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  • 27673_1thThis is a public announcement of a premeditated assault on property owners in violation of the Wisconsin Constitution and individual property rights made by Donna Gibson on behalf of Wisconsin DATCP (Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) in an interview with AgriView.    

    Why is no one pressing charges against her and other DATCP personnel and officials for making public threats and plans of harm to sovereign property owners in the state?

    On October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E. Galewyrick found Pat & Melissa Monchilovich guilty of failure to register premises.   During that court proceeding and under oath, DATCP representatives admitted the program was not of benefit and probably never would be.  Still, DATCP seems quite proud of their targeting of this family, and their subsequent threats to target others in Wisconsin.

    In my opinion, this is nothing less than a threat of intended harm and the use of coercion and duress to force compliance to what is nothing more than an assault on private property rights perpetrated by state officials in violation of their offices and in violation of the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin.   It would appear that state officials launching these attacks on property owners are not aware that Wisconsin has such a document or that they are bound to work within its scope and limitations. 

     According to DATCP spokesperson, Donna Gilson:    (AgriView article quoted here:)

    “They (District Attorney) don’t have to file charges,” she explained. Currently, DATCP has referred documentation for four more possible cases in Richland, Price and two in Pierce Counties. Gilson says there are another seven that will likely be referred in the near future.”

     Further excerpted:

    “The premises registration law requires that any property where livestock are held must be registered in a central database and assigned a number. The registration lists what species are on the premises.

    “This is the first case that has turned its way all the way through the system,” said DATCP spokesperson, Donna Gilson. The 4-year-old premises registration law took effect in November 2005.”

    What AgriView failed to mention was this was sold to Wisconsin as a voluntary program when it passed through the Wisconsin legislature, and was signed into law.  And this is far more invasive than what DATCP wants the public to know. 

    AgriView again misses the mark when it fails to mention the central database cited is the Oracle database which Senator Kohl and Representative Obey had moved off US soil and stored in Canada to make it unavailable for FOIA requests.  In other words, property owners who had been involuntarily entered into the database without their knowledge, and even those who were foolish enough to do so, could not obtain any information DATCP had collected on them.  This was done initially in 2005 until Kohl and Obey could make sure a provision was slipped into the 2005 Farm Bill denying access to these records even under FOIA.  This provision was added again to the 2008 Farm Bill.

    Apparently ORACLE has more info than you think!

    DATCP claims it has the right to demand information through the licensing or paperwork sent to farmers and ranchers, also claiming the registration numbers are required.  Why would anyone be required to fill out forms or provide personal or property information for a voluntary law?

    I found it strange in Ms. Gibson’s comments on behalf of DATCP she mentions none of the premeditated assaults she is helping to plan and implement, are non-religious related.  How would she know?

    Excerpted from AgriView:

    “Gilson says that these cases are all non-religious related. DATCP is awaiting the final word from the pending Clark County case where Emanuel Miller Jr., 28, of Loyal was charged with a civil forfeiture for failure to comply with the state’s livestock-premises registration law last year. Many in the Amish community believe the requirement infringes on their religious beliefs because it could eventually result in the tagging of all animals, or the ‘Mark of the Beast.’”

    DATCP will not be pursuing any cases involving right to religious freedom, mostly affecting Wisconsin’s Amish communities, until a final ruling is reached in the Clark County case. Gilson says there is no timeline for the final ruling, by Clark.”

    How would anyone, know what another persons religious beliefs, are? And how could she or anyone else at DATCP make such an unqualified statement and not be immediately questioned as to how she came to that conclusion, or obtained such personal information? 

    And did anyone note that Ms. Gibson’s statements in this last excerpt have become “livestock-premises” and not just premises as cited earlier? 

    To me this is exactly what happens to ordinary everyday people, given unlimited and usually unlawful power.  These same people are or were our friends, neighbors and family members, but now endowed with this sudden unfettered and encouraged power over other people’s lives, lose their sense of law, decency and morals and most of us would no longer recognize them as the people we thought we knew.