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Taylor’s campaign has put on the web site a petition that people can fill out, so it can be presented at Max’s and the Monchilovichs’ trials. The petition can be found at:


Attending the WICFA coalition meeting on Saturday December 12th for the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) will be their US Senate Candidate for WI, Rob Taylor. He will be there to gain information, build support and to spread the word of what is happening to our freedoms and the family farmers. The message that he will be sending is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and the Wisconsin state constitution, to perserve the middle class and support small to mid-size family farms.

Letters of support from his campaign office have been going out to everyone in Wisconsin and surrounding states. So far the message is receiving tremendous support. “We have to let people know what our socialist government is doing and HAS been doing for a long time.” says Taylor

Working with Marti Oakley of the PPJ Gazette and reformers such as Max Kane (Raw Milk Movement) and Mike Krsiean (CPoW candidate for 3rd Congressional District) to overcome the restrictions that the USDA and the DATCP is placing on famers and consumers, Taylor’s message on the PPJ web site is: “This isn’t the work of just one of the parties but of both of them, It’s all about power and greed. Our so called representatives get that by helping the friends in the BIG-FARM industry. We know where the campaign funds come from and we know our leaders are puppets for the industry.”

On the PPJ blog, Taylor supports the RMM and pushes the message from a farmer that is quoted on the blog. “Raw milk is not inherently dangerous, as DATCP, the FDA and Big Ag would like you to believe. But, as with all foods, it’s how it’s produced that matters. We little guys pasture our animals, feed and treat them organically, and many of us use no grains. The Big Guys can’t do that. They confine their animals, pump them full of hormones and antibiotics, and feed them garbage – literally, like bakery waste and distillers grains (the stuff left over after producing alcohol or ethanol). That milk IS dangerous. Our isn’t. But as you can guess, it’s about control and monopolization.”

On the blog, Taylor is reported on the record as saying “I consider this to be the real problem in our health care today; processed foods devoid of nutrition and filled with toxins resulting from industrialized corporate farming.”

Another issue of the small farmer his campaign is taking up is the mobilizing support for Pat and Melissa Monchilovich of Cumberland, Wisconsin which is close to home for Taylor. “This is wrong and is in direct violation of the state of Wisconsin Constitution, guaranteeing allodial property rights i.e., [absolute ownership. Not bound to render service to any other body or person.], what right does the government have on private property.” The candidate went on to say that “Premises ID is a contract conveying a change of title of ownership to the USDA acting as agent for the federal government. It is a contractual surrendering and abandonment of private property and the property rights of the sovereign individual.”

A report on their case is found here:

Taylor’s campaign has put on the web site a petition that people can fill out, so it can be presented at Max’s and the Monchilovichs’ trials. The petition can be found at:

People can also email their letters of support or concerns to: Rob Taylor and with Mike Krsiean