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Image or Action?

Image. While the dictionary has numerous definitions of the word, my favorite today must be:
“the general or public perception of a company, public figure, etc., esp. as achieved by careful calculation aimed at creating widespread goodwill.”

One recently addressed issue is the freedom to choose what foods we eat through the Freedom of Farming Act as proposed by Mr. Greipentrog:

From my understanding this common sense proposal is being rejected left and right by not only Politicians, but the general farming community as well. They appear to prefer Motion (in proposing a law to “help” Raw Milk farmers in Wisconsin– as long as there is appropriate regulation) vs Action (adopting the straight forward Freedom of Farming Act)
“Wherein any family farm, defined as an operation engaged in production agriculture that employs no full time personnel, save those within the family construct, shall have exclusive right to market all products of the farming operation, raw or value added through processing, direct to consumers, or local establishments, and shall be free of all inspection, recordkeeping, and traceability requirements of any governmental agency.

The producer and consumer shall make a reasonable effort to exchange information regarding these products, and the methods of production and processing, in the formation of a covenant between them.”

Why? I happened to spot this interesting quote from the land “down under” the thumb of regulation and at the forefront of livestock identification.“Lord now thinks the database has promise. One day it could be used to track fertility and weight — data that could improve herd quality and economic returns.
In the meantime, he said the ability to trace diseases helps reassure international customers about product safety.
“We have a good, clean image. We have to maintain that image,” he said.”

If one goes back to the definition of image, one obviously wonders whom is doing the “careful calculation” in the United States on the Livestock Identification front?

Is it this man (obviously a well groomed official type ready to take on the small farmer to enforce his will) or could it be this man:


I believe we are living in a world of Reality Television gone awry. We don’t know whom to believe about what. What I do know is the glorious “image” that daily we attempt to present to the world is a dangerous thing. We walk down the street touting our “game faces” hoping that all others believe we are alike and one in thought. Alike in ideals, dreams, hurts, and perceived slights. What truly matters is the actions one takes to espouse freedom. As Ernest Hemingway said “Never mistake motion for action.”

A good portion of life is being involved in it, reveling in it, getting dirty–not presenting some “image” and hoping to get by. Think if your headstone contained the following:

“A great guy. A little scared to question authority and take action, but always had a great image.”

Not so satisfying is it?