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Two years ago, Californians stood up and fought back against government collusion with coporate interests and fought back against a bill meant to end fresh/raw milk sales. 
On October 8, 2007 AB 1735 was signed into law in California. This law did nothing to protect anyone, as it purported, but did everything to limit the rights of consumers in California. Had it been allowed to stand, raw milk would have dried up as of January 1, 2008. An emergency bill was written as a response and on January 16, 2008, Assemblymembers Nicole Parra (D), Mike Villines (R), and Tom Berryhill (R) demanded AB 1735 be changed by enacting AB 1604. Raw milk supporters turned out in droves and in a few short hours, democracy prevailed and raw milk drinkers and producers were protected. The following video shows history in the making.”

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California is again under attack as government and corporations actively work to end consumer choices, centralizing the food supply and production in the hands of multi-national corporations.   Nancy Pelosi recently had the water supply shut off to the San Joaquin valley (some of the most fertile agricultural land in the country) driving thousands out of work and farm owners into foreclosure. 
Not to worry though!  Reports are coming from California contacts who have cited Chinese companies surveying the valley.  We hope to have video soon.  No doubt Ms. Pelosi will see fit to open the water supply as soon as the land has all been seized.