Happy Thanksgiving: The farce in the food safety bills.


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While we head into this Thanksgiving holiday we can all rest assured that the FDA and USDA have done their best to insure no one will get sick from the feast.  Of course we can be even more thankful that the US Senate is going to further the powers of these agencies to make our meal times even more secured.   These agencies are paid to insure our safety across a wide range of products.  They have done a fine job of that, with recalls going back several years and across a number of products.  Can we not, from the use of  failed self determining HACCP plans written by the companies themselves, along with the lack of authority of inspectors to close plants conclude that these agencies are then a failure in and of themselves and at the very root of the problem.

  Is it not possible that the situation now is worse than it was at the inception of these organizations?  In the writing of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” we are shown a world run for the benefit of large companies, by exploiting labor, bribing officials, and more.  Today we are not appreciably different, only now multinational corporations buy their way through government with lobbyists, international trade agreements and the government agencies which utilize the scare tactics of contaminated food to further their empire building. More

HR 3200 Institutes a National Human Identification System – NHIS

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By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Move over, NAIS, here comes NHIS – a National Human Identification System under the FDA. And you thought a tracking system was just for livestock. Well, you are right. To the ruling oligarchy, we the people are just that – livestock to be herded, tracked, culled, and medicated.

Take a look at the following section of HR 3200. READ MORE…

Wisconsin: For sale to the highest corporate bidder


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Below is a letter received  from Senator Kohl of Wisconsin to queries about the unconstitutional provisions of HR 2749 and the infringements on the rights of the people.  Senator Kohls letter follows this response from Paul Griepentrog.  Please note how Senator Kohl proudly proclaims all the federal funding that will be supplied to the FDA to prosecute, persecute and drive private property owners off the land for corporate interests.

It must suck to be a family farmer or herder in Wisconsin! With guys like Kohl…..Monsanto looks….almost marginal.  Marti

Dear Senator Kohl.

Your response to my concerns of the onerous regulation that will be implemented in the present food safety bills, clearly shows your lack of concerns of the impact of this legislation on small and medium producers.  It also indicates your indifference to the proposed food safety legislation as far as its inconsistencies with existing federal code and the enumerated powers of the US Constitution which was the concern I contacted you to address. 

Your intent indicates that you operate under the illusion that these bills will have any effect other than to advantage the corporate agenda by displacing direct market producers. 

Your indifference to the actual implications of these proposed programs is appalling. 

Therefore after 30 years of direct market production we have decided to discontinue fruit and vegetable production.  The revenue lost will not be available to aid the local economy. 

Thank you for thinking so little of us.  Senator Feingold never replied, as you both sit the Senate Judiciary committee, can we expect further complacency of this nature?

Paul M. Griepentrog

Carol A. Griepentrog

Shady Knoll Farms

Park Falls,  Wisconsin


Mr. Paul Griepentrog

W2402 Shady Knoll Road Park Falls, Wisconsin 54552


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