Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations

By: AL Whitney
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Recently I received a letter from a nurse asking if I had any ideas that might help him. He was told by his boss that his hospital was going to require all staff who refused the H1N1 flu shot wear a surgical mask. He stated that he did not believe the H1N1 flu shot was safe. Following is my response.

Open Letter to a Health Care Professional


It’s good to hear you are saying no to the unsafe H1N1 vaccination. I’d personally prefer to loose a job rather than take a chance of being stricken by Guillain Barre Syndrome. I’d also rather get the swine flu.

All I have to offer in the way of assisting you, is to tell you is what I would do if I was in your situation.

I would ask other employees if they are aware of the risks of this particular flu shot and if they are not, I would hand them one of these brochures: H1N1 and the Media  It demonstrates that there are many other health care workers who are also declining this vaccination.
If any employees shared my legitimate concerns, I would talk to them further about my plan of action. The more employees willing to stand up and object, the bigger impact your efforts will have on hospital policy makers.

Then, I would prepare a brief statement (in writing) explaining my position – citing documents/articles to support it.


To whom it may concern:

Due to my legitimate concerns regarding the safety of the H1N1 (and other) flu shots, I cannot participate in my employer’s vaccination program. The following documents/articles support my position:
1) Brochure: H1N1 and the Media
2) Article: Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines
3) Report: The vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu
4) Article: Legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers


I would print out my statement, and the supporting documents/articles. I would take my statement to a notary and get my signature notarized. This step demonstrates how seriously I take the health freedom issue. Then I would request an appointment with my employer to discuss the vaccine issue. I would go in for my appointment armed with my statement and supporting documents/articles. After politely stating my position (no flu shot for me) and explaining why, I would hand my statement and the attached documents/articles to my employer and request they be placed in my personnel file.

Suggestions for personnel file:
1) Brochure: H1N1 and the Media. It documents that other health care workers (including vaccine manufacturers) do not believe the vaccines for H1N1 are safe and are not going to take them.

2) Copy of article; Urgent lawuit filed against FDE to halt swine flu vaccines. This lawsuit challenges the safety of the H1N1 swine flu shot as it has not been approved by the FDA in the “usual” way. The plaintiffs in this action are . . . NY health care workers. The questions raised in the lawsuit are very legitimate.

3) A report by the Institute of Science in Society (research society independent of drug company/corporate influence): “The vaccine is far more deadly than the swine flu“.
This report was written for policy makers and was sent to both the FDA and the Chief Medical Officer in the UK.

4) Article explaining that legal Immunity has been given to the vaccine manufacturers.
If they have been given legal immunity, what is their motivation to ensure safety? It’s likely more profitable to forgo extensive testing. It is like making a product with no warranty and a guarantee that no one can sue you if the product causes harm or even death. Drug companies are corporations and therefore profit is their only motivation.

If your employer plans on administering the nasal mist vaccine, this article will be helpful regarding the concerns Colorado doctors have expressed about the nasal mist vaccine and health care employees: http://www.infowars.com/doctors-concerned-flumist-vaccine-could-spread-live-h1n1-virus/. If you employer plans on administering the nasal mist vaccine, the mask they are asking you to wear would be a great idea to help protect you from those around you that will be shedding the live virus contained in the nasal mist vaccine.

It will take some courage [for me it would take more courage to take the flu shot], however there are others in the same exact position. The numbers of people challenging the safety of this vaccine are growing. Do not be afraid to let your employer know when you refuse this unsafe vaccine, that you recommend that he or she does the same. Naturally the more employees you can educate and that will be willing to join you, the better.

Below are good sites to check frequently. They are the most likely places to find additional information about the push-back by health care workers – that is rapidly growing.

GlobalResearch.CA: an independent award winning “apolitical” media. They have a web page devoted to the H1N1 swine flu. They are a very reliable source of information and also do an excellent job demonstrating the unreliability of the main stream media in the U.S.
False Flag Flu and Vaccine Agenda News
CLG Flu Oddities
The False Flag Pandemic Threat**

Good health to you – and to all our health care workers!


By the way . . . this is exactly the same technique I would use if my personal physician attempted to bully me into taking ANY vaccines or flu shots – after all in a court of law conversation is “here say”, but documentation is “evidence”.