by Lynn Swearingen  Copyright (C) 2009 All rights reserved

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One cannot see it, smell it or feel it. In fact E. Coli wasn’t even found on the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim, Washington, but that didn’t stop the Washington State Department of Health from issuing this misleading statement  :

“Three recent E. coli infections in Washington have been linked to drinking raw, unpasteurized milk. As a result, the Washington state departments of Health and Agriculture are reminding consumers of the potential health hazards of these products.

The patients all report drinking raw milk produced by the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim. No E. coli has been found in samples from the dairy’s current batch of milk, but during an investigation at the dairy, WSDA found the same bacteria that caused one of the illnesses.”

Presumably armed with CSI like equipment, the officials combed various locations including the milking parlor, bottling rooms, pastures, and loafing sheds , and surprise what did they find? E. coli. Uhm….hate to point this out to the “officials”, but E. coli is a naturally occurring little bugger and guess what one would be likely to find in the fecal matter of livestock? The only surprise here is that the Department of Health didn’t find any evidence in the milk ever during the monthly inspections – ever.

And according to this report – the Department didn’t even find E. Coli on the farm at all ever.

“The State Department of Agriculture, which posted the report online, has tested the Dungeness Valley Creamery’s milk, as well as its facilities, and found no E. coli, added spokesman Jason Kelly.”

But if one would take at face value what Inspector Clouseau post on the official WDA site and not dig into the facts, a consumer might say “Oh my. Raw milk is bad. It has E. Coli. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to get sick. Run to the big box store and buy that really good plastic encased safe stuff.” Because everyone knows how safe industrially produced dairy, meat and produce are!

Want a hint of what that Homogenizing might be doing to your arteries?

“It appears that when fat globules are forcibly broken up by mechanical means, it allows an enzyme associated with milk fat, known as xanthine oxidase, to become free and penetrate the intestinal wall. Once xanthine oxidase gets through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, it is capable of creating scar damage to the heart and arteries, which in turn may stimulate the body to release cholesterol into the blood in an attempt to lay a protective fatty material on the scarred areas. This can lead to arteriosclerosis. It should be noted that this effect is not a problem with natural (unhomogenized) cow milk. In unhomogenized milk this enzyme is normally excreted from the body without much absorption.”

What about this little doozy

Homogenization is a process that breaks up fat globules in cream into very small particles which then do not separate from the rest of the milk. One of the reasons homogenizing milk became standard processing plant practice is that it allowed cheap Grade C milk (with little cream rising to the top) to be mixed with Grade B and valuable Grade A milk (with lots of cream rising to the top) to all be labeled as Grade A and priced accordingly. There is no known health or nutritional advantage to homogenization and quite a bit of science proving its harm — see The Milk Book, Chapter VII, “Udder Menace” by William Campbell Douglass II, MD. Some research suggests that this fracturing of the lipid (fat) molecule creates a free radical cascade that can cause allergic reactions and, through complex metabolic processes, even heart disease.

(Others suggest that it is really the heating of the milk protein in the water fraction of the milk that provides allergic reactions, not homogenization.)”

But back to the issue at hand – want to read the real facts?

Dungeness Valley Creamery has a very well thought out and factual statement that points out a very real concern for Raw Milk producers everywhere:

 “WSDA did not issue any recall and they have the power to do so. If they proved our milk was not safe, they would have recalled all of our milk immediately. There has been no recall and you are still able to purchase this most wholesome and tested clean product. WSDA only put out the press release to make sure they are covered and are erring on the side of caution.”

Another little tidbit that is most interesting can be found here at Cattlenetwork. This was brought to my attention, so the words below are not my own –

“According to Ohio State University food safety expert Jeff LeJeune (a Doctor no less) over the past ten years there has averaged less than 200 confirmed or suspected cases of illness from raw milk consumption in the U.S. For comparison, there is about 70 million cases of illness from contaminated food in general in the U.S. The good doctor listed his funding sources as the state and federal government. 200 compared to 70 million is about as significant as the foam on a wave in the ocean. I wonder why the bureaucrats pay to have papers like this published?”

Put yourself on notice folks. The Powers That Be (TPTB) can issue misleading statements linking together sketchy facts and you will suffer. Loss of economic independence, loss of freedom to choose what you consume and from whom you purchase.

The so called Food Safety Bills, Raw Milk legislation, National Animal Identification System, and “E-Coli no more bill” (poised to save our ignorant selves from ourselves) will do no more than make us Guilty before we even have a chance to prove our Innocence.

Should we rage against the machine? Bang our collective heads against the wall? No. It hurts ones head and unless remodeling makes a mess of the wall.

Here is a suggestion. If you reside in Washington State anywhere within 40 miles of Sequim or the stores that carry the milk – buy it. Explain in no uncertain terms that you want that milk – Raw. You the consumer carry cash and money equals power.

We are not guilty. We are free. Use it or lose it folks.