What looms in the future for America’s ranchers and farmers

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Biggest fine yet for Queensland NLIS breach More

Minnesota dairyman troubled by strange SCC counts

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By: Guy Ekola

CFGa892Dairy Quality Control Inspection (DQCI) runs a milk test lab in Minnesota where I’m from and they tested my milk routinely as I was with National Farmers Organization, (NFO).

Does anybody know here, about SCC’s? I consider them a very over-hyped lab analysis of cow’s milk, something similar in consequence (modern industry-biased ‘scientificism’, and WHO/Codex propaganda–though I notice many farmers have taken the pill, ie., they believe SCC’s are a credible and constant measure of milk quality and standard/goodness), to the over-hyped and dangerous vaccines.

I will say this: I have had a lot of trouble with SCC counts that were high! This is especially so in the last few years, as I was forced to slowly discontinue my dairy farm, under steady duress. Yet, I had more trouble with actual mastitis many years ago and relatively minimal mastitis occurrence recently. This situation, problems with high SCC’s yet little actual mastitis has been strange and troubling to me. It has caused me great stress. More

AL Whitney on: What’s Ailing America with Dr Carley

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 PPJ’s Al Whitney will be live on Dr. Carley’s show.

What’s Ailing America with Dr Carley

Saturday, November 14th
3-4 pm CST

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A dairy farmers side of the organic story

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By: Guy Ekola 


I once wanted to live in Wisconsin and be a dairy farmer there. Now I see it is the only worse thing I could have done than remain in Minnesota and be a small family dairy farmer here.

I see you have mentioned Organic Valley. I used to sell milk there, until they wiped me out.

They started out by sending a big truck with illegal tires to pick up milk in winter, and when the truck, with those bald tires, had difficulty in my yard, they blamed me. I put up with the abuse because the ‘organic premium’ for milk was so necessary for our survival as a farm. Then they went with semi-trucks which do not fit in a small farmyard.

Everything always had to be clear, no room for anything but the big semi and its precious (to them) oversized payload. Talk about a major hassle! Even a 1″ snowfall bogged them down and of course, who did they (Organic Valley) blame? They blamed me. More

S2758: Another fake food safety bill magically appears

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 by: Marti Oakley and the PPJ Alliance

Update: On page 7, there is the whole list of “best practices”  On the surface this would seem to be about giving grant money, and they are focusing on “small and medium size farms and processors.  (Why don’t they train and educate the BIG PRODUCERS causing the food safety problems?!)
Anyhow, at a glance, I’m bothered that most definitions will be “determined by the Secretary” or “meaning given by the Secretary”
I’m really bothered that the “Agricultural Producer Group” (and what is their purpose – are they a board of some sort to advise?) seems like it might consist of BigAg since the wording is so vague.  Dee West


                            13687-0801072759-ComplyHappy Holidays! 

Another special gift from congress just in time for the 2009 Holiday Season!

S.2758:  “The National Food Safety Training, Education, Extension, Outreach and Technical Assistance Program Act.” 


  • S2758 introduced by Debbie Stabenow (MI) with co-sponsors:
  • Bingaman (NM),
  • Boxer (CA),
  • Gillibrand (NY),
  • Leahy (VT),
  • Merkley (OR),
  • Sanders (VT).

I have no doubt this bill is nothing less than the consolidation of S510 and HR 2749 and if presented as such, it may not be necessary to refer it back to any committee for further debate.  I suspect it will simply be introduced in the middle of the night and passed with tons of added pork barrel spending and arm twisting. 

At this point I suppose we should be encouraging all of you to write or call your senators and representatives, but as we don’t have millions of dollars to contribute to political campaigns, nor are we in a position to have six highly paid lobbyists for each and every elected official we already know they have no time for us.  None of them will answer your calls, respond to your letters or in any way give any time or attention to your concerns.  They’ll do whatever they are paid to do and then collect a nice big fat salary from us on top of that. 


The evil in Wisconsin Food Safety — and what it means to Wisconsin


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By: Scott Trautman
Copyright © 2009  Trautman Family Farms
Evil is as strong a word as one can use. It is not a word I, or anyone else should use lightly. I have avoided it a long time in this situation — hoping against hope — that Steve Ingham, Cheryl Daniels, Tom Lietzke & Jackie Owens would find “better data” — reconsider their position — and what it means to Wisconsin — and find a way to work more sensibly.

They have not, they will not, and they have to go, period.

They understand what they do — and they, with purpose and malice misrepresent the Raw Milk situation — while it is in their professional responsibility to understand the situation and make sensible decisions — if it is for the benefit of the whole of Wisconsin, rather than whatever personal agenda they might have.

In this situation — and others like it — most especially as it relates to dairy farmers — it is about the application of unfettered — unobserved — power over good people in order to exterminate their will and desire to survive and grow. Why dairy farmers? Because they can. The bully bullies those they can — not those that can defend themselves.

Food Safety does not like me one tiny bit and has shown every indication that as I speak out and shine the light on them — they will find a way to silence me. More

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