Wisconsin: Dairy farmers told to remain silent

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ppjg-48By: Marti Oakley                 Tell a Friend                  

0511-0904-2714-0784To: Wisconsin Dairy Farmers:

You might want to look into the anti-trust lawsuit filed in October of this year on behalf of dairy farmers in the northeast facing the same situations you are: and Wisconsin is mentioned in this suit.  Its not all that needs to be done, but it is a starting point and one I am sure no one told you about no matter how many times you hit the “donate” button. 


In response to the alert listed below, sent to the Vice President of WICFA, a request was made to gather all the support we could for Wisconsin dairy farmers who have been relentlessly harassed by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and their constantly changing regulations that have no other intent than to disrupt the dairy farming industry in order to force compliance to unconstitutional and unlawful regulations.  Citizens Committee  link.

The PPJ Alliance took this seriously and we answered this call for support.  At the eleventh hour, this same organization sending this Action Alert out, and a national foundation along with a few locals…….pulled the rug out from under the dairy farmers and called off any public protest of DATCP and their police state policies.

I suspect there is far more to this than the dairy men are aware of.  No media, no news coverage, no public attention to what is happening?  And in fact, you were all told NOT to show up at a public meeting? 

It seems to me there is a possibility that something was in the works you dairy folk aren’t supposed to know about…….and now that we here at the PPJ acted on your behalf……it appears some are suggesting we be the targeted scapegoat for what could be a process still in negotiations……just waiting for the right time to drop the gavel. 

That’s just my opinion of course.  Time will tell.  For those who might believe they will use us to explain their failure to yield positive results…….we’re waiting. 

Marti Oakley

UPDATE:  It is being suggested by people who were not in attendance at the Madison meeting that those who were there raged, stomped their feet and acted irrationally. 

Those who were in attendance reported that the meeting was civil and well received…….there was no bad behavior exhibited by anyone on either side. More

Derry Brownfield: The voice in the heartland

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We send our thanks and gratitude to national radio host Derry Brownfield who pre-empted his daily show to allow us to help get the word out that Wisconsin dairy farmers needed support at the November 11, 2009, Madison Wisconsin meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee for DATCP.  

The idea that Derry was willing at a moments notice to lend his airtime and his support to Wisconsin’s battle is commendable to say the least.   

Thank you also, to all of Derry’s listeners who headed for Wisconsin to stand with the Wisconsin dairymen in this battle to preserve their rights and their property.   

hostDerry Brownfield Live


Monday thru Fridays at 10 AM CST

Go here to access:  Derry’s Homepage   

Contact: derry@derrybrownfield.com

To listen in Wisconsin:

Ladysmith   WLDY-AM 10:06 AM 1340  cst

SHORTWAVE      7.490 10.06 AM cst

Wisconsin:Too many “helpful” organizations have a vested interest in your continued tax-deductible donations and membership fees

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ppjg-48by: Sue Diederich                                                    Tell a Friend 

Copyright (C) 2009 All rights reserved

Excerpt from this article:

“Any organization that would tell you NOT to mobilize in as big a manner as possible, when the issue affects you personally (or will down the line) needs to be questioned as to where they recycled the Cracker-Jack box their credentials came out of. I don’t care if its your church, your allumni club, or a bunch of so-called do-gooders that take your money. If they dare to question the idea of having people stand up for what is right – they are straight from hell. You know it, so do they.”


dont-tread-100x75The Shyster Attorneys from Hell would have us all believe that a LACK of grass-roots support, a LACK of media attention, and a LACK of individual control over actions would save the day in Wisconsin. When (yes… Name ONE time…) has this EVER been successful???

When did “stay home and watch TV or play with the kids” EVER win a legal or legislative cause? Who will help those who will not help themselves?

Think… What was it that Erin Brockovich (sp) did that made her famous? She was a SECRETARY at a law firm. A former teen beauty, single Mom, broke, alone and basically uneducated. She couldn’t even get her job without tricking her way into the position.

She found out something was wrong. She was one person….

Her boss wouldn’t listen, so what did she do? Did she listen to him – the big high-powered attorney? NO!!! She went straight to the people affected. She went to the press. She created a COMMUNITY of people all centered around a single issue.

What happened??? TOGETHER, Erin, the people affected, and even eventually the press (which was against her from the start, just as it is with FRESH MILK and NAIS) WON. That’s right – the larger that community of grass-roots, everyday, normal, not extraordinary people won the case.

That is not going to happen against DATCP so long as we continue to avoid doing what Erin did. We CANNOT win this the way these so-called not-for-profits would have us believe.

Too many “helpful” organizations have a vested interest in your continued tax-deductible donations and membership fees. Too many people are making a fast (and HUGE) buck off of our hopes, dreams and our fears. Too many people set themselves up as “experts” – in law, in agriculture in networking, and don’t have a single qualification other that their own word – which most times isn’t worth a pee bucket with a hole in the bottom. More

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