Small Farmers, S 510 and “Your Stomachs Best Friend”

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“ABC News Senior Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser discussed this issue with ABC News’ Chris Cuomo on Monday’s “Good Morning America”. Besser noted that even if E. coli contamination is confirmed in a particular batch of meat, “[the company] can cook that meat and sell it in another product.”   (emphasis added)”
“Your Stomach’s Best Friend”  
Dr. David Acheson aka “Your Stomach’s Best Friend” according to the Wall Street Journal, sat down with the renowned Food Safety News interviewer Helena Bottemiller to explain how the new Food Safety Bills working their way through the Legislative Process are going to save the American Consumer from the small ignorant farmer More

There are three kinds of patriots


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Dear Friends,

So far as I can tell from six years on the net, there are three kinds of patriots.

The un-informed, the in-formed, and the cognitively dissonant, all are patriots, and all are pissing in the wind.

The un-informed; are running on emotion, as a result of a life time exposure to public education, and the media industry, and to their worthy credit, most have tried, or would not hesitate to lay down their lives for America, and this is the hardest group to deal with, due to their fierce love for the Constitution, and their perception of America. Telling them the real history of the birth of America is a good way to lose these friends real fast. Believe me; I don’t want to lose loyal American’s because I am not capable of making them accept the truth. More

Open Letter to a Health Care Professional: Saying no to H1N1 Vaccine


Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations

By: AL Whitney
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Recently I received a letter from a nurse asking if I had any ideas that might help him. He was told by his boss that his hospital was going to require all staff who refused the H1N1 flu shot wear a surgical mask. He stated that he did not believe the H1N1 flu shot was safe. Following is my response.

Open Letter to a Health Care Professional


It’s good to hear you are saying no to the unsafe H1N1 vaccination. I’d personally prefer to loose a job rather than take a chance of being stricken by Guillain Barre Syndrome. I’d also rather get the swine flu.

All I have to offer in the way of assisting you, is to tell you is what I would do if I was in your situation. More

The Dollar is disappearing

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 by: Lynn Swearingen                          Tell a Friend  


Round and Round the Construction Firm

It is with great sadness that we must now report that there are apparently no qualified America Owned large Construction Engineering Companies in the United States capable of installing a ventilation system in the New York Subway Manhattan area. Due to the unreported demise of these firms, China State Construction Engineering Corp, the largest contractor in China, has been awarded the $100 million dollar contract through it’s subsidiary China Construction America Co .

The company is reported to have signed over 1 Billion dollars in construction projects in the United States this year alone – including the $410 million dollar Hamilton Bridge renovation project which began in July 2009

So let me attempt to understand this.

  • American taxpayers have had the “privilege” through TARP and Stimulus Packages to bailout the Federal Government
  • Who then borrowed on our backs trillions of dollars from China to  then
  • Award contracts to Chinese contracting firms
  • Denying American Engineering firms the opportunity to profit from the American taxpayer sacrifice.

This reminds me of a Chinese Proverb “The crafty rabbit has three different entrances to its lair.”

Unfortunately with the majority of our Industries outsourced, the inability of Republocrats to stand up for American Citizens, and the lack of any true leader in our Nation; it maybe time to learn Mandarin.

I hear Rosetta Stone has a sale going. Up to $125 off and free shipping

At least they are still American owned.

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