tiny fraction of the animals and grazing wildlife on our public lands. Millions of head of livestock graze public lands at a cost of $1.35/cow-calf pair/month. Overall public lands grazing constitutes a net loss of $123 million annually to the American tax payer following administrative costs while economists estimate the total damage at $500 million to $1 billion annually.”

What fuels the alliance?

Colorado Springs, CO (January 17, 2010)—During today’s protest in New York City, The Cloud Foundation asks why has the Nevada Sierra Club joined in a bizarre alliance with the powerful international trophy-hunting lobby, Safari Club International (SCI), whose work to lift hunting bans worldwide often diminishes protections for wildlife. In announcing their support for the current inhumane and costly removal of 80-90% of the Calico wild horses in Northern Nevada, The Sierra Club spokesperson has failed to acknowledge that the essential cause of degradation of public lands is livestock use—not wild horses. One must ask:  why the alliance? Is it forged on more than livestock? Are there energy moguls making deals behind the scenes? 

Upon accepting the position as Secretary of Interior Salazar announced, “I look forward to helping build our clean energy economy, modernize our interstate electrical grid, and ensure that we are making wise use of our conventional natural resources, including coal, oil, and natural gas.”

The Safari Club sung praises for Obama’s appointment of Salazar for Secretary of the Department of Interior. Obviously the powerful SCI lobby has been actively backing Salazar for a long time.

 “Senator Salazar’s pro-hunting votes over the past four years in Washington, and his support for access to federal lands for hunting throughout his entire career in Colorado will prove to be invaluable for sportsmen and women during this Administration” said SCI President Merle Shepard continuing with “SCI looks forward to working with Senator Salazar in the Obama Administration to make sure the hunter’s voice is heard on every issue that affects hunting, hunters or science-based wildlife management.

The half-million acre Calico Complex herd management area is the last stronghold of the American mustang and was designated by Congress principally for the use of wild horses and burros.  More

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