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  • animalfarm1Since I did not express my personal views in sending this link to people and groups on my list directly, I want to do so here:

    What really saddens me is that these cases never had to be… But, when that could have been arranged, people would not listen. They would not give up their 4H, FFA, county and state fairs, Farm Bureau and all the rest. Now that they have happened, where is the support from people who don’t want this program to happen to them?

    They have paid their money and given their support to national “heroes” and national organizations who purport to be against NAIS. I’ve fallen for that in the past as well, and have ALWAYS been sorely disappointed.


    I want to personally thank each and every nationally recognized contact and each and every national organization, that refused, altered, dissected, delayed or hid the information that has been sent out on the Wisconsin cases for – exactly – NOTHING.

    People and organizations refused to post scans of public-record official documentation, some stating that they could not be verified (why – too lazy?). National organizations formed primarily to fight against this and other ag issues refused to report on it at all. Those that did, mainly did a shoddy job.

    Some, who did post, sent out faulty information, altered the information, or buried it so deeply in their websites that if you didn’t know it should be there, you’d never find it, and in some cases, only posted parts of what was sent.

    Organizations and individuals that begged for information did not use it. Some of them were not satisfied with what was given, despite the obvious need to hold certain details back during an active legal matter. Others violated moral and ethical, as well as copyright laws, to lend their own names to information provided.

    Still others claim to be on the forefront of this fight and these cases, and have not given one serious moment’s thought to helping those actually involved – but they certainly take credit every chance they get, and through every venue providing it.

    At times, they have been aided and abetted by the very people that ALL of us have trusted for so long – over 4 years now – either by default or on purpose. Some of them even stand to lose as much as the defendants in these cases.

    Thank you all. Thank you for furthering the corporate agenda! Thank you for helping to mandate NAIS on a national scale.

    In the meantime, those few who can be trusted, who did pass along factual and complete information (and in proper fashion) have been vilified by those who seek a “one size fits all” solution, their 15 minutes of fame and a fattened wallet.

    (This has been easy to do, as most people would rather pour money into an empty promise than face the reality of what is going on – alone or not. While they are NOT alone, they are frightened and feel that way, and so do not know who to trust.)

    Its about time people decide to dry up the cash cows in this fight and start looking at what is really going on. You never know – the hide you save just might be your own.

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