Alex Jones vs. ADL – Another False Dichotomy


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by: Gary Rea All rights reserved

On today’s Infowars.com, I found the latest attempt by Alex Jones to implant in his followers’ minds the idea that he is the “leader” of the so-called “patriot movement.” It consists of a couple of articles, both about the phony opposition between Jones and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is ludicrous, given that Jones is married to an Ashkenazi Jew, himself and that his radio broadcasts and websites are partly funded by Zionists, as well.

As I pointed out in an earlier article, the elite love to create seemingly opposed factions that, in fact, covertly support the same agenda. The Republicans vs the Democrats, for example. More

Getting the Supremacy Clause Wrong

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by Michael Boldin              

A recent article in the New York Times covered the growth of state-level resistance to a future national health care plan. For example, in 2010, voters in Arizona will have a chance to approve a state constitutional amendment that would effectively ban national health care in that state. Legislators in Florida and Michigan have already introduced similar legislation, and potentially, 15 other states will do so in the 2010 legislative session. More

CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009 UPDATE:The People are Drawing a Line in the Sand for America

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We have just passed the half way mark for the Continental Congress of 2009.  Here is what’s happening:


Beyond Elections.
Beyond Petitions.
Beyond Tea Parties.

ST. CHARLES, IL – The first time free people assembled as a Congress of the People for such a critical point in the nation’s history was in 1774 in Philadelphia.  Over 230 years later 116 Delegates from 48 states have convened a modern day Continental Congress to exercise popular sovereignty and restore self-governance to the people of America.  from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT through Saturday Nov 22nd. More

Mammograms unnecessary until age 50


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Abortion, for any reason, decreed an uninsurable, non-medical procedure.

Has the XIXth Amendment been repealed and they failed to notify us?

That one grants both/all of the sexes the right to vote. These two recent events seem to deny the fact that women still have the franchise.

I know, I know, the science flies in the face of anecdotal evidence that many women owe their survival of breast cancer to early detection by way of mammogram. But, is a low number of true positive results a good reason to abandon ten years of early detection?

Let me put it another way. The cost of a state of the art four quad grade crossing protection system, which would be installed at a four lane highway with full pre-emption, constant warning and trapped vehicle protection will be at least $750,000 and could run up to $1,000,000 in some circumstances.

FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) estimated that it costs about $112,000 to prevent a railroad crossing accident and about $542,000 to prevent a fatal accident under the program (Rail-Highway Crossing Program). With wrongful death awards running from $720,000 to the tens of millions of dollars, how many prevented fatalities does it take to pay off the average cost of erecting some barriers to stupidity at railroad crossings?

And, how many mammograms could be paid for at the cost of treating one late-detected breast cancer?

And who decided the women are not going to vote any more?

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