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Robert Pear wrote an astounding article in the NY Times on Genetech’s influence on the healthcare bill, writing talking points for both sides of the aisle.  He proved Anthony Sutton’s proposition – that those with power simply use the left and right divide to get what they want, even setting it up.

And that global elite seems to working now through the pharmaceutical industry and bankers to gain power.  Interestingly, it was the pharmaceutical and chemical giant, IG Farben, which destabilized Germany, put Hitler in, and was the primary support for the 3rd Reich.  And the Rockefellers, oilmen and bankers with a focus on eugenics (genetic engineering), had a half interest in IG Farben and IG Farben a half interest in Standard Oil.

And who has overwhelming control at the WHO now?  The pharmaceutical companies and the Rockefeller Foundation.

The healthcare bill likely already includes mandated treatments with vaccines or drugs (or rates go up for the patient or the doctor’s license could be revoked).  It would be important to remove such offenses to democracy and health.

But it would also be important to recognize the uniqueness of the pharmaceutical industry having managed to mandate its products.  It is an extraordinary anti-competitive achievement.  Mandating what is done to someone else’s body (very like with forced sterilization the Rockefeller’s supported and the surreptitious sterilization they have promoted via the WHO and UN where they have power) moves things beyond anti-trust violations and unconstitutionality to … let’s be frank … fascism.   To have arranged without the public realizing it, to control what is done to every person’s body in an entire country, and to have mandated (entirely unknown and untested) vaccines for the entire world, is heady stuff.  Both contravene the Nuremberg Code since both are medical experiments with zero information or consent.  And this zipping around the Nuremberg Code is particularly interesting since it was the horrors perpetrated by these very groups that led to the Code being written, as a means to stop all such future depravity.  Yet, they have now found a way around it and at a worldwide level (the international imposition of mandated vaccines constitutes the largest medical experiment in human history) by running the WHO. 

Back down to earth.  The healthcare bill is not passed yet.  Perhaps thanks to Mr. Pear at the NY Times, there will be more outrage against it now, more investigation of it, and from both sides of the aisle.

But what should not be missed is that the pharmaceutical industry has equal influence over the “food safety” bill (S 510) in Congress now.  And the industry has surreptitiously stitched Codex Alimentarius into it.  For those who never heard of it, Codex is so immense, bizarre and dire that is it hard to fathom.  It is a plan to literally control all food in the world down to the nutrients in them.  Because life and health are based before all else on food, the “food safey” bill is actually more significant to health than the healthcare bill.  

If a plan to control all food in the world seems maniacal to you, you are right on target.  Codex was designed by literal Nazi CEOs of the offshoots of IG Farben, a few years after it was convicted of crimes against humanity at Nuremberg. And who would run food here, under S 510?  The FDA.  The FDA is already under the control of the pharmaceutical industry, but Obama just multiplied that absurdity by putting Michael Taylor – the Monsanto lawyer and executive who gave us rBGH before and unleashed GMOs and affected regulations so there was no stopping them – in charge.  

Most recently, the FDA – despite the scandal over the swine flu numbers (as soon as CBS proved there was no emergency and never had been a problem, Obama declared a national emergency) and the foisting of untested, unknown vaccines on a public that is wary of them – has now sent out a warning to all health food stores and websites that no one can even use the words “flu” or “cold season” regardless of having scientific studies showing efficacy, and informing that the FDA has hired more “compliance officers.”  

S 510 gives that unjust, anti-First Amendment FDA absolute power to profoundly threaten all organic health treatments and practitioners and all independent companies which provide organic vitamins and other supplements.  Of course, this segment of health – “organic health” – is cheap and non-patented and it kills no one.  Meanwhile, the “industrial health” (operating the same as Monsanto in industrial agriculture) produces products which are extremely expensive and patented and which kill 100,000 people a year. (Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998.)

Not to leave any country uncontrolled, the pharmaceutical industry also has written C-6 for Canada, a bill as draconian as S 510, which also includes warrantless entry, no judicial review, no due process, etc.   Both bills end the Rule of Law in each country.  (And you thought we were about to have a revolution of local farmers and farmers markets and organic gardens, didn’t you?  Only, agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry were way ahead of you on this, realizing what such democratic and healthy things would do to them.)

For those wanting more information on S 510, they might read about Codex as well as look into the WWII history of the companies involved.  Two of those companies are producing the swine flu vaccines now despite their having been convicted of medical war crimes under the Nuremberg Tribunal, including intentionally killing with vaccines, and despite having released falsely labeled “seasonal” flu vaccines last year that were a mix of life avian flu (a bioweapon) and human flu, which could have killed millions.

Perhaps what’s relevant to realize, as we watch our own country being deconstructed constitutionally, is that Hitler did not take over Germany.  Germany’s democracy was undermined by the pharmaceutical industry (IG Farben) and Hitler was installed there.  And relevant to the FDA’s cracking down on nutritional treatments and companies, under Hitler’s regime, it was a crime punishable by death to pass any nutritional information.  Perhaps this gives an inkling of how threatening the drug companies saw nutrition and even information about it.

The central thing the drug companies do not want the public to know about “food safety” or health, is that it is simple and cheap to achieve – it is based on whole foods and natural supplements (micronutrients).  The contamination the companies have worked hard to scare everyone with they wish to make complicated, to have the public believe it will take massive measures at every level of farming and processing to stop illnesses and deaths.  

But the reality is the contamination (including new forms of e coli) come from a “garbage in, garbage out” industrial system that cheapens things at every level – GMO feed for the animals, hormones to enlarge animals, antibiotics to control the diseases of imprisoned animals, animal waste included in processed food.  And even with vegetables, toxic runoff from CAFOs poison vegetable fields.  That whole contaminated industrial stew gets  sent out in millions of servings around the country.  What’s critical for these companies is that the public is scared and demands something be done, that it all seems complicated so within large bills, they take control, and that real farmers and real food be eliminated entirely. 

Because local farmers – dealing direct between themselves and customers who know and trust – bypasses the entire corporate morass and corporate profits.  And local farming and gardening are growing.  They are “healthy things in, healthy lives out.”

And when one gets down the nitty gritty reality, the pharmaceutical industry is entirely dependent on illness.  Every move it makes – vaccines with long term side effects, drugs with immediate and long term side effect, crushing of organic health practitioners, eliminating information on nutrition, getting rid of vitamin stores, irradiating food, mandating GMOs, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics, and even limiting essential-to-life nutrients – is meant to create profitable illness.  Sick bodies are crops they depend on.