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Posted by: Kyle Maichle

Yesterday, I just got my weekly e-mail update from the Show Me the Spending Coalition from the National Taxpayers Union.  The National Taxpayers Union couldn’t be anymore right as they highlighted Wisconsin as a national embarrassment for transparency in State Government.  As this year unfolded, we have seen more scandals brew in state government that if Wisconsin was like Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri which had transparency websites we would not have these problems.

The North Shore Exponent has highlighted on this site before that the party that blocking progress towards transparency is the Democratic Party.  As Republicans Rich Zipperer and Bill Kramer have introduced comprehensive transparency bills in the Legislature in this session, Democrats like Assembly State Affairs Committee Chairman “Red Fred” Kessler have refused to hold public hearingsWhat is more appaling, in the last legislative session, Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker let all transparency bills die in rules committee.   The bills passed by resounding margins in the Assembly, but Senate Majority Leader Decker and Fred Risser had the audacity to kill what would have been the first step to restoring public confidence in Wisconsin government.

From backroom dealt state budgets, travel expense scandals, crooked consulting contracts, and patronage scandals in the State Treasurer’s Office there is no excuse for this in Wisconsin.  As Democrat Party Chairman Mike Tate continues to use racial slurs and insults against Wisconsin taxpayers who are fed up with the mess in Madison, he should be holding his own party accountable for allowing scandals that could be prevented by transparency.    Also, Chairman Tate needs to hold accountable Democrat transparency advocate wannabes such as Cory Mason and Louis Molepske, Jr. who talk tough on government transparency, but they are part of the problem that exists in Madison.  Mason is well known for his secret rental car tax deal on the KRM passenger rail  on Joint Finance Committee and Louis Molepske who inserted a pork barrel earmark for UW-Stevens Point in a closed Democratic budget caucus.

Until Wisconsin signs a bill that mandates the ultimate in openness and transparency, I will continue to call out Democrats who have made Wisconsin a shame and national embarrassment on the subject of transparency.  It is important support groups like the National Taxpayers Union who are committed to working with everyday Wisconsinites to restore the clean government tradition that Wisconsin is known for.