Monsanto…Company of the Year?? You’ve got to be kidding!

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by: Marti Oakley  (C) copyright 2o10   All Rights Reserved

“I guess we are.  Maybe the thought of human dna being spliced into cows and pigs kind of gives us the heebie-geebies.  Transgene splicing has made “Swamp Thing” a reality.  Human dna is being spliced into plant and animal and, alike and vice versa. “

A recent Forbes article: The Planet Versus Monsanto  was aptly titled, as Monsanto is most likely the most hated and despised corporation ever to have existed although several others appear to be competing for the honor. Monsanto however, leads the pack with its revolving door to government turning constantly as one Monsanto employee is seated in government, and one returns to Monsanto ranks.  Either way, they work for Monsanto.  It appears the two writers who penned this piece of tripe do, also.  Personally, I couldn’t have had my name associated with this piece, which was so obviously nothing more than PR.  Wonder who paid for that?? hmmmm.

The article claims Monsanto is a winner in the economy and goes on to say Monsanto has created many billions of dollars of “value” for the world “with seeds genetically engineered to ward off insects or make crops immune to herbicides:” Personally, I would rather deal with the weeds and insects than the toxic chemicals used to grow the crops which most countries have the good sense to reject.  All of this to grow seeds that cannot be controlled, that through wind drift, horizontal transfer, bird droppings and the movement of animals, which invade the land around it. 

The agrobacterium that escapes from the genetically modified organisms and deposits itself in the soil just waiting for the chance to attach itself to, and alter the structure of, some unsuspecting plant minding its own business, is kind of like Monsanto taking a big dump in the middle of your yard.  Agrobacterium is the dung of biotech.  It cannot be controlled, eradicated or eliminated totally.  It spreads like wildfire once outside the lab.  More

Canadians fighting corporate takeover just as the US is

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News from Canada

Each bill presented in our House and Senate is reflected in the Canadian Parliament at exactly the same time. Canadians are fighting the same battles for sovereignty and preservation of individual rights, just as we are.  It appears government corruption knows no boundaries. 


 Dear Bill Moyers, Simon Johnson and Marcy Kaptur

 I’ve forwarded the link to your PBS interview from October 9th into some email networks in Canada.  The information is sent and re-sent. 

You discussed the takeover by Wall Street.  In general it is a takeover of Canada as well as the U.S. and other parts of the world.  There are many quislings in Canada.

I increasingly use the word “corporatocracy” to explain our system of governance.  And the need for citizens to become involved, to drive the change from corporatocracy to a form of governance that reflects our values.

I am concerned about the potential for Canadians to increasingly blame “the Americans” for worsening conditions.  It is easier than getting up off our butts to set things right.  But it is the road to hatred between nations, not a smart path to trod!  More

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