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Jackass alert # 7

getimageIt appears a newly announced meeting has been scheduled for Wisconsin dairy farmers, with Wisconsin, Department of Agriculture ,Trade and Consumer Protection” also known as DATCP. 

I have this odd feeling that DATCP actually stands for “Department of Agricultural Terrorists, Corruption and Politics”; but that’s just what I think.  I could be totally wrong.

While Wisconsin officials grant themselves unconstitutional powers, violate religious beliefs, and begin the process in earnest of relieving small and independent family farmers not only of their land, but also their right to live on that land un-assaulted by an unelected bureaucracy that has long since exceeded its lawful boundaries, the state legislature and governor turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to those who are under attack.  I guess this should be expected; after all it is they who set this monster loose.

It is alleged that during the upcoming meeting with the actual dairy farmers whose livelihoods are being threatened by a rogue government bureaucracy, every attempt will be made to paint them as ex-hippie’s.  Commies,  Pinko’s.  (Stop! I’m so scared!!)

I have no doubt there will be claims of an “unholy alliance” between dairy farmers who are liberals, and those who are conservatives.  (Yeah! Bring on the devil..that’ll fixem’)

There will, I’m sure, be references to them being “fringe groups”; dairy farming anarchists! A few fringe loonies who want to distribute the milk to those who don’t have cows and don’t deserve the milk.. (Have I forgotten anything?)

Oh! Maybe even reports of using dairy cows as shields against swat team raids perpetrated by the enforcement arm of the Department of Agricultural Terrorists on behalf of the state of Wisconsin i.e., (politicians who sold the state off for a few sheckles).

While what is supposed to be the elected government of the state of Wisconsin pretends it doesn’t know any of this is going on; those same fine folks who took that bribe money….I mean cooperative agreement funding, and sold out the farmers and ranchers in the state sit and twiddle their thumbs; won’t answer their phones or respond to written requests for answers to legitimate questions.  While they feign ignorance, families are being displaced, businesses ruined and corporations are elevated to near god-like status. 

No matter how this meeting turns out, the dairy farmers will be painted by mainstream media as fringe, loony, commie, ex-hippie, unholy anarchists that used sacred cows to shield themselves from the Gestapo that is now the Wisconsin DATCP.

The only thing worse than this scenario is the unmitigated arrogance, the dictatorial position and the unlawful actions of an unelected bureaucracy doing the dirty work for a state government populated by individuals who it would appear have neither morals or ethics or any sense of decency. 

The idea that these kinds of things could be happening in America and not one judge, or attorney….not one official who swore an oath to the people of the state has stood up against this land grab for the benefit of illegal trade agreements, harmonization agreements and for the sole benefit of corporations, is a disgrace.