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By: Marti Oakley  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (c) copyright 2009

“Maybe congress and most especially Rep. Obey should submit a “get a conscience; honor your oath of office; honor the Constitution and serve the people who elected your sorry behind ” bill.”


I would start here by asking who the “our” is in this bill’s title?  Is he referring to the corporate US government?  I want to know what it is those included in the word “our”, are sacrificing? 

I would suggest that Rep. Obey and every other elected official who voted for funding, continued funding, continuing the misuse of our military for corporate benefit, do the right thing:  SHARE OUR SACRIFICE…….please, refuse any further congressional pay and, return all increases in wages and wages paid from the start of these wars you condoned in direct violation of the Constitution, with the full knowledge you were sending our troops to conduct a war on behalf of multi-national oil cartels.

Please forgo any perks associated with your position: limo services, private staff, golden fleece insurance and most especially the “retirement” payments you have supplied yourself even if you are convicted of a felony.  These few “sacrifices” on your part could save the country hundreds of millions of dollars each year and could be used to help offset the borrowing done using the land assets of everyday Americans.  After all, this seems a minor sacrifice compared to our military families having to bury their dead as they come home.  Its not as if any one of you actually represents the sovereign states or their citizens.  I see no reason to continue to pay you for “no services rendered”.    

As our congress cheered and financed repeatedly (and still does) the illegal wars of aggression against non-threatening countries, neither of which was responsible for the 9/11 attacks (we would have gone after Saudi Arabia who trained and financed the attackers) our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, friends and neighbors were sent into harms way for no other reason than oil cartels who coveted the massive oil fields in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Considering mercenary soldiers outnumber even our military in these countries, and are paid far more than our soldiers, I can only assume the bill for these mercenaries is mounting rapidly.

Rep. David Obey (D) WI, has proposed a new tax supposedly based on the premise that somehow us ordinary everyday Americans’ are not sharing the burden of costs for the undeclared and illegal wars begun under the Bush Administration and diligently carried on by the new Obama Administration and it just isn’t fair.

This kind of thinking epitomizes the thinking in the District of Criminals which can be summed up this way: 

“We (congress) consider the harm and death caused by our unconscionable actions to be of no concern: we have however carefully excluded ourselves from any sacrifices whether monetarily or materially, morally or ethically from our actions”.

Mr. Obey, as many others in congress, seems not to be aware all the funds “borrowed” to launch these wars of aggression on behalf of oil cartels, was borrowed in the name of, on the backs of: Americans.  You (congress) put up our land as collateral to borrow these funds.   

The World Bank, who negotiated all the borrowing, will not accept anything other than land as collateral against debt.  You’ve heard of debt/asset swap, haven’t you Mr. Obey?  This wouldn’t be a set-up, would it?  Unless of course you are publicly admitting that the US government is a corporation conducting business for profit at the expense of the sovereign states.

Obey also introduced a similar bill in 2007 that got no support.  Not one to be deterred by ethics or morality he now submits  HR 4130; To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to establish a temporary surtax to offset the costs of the Afghanistan war.

A tax which would never end by the way and one which would of course limit the contributions from the wealthiest; most of whom would never consider sending their sons and daughters to fight these illegal wars.    

It would seem Rep. Obey is not aware of the excise tax on all phone services, or that this “war tax” can be listed several different times and ways on your phone bill.  Or maybe he just operates under the belief that YOU aren’t aware you are funding the wars every time you pay your phone bill which includes this tax. 

In addition, all exports and imports carry an excise tax along with numerous other instruments devised to tax anything that exists, for the governments wars of aggression.

Excerpted from the Tax Foundation: The Federal Telephone Excise Tax

Every war the U.S. fought during the 20th century was used as an excuse to raise or extend the federal telephone excise tax. It got as high as 10 percent in 1966 when President Johnson persuaded Congress that it was a good way to help pay for the Vietnam War. During the 1980s, the tax was scheduled to expire several times, but concern over budget deficits came to its rescue, and the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1990 made the tax permanent at three percent.

Telephones are no longer a luxury, so its defenders have called it a user fee. Entin says it is by no definition a proper user fee that would fund telephone service. It deposits revenue right into the general fund, and Entin calls it “a pure money raiser.” (end excerpt)

Americans sacrifice everyday in numerous ways for the egregious activities of the corporation operating as THE UNITED STATES government.  Every day that we suffer the continued activity of congress we are sacrificing.  We sacrifice our families, our property, our honor, our integrity, our nations wealth and our military.

Maybe congress and most especially Rep. Obey should submit a “get a conscience; honor your oath of office; honor the Constitution and serve the people who elected your sorry behind ” bill.