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I just received an alert from what has become a somewhat infamous national organization; infamous for its lack of, well, almost anything that would matter.   It is another of their “Action Alert!’s.  (Oh!  I’m so excited!)


Senator Kreitlow and Representative Danou

Co-Sponsorship of LRB 3242/3-Allowing the Sale of Raw Milk

“We are introducing legislation that would permit the sale of raw milk directly from Wisconsin farms in certain controlled conditions

I cannot believe these public officials attached their names to this.  As written or lifted from some old document…….this would effectively drive a large number of small producers out of business as a minimum requirement of 60 dairy cows would be necessary to engage in fresh milk sales to one of only three buyers who have cornered that market. (With a little help from their friends)

In any event if this bogus “proposal” that is being promoted as a possible draft of a bill were in fact a reality, it would be laughed out of the legislature.  This “proposal” is not properly prepared and is simply a cleaned up version of the same thing posted to several sites after the last call to sit down and shut up went out on the March 11, 2009 to stifle any meaningful protest of DATCP unconstitutional actions and policies.

2009 BILL……is not a title.  (we don’t know what it is: maybe you will be receiving a statement in the mail)

Your Wisconsin legislative period will end in May.  This “proposal” is not properly formatted, titled, or showing any basis in law.  Nor is it showing any author or who might possibly be promoting it.  No legislator will even consider it in this form; at least not one who is on the level. (It just goes to show ya! Two just popped up!) 

This “proposal” mysteriously appeared out of no where and is floating somewhere in the legislature with two new sponsors, no bill number and no one looked at this and realized it was worthless?  And it occurs to me I saw this same thing about five or six years ago somewhere else. I’ll have to look into that.

Maybe someone might have been better off to look into the Sherman Act dealing with anti-trust.  Monopolies are illegal.  So are monopsony’s.

Even if this draft of whatever this is supposed to be were legitimate, it will run small producers out of business and allow Organic Valley to establish a full monopoly on organic milk.  This is violation of the Sherman anti-trust act.  So whomever put this piece of crap out there, needs to learn just a little bit about the law and maybe get an intellectual enema.  Its strange that no one seems to know where this thing came from.  I guess if you are desperate to look legitimate,  this might look like a real option.

It seems after calling off yet another protest against the Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Terrorists, Corruption and Politics (DATCP) on the 12th of November in Madison, Wisconsin, they have cobbled together some sort of proposal and want everyone to call in supporting it.  (Let me get my phone!)

Oh wait!  They don’t want any calls from outside of Wisconsin. Calls or contacts from people out of the state must not happen!  Supposedly any action like that would backfire!  Then what?  Why….there might be some national attention to what is happening to Wisconsin dairy farmers and farming as a whole.  The media might get their noses in there and actually report on the property rights infringements; the attempts to drive legitimate businesses out of business in favor of corporatism; the warrantless searches and seizures; the possible imprisonment and fines that are resulting from an unconstitutional act of the state.  We can’t have that! 

Wait a minute!  Isn’t this same infamous group “out of state”?  Does that mean they will recuse themselves from any further interference in this matter and leave it to those individuals in the state who have Wisconsin addresses and phone numbers? (Just wondering)

The ALERT! assures us that this is action not activism.  Somehow I thought those two things were synonymous but then I don’t have a “donate” button here on the PPJ so maybe those things are not synonymous.

Activism would seem to be what you do when you know you need to stand up and defend your rights. 

Action appears to be what you do when the donations slow down to a crawl.  (I should have known that!)

The ALERT! also claims there is an effort to work “within” the legislature not against it. Yep!  That’s what I would do!  I would go in there on my hands and knees and beg this bunch of miserable jackasses to Please! Please! Let me sell my fresh milk! And PLEASE! Don’t raid any more of our farms and ruin any more of our businesses. You have to be sure you do this right!  You have to beg, grovel, plead, cajole, strike deals, whatever…….just be sure to be really nice to these people who are planning your demise.  Otherwise….they might get hardened against you and really come after you big time.  Better to just lay down and play dead! 

Besides, you’ve been paying for a lobbyist, and donating your hard earned money to the cause and these people basically laid down and played dead until some pressure was put on them.  See how good that works?

So, just as a reminder… outsiders, don’t ask any questions, speak only when spoken to, and be really, really nice to these people you elected into office who swore to uphold your state and federal constitution and to defend it from enemies both foreign and domestic and who put all of these egregious policies into motion against you.  Pucker up all you dairy farmers and never forget…….Heroes will just set things back, but a butt kisser sometimes gets a crack at something!

Now here’s an idea that could use some real efforts that came from Paul Griepentrog

The Freedom of Farming Act

Wherein any family farm, defined as an operation engaged in production agriculture that employs no full time personnel, save those within the family construct, shall have exclusive right to market all products of the farming operation, raw or value added through processing, direct to consumers, or local establishments, and shall be free of all inspection, recordkeeping, and traceability requirements of any governmental agency.  The producer and consumer shall make a reasonable effort to exchange information regarding these products, and the methods of production and processing, in the formation of a covenant between them.  


So here’s a real ALERT! for ya!  In most cases you get what you pay for….in this case you didn’t.  There’s a lesson to be learned there.