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by: Alan Adaschik

“Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” – John Quincy Adams

Who among us can stand against democracy?  Isn’t it the most ideal form of government?  What better way is there to decide issues?  If a majority of the people want things to be a certain way, isn’t it right and proper that their preferences prevail especially when it affects their lives and how they live?  Surely the smaller number of people should not be allowed to dictate to the larger.  While all of this makes sense and is subscribed to by a majority of Americans, the simple truth of the matter is that such thinking, at best, is naïve and as stated by John Quincy Adams, a recipe for disaster.

Even a cursory analysis of the above kind of thinking reveals its inherent flaws.  For example, if the majority believe that it is okay to own slaves, should an issue of this nature be decided by a poplar vote?  Obviously no!  If the measure carried it would violate an individuals God given right to live free. 

Clearly, it is wrong for the majority to possess the means to infringe upon and take away the rights of others even when they believe it is in their best interest.  

Our example illustrates a fundamental and unavoidable flaw of democracy which the Founders described as being the “tyranny of the majority”.  Pure democracy, therefore, is a terrible form of government and democracy as government is only acceptable when moderated by a sophisticated system of checks and balances which temper the excesses of the voting masses and more important, the actions of our leaders.  In a just and enlightened society the rights of individual citizens are paramount and no majority should be allowed to infringe upon them.

In America today, most Americans think we live in a democracy.

The problem with this is that it is not true and the question which should be asked is why is this misconception so predominant?  The Founders did not create or leave us with a democracy.  Instead, they gave us a republic as evidenced by our Pledge of Allegiance where we pledge allegiance to our Flag and to the republic for which it stands.  Therefore, if we really are a democracy, something must have happened to make us one and this being the case, Americans should be able to identify an event or proceeding which brought about this change. 

The truth of the matter is that there isn’t one and this speaks volumes about the depth if introspection which Americans give to how they are governed and the nature of the government they live under.  In any case, the answer to the question asked above is that Americans think we live in a democracy because those who lead us do everything possible to ensure that this myth is instilled deep within our psyches.   In other words, we have been brainwashed and the next question which begs to be answered is why do our leaders take great pains to ensure that we live in a perpetual state of delusion?

Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. – Josef Stalin.

governmetn criminals, We owe Josef Stalin a word of thanks for providing us with theanswer to our last question.  The leadership of this Nation wants us to believe we live in a democracy because not only do they count the votes, they also decide which issues rise to public consciousness.  In case you are not paying attention or have a problem discerning what should be obvious, this state of affairs is a perfect recipe for tyranny.  What better way is there to control a group of people than to convince them they that they live in a country where their opinions matter and then reinforce this lie by stirring up a never ending series of tempests and hob goblins to keep them diverted and preoccupied. 

So it is in the United States of America today.  America is no longer a republic because our attention was diverted elsewhere while our government deliberately tossed our Constitution into the toilet bowl.

Furthermore, we are also not a democracy because the citizens of this Nation, as a group, determine nothing.  Instead, a group of filthy-rich criminals who pull the strings which make us dance decide everything which matters.

The only thing remotely democratic about America is the fact that we vote for our elected representatives.  However, the people we vote for decide nothing and once in office, work primarily to the benefit of special interests and the lobbyists they employ.

Ultimately, our elected representatives are subservient to the New World Order and this group of criminal conspirators is so powerful they easily insure that key positions in our government are filled solely by those willing to do their bidding.  This pitiful situation has progressed to the point where most Congressmen never read the bills they vote for.  Why take the time and trouble to read something when it is your party leaders who tell you how to vote?  Think about this! 

How is it possible for our elected representatives to represent us if they never read and have no idea what they are voting for?  Can this Nation really be a democracy when those we trust to represent us mindlessly vote according to the dictates of a small group of demented criminals?

In conclusion, Americans think we live in a democracy because our New World Order Masters want it this way.  The reason they promote and nurture this delusion is because it keeps us compliant and docile while they have their way with us.  And they are having their way with us.  These criminal conspirators have engineered the monetary crisis we are presently experiencing and are behind the invasion of this Nation by an unending swarm of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico.  Their reason for doing these things is to pave the way for combining the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one economic union. 

Upon fruition of this diabolical plot, the United States of America will no longer exist as a free and independent nation.  Is this what Americans really want?  Of course not!  But this is what is happening to us despite what we want and every American should stop and think about what this says about the Democracy we think we have?

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