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    Official U.S. definitions regarding invasive species were clearly provided in Executive Order 13112 signed by President William J. Clinton on February 3, 1999.

    Invasive species” means an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

    Alien species” means, with respect to a particular ecosystem, any species, including its seeds, eggs, spores, or other biological material capable of propagating that species, that is not native to that ecosystem.

    Species” means a group of organisms all of which have a high degree of physical and genetic similarity, generally interbreed only among themselves, and show persistent differences from members of allied groups of organisms.

    Ecosystem” means the complex of a community of organisms and its environment.


    Alien plant species, also known as genetically modified organisms, were engineered and introduced into natural environments specifically designed to spread rapidly. Because they are so uncontrollable and engineered to be aggressive, these aberrations of science gone mad rapidly overtake naturally occurring ecosystems and destroy the biodiversity needed to sustain not only the land, but the life on it.  Alien GMO species are an unwelcome interruption, displacing natural plants and crops and all animal species dependent upon them for survival.

    The introduction of genetically modified crops and grasses will continue to wreak havoc on the environment and to human health until they are treated as the infestations they are.  Although few studies have been allowed to be done, it is apparent that consumption by humans of genetically altered foods is resulting in organ damage and other adverse health affects.  

    Noting what appears to be a conflict between patent applications and the statements that there were are no “substantial differences” in gmo as opposed to natural seeds, plants or animals,  Barbara Peterson of Farm Wars says this: 

    “The reason nothing is being done is the substantial equivalence doctrine. A phony doctrine designed for the bio-corporate pirates to use in order to bypass inspection and independent tracking of their abominations. This is in direct opposition to the patent scam, in which they must show substantial difference to obtain the patent.

    So on the one hand, GMOs are substantially equivalent for the purposes of marketing and spreading the filth around, yet substantially different for the purposes of controlling where their abominations land in the food supply. They have it both ways courtesy of the U.S. government puppets.” (end quote)

    Absent from all corporate protective legislation; from all harmonization agreements and illegal trade agreements and even in light of all the hyped up environmentalism is any admission these seeds and plants were developed to be either one crop (terminator) seeds, or, genetically engineered species that spread like wildfire overtaking naturally occurring species and severely reducing if not eradicating biodiversity. In addition, the claimed increase in yields not only never materialized, but the costs of gmo exceed any expectations of profits from its use, except by those corporations that created them.

    Because genetically engineered crops and grasses qualify under E.O. 13112, and also under the invasive species laws both federally and on the state level, one is left to wonder why no legislation penalizing bio-piracy corporations is in place, protecting farmers, ranchers and consumers alike from the unwanted spread of alien species onto their lands and into their crops and ending up in the end user food supply.

    GMO crops need to be treated as an infestation, and handled as we would any other invasive species or weed spread.  As these infestations were and are intentionally created absent of any environmental impact assessment; no risk management or control systems were ever considered, much less developed.  The reason these systems for containment were never developed is; they can’t be contained or controlled.  Bio-piracy corporations have no way of knowing how the proteins in a genetically altered plant will respond, or what the result will be once the genes have been altered.

    Absent from any debate on the devastation caused by gmo crops is comprehensive studies or information on the number of acres infested and the damage caused by these crops to surrounding traditional crops and grasslands.  Also absent are any studies on the adverse effects of not only soil and water supplies, but also on native wildlife. 

    As a result of horizontal transfer, wind drift, bird scatterings and natural environmental activity, gmo crops have done what they were intended to do: eradicated biodiversity for no other reasons than profit and control of the food supply. Contrary to the hyped up PR on how gmo crops were/are going to solve the worlds food problems, these systems of synthetic and unnatural seeds which require ever increasing amounts of herbicides and pesticides also require as much as three times the amount of water a natural traditional crop requires.  The end result of the uncontrollable spread of these invasive species is, degraded land and water supplies; an impact felt up and down the chain of biodiversity.

    GMO producers have an obligation to control their invasive plant species, which all of their plants are.  What are needed are regulations to treat gmo as we would weeds in a weed management system.  At the very least a national eradication and containment system should be quickly put into place as these crops, grasses and other bastardized versions of what was once natural, steadily overtake the landscape.

    Genetically altered plants of all kinds are substituted for native vegetation and crops. Aggressive in each stage, gmo becomes a competitive species that can exclude and replace highly desirable plant species. The plant is widely seeded as a food, forage or cover crop that can become extremely persistent and is also the cause of what is now called “super-weeds”. 

    These plants are not to be confused with hybrids that result from selected cross pollination processes to produce the best possible traits in that species, but are instead an unnatural and synthesized recreation; created for no other purposes than profit.

    Why are these corporations allowed to develop for profit, genetically modified organisms they can not control?  And, at the same time, are allowed to sue individuals who have had the misfortune of having one or more of these invasive species invade their property?  Yet our justice system (a true oxymoron) has not only allowed this to happen, but has condoned the invasion of alien species plants into and onto land and crops, then penalizing an unwilling victim of these alien species while protecting corporate bio-pirates who caused the problem.