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Speaker Pelosi Unveils Monster Bill – HR 3962

Today, Speaker Pelosi released the U.S. House health care takeover bill, H.R. 3962. They say they want to debate the bill beginning on Nov 2nd.  The 1,990 page bill is nearly 1,000 pages longer than the original House bill, H.R. 3200.
Do you trust a 2,000-page health insurance reform bill to keep your life and liberty intact? Will your Representatives read it? They didn’t bother to read the first House bill when it was only 1,018 pages

. Here are just 11 of many concerns in the bill:


  • MANDATE: Mandates that every individual buy health insurance that meets federal approval or face fines and jail time. This alone will enable government-run health care.
  • RATIONING ALLOWED: HR 3200’s language prohibiting health care rationing was eliminated.
  • SINGLE-SELLER BUREAUCRACY: Government-run National Health Insurance Exchange where “private” insurance is sold.
  • SINGLE-PAYER: “Public option” plan, created for the purpose of moving everyone (except Congress) to single-payer.
  • ENCOURAGES EMIGRATION: Eliminates 1996 welfare reform law 5-yr waiting periods for federal benefits.
  • ENTITLEMENT EXPANSION: Adds 10 million people to taxpayer-funded Medicaid at a cost of $425 billion.
  • FEDERAL CONTROL: Feds define “essential benefit set” for all insurance policies, allowing denial of care and rationing.
  • END OF MARKET: Individual health insurance market is eliminated (individuals forced to use the Exchange).
  • SMALL BUSINESS THREAT: New taxes, bureaucratic requirements, penalties and fees threaten survival of small business, but HHS today declares reform will “strengthen” small businesses.  HHS Report
  • MORE TAXES: New taxes on health plans and medical products passed down in higher health care premiums.
  • PATIENT TRACKING NUMBER: Federal patient identification card – every patient tracked; every patient carded at the clinic; every medical decision controlled.
COST: Although the Congressional Budget Office reports a $104B reduction in the federal deficit, the CBO admits, “These estimates are all subject to substantial uncertainty.” They also note in the second sentence of today’s report, “this analysis does not constitute a final and comprehensive cost estimate for the bill.”
According to the CBO, the bill costs $894 billion over 10 years, and expects to raise $460.5 billion from a high income surtax. The bill makes $425 billion in cuts. After adding 10 million Medicaid recipients to the federal tax rolls at a cost of $425 billion, Congress will require state taxpayers to begin picking up part of the cost in 2015.

The CBO says Congress can expect to raise $167 billion in new penalties on individuals and employers.
Isn’t there something inherently wrong with depending on penalties for federal revenue??

What to do:


  1. Tell them to read the bill. Call your members of Congress (find them online here) or call the Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Call one or two of them every day. Make a schedule of each day of the week with names and numbers. Get up in the morning, drink your coffee, and give them a call.
  2. ASK them what they are doing to protect you. ASK them what they are doing to preserve your freedom. Don’t retreat. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the propaganda intended to discourage you.
  3. Email Congress by using the webpage from our friends at FreedomWorks.  NOTE: Interject or use your own words for more impact.
  4. Call the White House 202-456-1414 and 202-456-1111 AND email the President  (
  5. Contact the Blue Dog’s Policy Co-Chair (Rep. Baron Hill – IN) at