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  • Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations

    vaccs_deesA fabulous new acquaintance brought this to my attention – the Void for Vagueness Doctrine.

    Those who take the time to look at their state’s Model State Emergency Health Powers Act laws (MSEHPA), will likely find what I found in Ohio. If your state is on this list: Pandemic Influenza Funding , your state passed the laws required to make them eligible for that federal funding.

    If you can’t locate the primary legislation that was passed to qualify for these funds, look for a lot of new or changed public health statutes with the same Effective Date. Then review legislation that was passed 0-6 months prior to that date. Then you can locate the bill (and statutes) that were passed to qualify your state – very likely these are most Draconian as well.

    Look closely at these particular statutes to see if they violate your state constitution or if they would be covered under the Vagueness Doctrine. The folks involved with jurisdictionary would have to answer whether or not an injunction could be used to stop the implementation of a law that is vague.

    The MSEHPA laws were passed intentionally to secure the “authority” for the Director of Health of your state health department to define a “quarantinable disease” and to implement “quarantines” at their own discretion for influenza-like illness “pandemics” or otherwise vague reasons.

    Historically quarantines have only been used when a communicable disease threatens a locality because of its significant morbidity and mortality – and its occurrence can be confirmed by laboratory testing. Trust me that is no longer the case in Ohio.

    No state or local health laws can be implemented for a pandemic, as it cannot be defined in a statute written for your state, without referencing the World Health Organization. And no states are members of the World Health Organization. WHO regulations can only be applied in your state if state authorities choose to do so. This decision can be made by the Director of Health and/or the Governor – generally both would share the responsibility. Less folks forget – the Director of Health of any state health department is a “political appointee”. His/her job depends on doing what the Governor (and in the current flu outbreak, the CDC) asks them to do. If they do not . . . they are replaced. Generally the best and brightest physicians in our state loathe politicians.

    In Ohio, the Governor and the Department of Health actually announced last April that they requested and received $7.5 million in “stimulus” money for vaccines. Then Governor Strickland issued a Proclamation of Emergency later in the month when ONE case of swine flu was confirmed in Ohio.

    Here is a great of example of a MSEHPA vague statute from the Ohio Revised Code:
    (ORC 3701.13) “The department of health shall have supervision of all matters relating to the preservation of the life and health of the people [that statement alone is outrageous] and have ultimate authority in matters of quarantine and isolation, which it may declare and enforce, when neither exists and modify, relax, or abolish, when either has been established.”

    Who in the department of health has this ultimate authority? [This is sooooo corporate-speak]

    . . . supervision of all matters relating to the preservation of the life and health of the people??????
    What the bleep does that mean? Are they going to feed and cloth us? Are they going to give all of the Ohioans who currently can’t afford any type of health care, great health care so they can preserve our lives? Ohio has a Bill of Rights. No where in the Ohio Constitution does it say that the department of health has the authority to “supervise” us.

    What does “ultimate authority in matters of quarantine” mean? Can they decree that a cold is “quarantinable disease” based on symptoms alone (influenza-like illness)? How about exposure to a cold? Does this undefined “ultimate authority” have the lawful authority to quarantine someone who was exposed to a cold at work?

    This statute is obviously void for vagueness. It is not lawful and therefore not enforceable. We need to remind public health employees and law enforcement officers that might be called on to enforce a bogus quarantine in Ohio (and most likely other states as well) that:
    If you take actions outside the law, there is no immunity from liability and you can be held personally liable.

    Here’s a suggestion . . .
    It might be a good idea for all of us (I am absolutely certain if your state received pandemic funding you face the same or similar issues) to carry a card on our person from now on. Locate the laws in your state that fit into the above categories regarding quarantine, forced examinations, and/or forced vaccinations. ForOhioans PocketCard

    Most law enforcement officers remain unaware that we have serious corruption in our public health agencies and that they are shamelessly pushing unsafe vaccines on all without impunity . . . so far! In fact in Ohio MSEHPA actually gave public health agencies permission to go into the Vaccination Business – which they did.

    The MSEHPA (Ohio’s HB6-2003)  law is sooooo outrageous, the department of health can accept money from drug companies to assist in the promotion of their products.
    ORC 3701.04 “(5) On behalf of the state, solicit, accept, hold, administer, and deposit in the state treasury to the credit of the general operations fund created in section 3701.83 of the Revised Code, any grant, gift, devise, bequest, or contribution made to assist in meeting the cost of carrying out the director’s responsibilities and expend the grant, gift, devise, bequest, or contribution for the purpose for which made.”

    Public health in any state of the United States that took federal money and passed MSEHPA has likely been completely corrupted and cannot be trusted to protect the public from vaccines or anything else. If other states are like Ohio, the state legislatures have actually legalized bribery – or so they think . . .

    But this is not the first time drug companies have corrupted our “elected officials”.
    Profits, Not Science, Motivate Vaccine Mandates

    Best to all,
    AL Whitney

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