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H.R. 2749 – The Food Safety Enhancement Act. S. 510 – The Food Safety Modernization Act, are nothing more and nothing less than the codification of Codex Alimentarius into US Code & Statute.  These bills are meant to do nothing other than centralize food production and supply in the hands of corporations, (the same industrialized corporate farming operations which cause 95% of all food borne illnesses) while at the same time driving independent farmers and herders off their land and out of business.

If you think either of these two assaults on freedom have anything to do with food safety or protecting the sovereign states from food borne illnesses, you are not only mistaken, but also extraordinarily dense. 

The federal government has no real interest in food safety other than using it as an excuse for facilitating centralization and seizing food production and sales for corporate stakeholders.  Its also going to be a fabulously effective tool for relieving property owners….of their property. 

America’s Food Safety System

In short, the federal government is prohibited in the US Constitution from making any laws concerning Agriculture [the enumerated powers of the fed do NOT include agriculture: that is reserved to the states].  The existence of the 50 Titles of the United States Code, is not the law of the common people of the individual states, but is rather, the Codes and Statutes of the corporation operating as THE UNITED STATES aka, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This is why Title 7 of the Code is listed as NON-POSITIVE code.  It is a direct violation of Constitutional prohibitions on the federal government, and a direct assault on property rights and the rights of individuals of the sovereign states to handle agriculture within their own geographical boundaries. It has no enacting clause because there is no basis in the Constitution to allow the federal government to enter into this activity.

A positive law carries the  force of law, and it has an attached enacting clause which shows the legal and lawful basis for the action, whereas the other can be  rebutted solely by reason of the fact that it (Title 7 Agriculture) has NEVER been enacted into positive law.  (prima facie)  It cannot be used as evidence of law as it cannot exist outside the Washington D.C. ten square mile boundary and its possessions and territories; this does NOT include the 50 united yet sovereign states.    

This list of USC Titles shows the absence of asterisks next to those Codes and Statutes which are in direct violation of the US Constitution indicating their [non-positive] status; which means they are not enforceable and cannot be used to criminalize lawful activity.

So how is the USC implemented in the states?

Easy: Officials of your state government conclude a Memorandum of Understanding with the USDA, FDA or whichever federal agency wants access; none of which has jurisdiction within the geographical boundaries of your state otherwise.

Your state officials come to an understanding with the agency, then, a Cooperative Agreement (contract including bribery funds for access) is signed by your state officials and the agency offering the contract then hands over a nice big fat check which is really ironic considering the money they bribe the state with came from taxpayers anyway.

Now that the Cooperative Agreement FUNDING has been accepted the agency in question now sets up shop in your state.  Because the funding was accepted, you are now bound to comply with the terms of the Cooperative Agreement which almost always involves infringements of freedoms and rights and loss of Constitutional protection both at the state and federal level. 

You will note that even in the references to the abrogation of your rights at the hands of your own elected officials, never is there any reference made to federal law; [the fed being prohibited from entering into agriculture by the Constitution]. 

The citation is always USDA or FDA rules and regulations linked to US Code & Statute.  This is contract law between a corporation operating as a government agency and can only be implemented if you can be coerced into signing your name to the contract. Not one of them will tell you that you have the right to rescind your signature at any time most especially because you were never told or given a copy of all the terms of the contract.  Contract law requires that all signatories know all the provisions of the contract.  Since these contracts are instruments of unelected bureaucracies unlawfully empowered to make and change rules and regulations at will, you can never know all the terms.

Statutes are not laws; they are administrative regulations which are civil in nature, even when they carry sanctions of a criminal nature, unless there is an injured party who is brought forward as a corpus delicti. (evidence of injury or harm)

Maybe you ought to be looking at your elected officials and see which ones and how many sold you out for a few sheckles; the bigger question would be; WHY?