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“What the BLM DOESN’T TELL YOU, is that it fences off the wild horses from access to the sources of natural water and good forage.  The BLM has been inappropriately favoring cattle by allowing the use of our public land for grazing for over 4 million head of privately owned livestock (while at the same time reducing land and sources of water and forage for wild horses).  Isn’t this “stacking the deck?”___________________________________________________

I read an article in the New York Times a few months ago about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  removing thousands of wild mustangs from our public lands.  Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior, said this was done because of “out-of-control populations of wild horses” and to protect public lands.  Shelly Sawhook, President of the American Horse Defense Fund, was skeptical.  The BLM has taken over 20 million acres of federal habitat away from the wild horses and burros.

This made me wonder about a couple of things, too.  There are 2-6 million feral pigs, each weighing 500-750 lbs., running loose in rural and urban areas in 44 states.  The feral pigs have caused $800 million in damages.  They cause 27,000 auto collisions annually, have been digging up cemeteries and landscaping, and have attacked people.  Why isn’t the BLM rounding up the “out-of-control populations” of wild pigs?

We have less than 25,000 wild horses left on public lands and they aren’t bothering anyone.  But the BLM has helicopters chasing them down in the dead of winter.