Freedom Requires Courage

CourageWe’ve all heard it a million times. America is the “Land of the free and home of the brave.”
Is it? Is it really?

I’ve had people write to me and tell me they agree with this campaign to Kick Them All Out but they are afraid to sign on, make themselves known for fear of ending up on some list. I had a good friend tell me the same thing one day while talking on the phone. He confessed that he was afraid our conversation was being listened to by the government and that he may end up on some list. He wasn’t shaking in his boots scared. It was more of a “Big Brother is watching” sense in the back of his mind but it was there nonetheless. It was a definite concern that should never have been in his mind in the first place. This is supposed to be a free country, isn’t it?

When the idea for The Kick Them All Out Project first popped into my noggin I’ll confess one of the first things that occurred to me was “Oh my God. If I’m successful with this they will kill me.” Then I realized just how bad our nation must have become when this is one of the first things that occurred to me. This was almost four years ago. The reality is far more real today and much more out in the open.

This fear is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with. I still feel it to some degree but it hasn’t stopped me from doing whatever I can do. The problem is getting people who aren’t already involved in fighting back to step up to the plate. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out why people hesitate and suddenly, after speaking to another friend, it became clear.

A primary reason people don’t step up is that they intuitively know if they do, they will not be able to live a normal life anymore. How do I know this? Because I stepped up and I don’t have a normal life anymore. Many people I know have stepped up and they don’t have a normal life anymore either. It’s simply impossible to face the truth of what is happening and continue to delude yourself. When you really face the truth of what’s going on, when you face it squarely, you cannot pretend that life is normal. If you can muster the courage to face the truth you clearly see that everything is not okay. Not even remotely okay.

If we don’t do something soon it will be impossible for anyone to live a normal life for God knows how long into the foreseeable future. Our lack of courage is what’s condemning our lives and the lives of our children to an immanent tyranny we wouldn’t wish on anyone much less our own flesh and blood. If we ALL don’t do something we are going to go down in history as the pathetic generation that “just let it all happen” because we didn’t want to believe what was happening. We didn’t have the strength of character necessary to face the truth with courage and stand up to the petty tyrants we knew were destroying our nation and our lives.

World history shows our little blue planet has been primary ruled by tyrants. We are still ruled by tyrants. There is hope however because our nation still holds the possibility to route them out and prosecute them for the ruthless criminals that they are. Our nation still offers us a peaceful way out if we rise to the occasion NOW and seize the day. We still have the ability to turn out the den of thieves in our Congress and turn it back into The People’s House. We can take back control of our election process. We can end the reign of powerful criminal corporate/banking cartels and corrupt career politicians. We can if and only if we step up to the plate and do what needs to be done without fear of finding ourselves on some dreaded list. Fact is we are all on so many lists already it’s amazing anyone has such fears about it.

We Are Either Going to Fall To Tyranny Or We Will Conquer It

Our site is loaded with information about what is really going on and how urgent our situation is. Just a cursory reading of what’s on our site tells you we no longer have the luxury of time. The freedom that was the promise of our Constitutional Republic is very close to vanishing. It’s not enough to protest. It’s not enough to have “liberty lovers parties.” We have to sober up and face what’s happening with every drop of courage we can muster and do something about it!

We need everyone to step up and help us unify all the groups fighting the fight. Everyone knows the only way to get our government back is to hold members of Congress accountable. Everyone knows the ONLY way to hold members of Congress accountable is to remove them from office. Until we make them all pay a price for their constant betrayals nothing is going to change. These are the people responsible for allowing the corporate/banking cartel to destroy our country! It’s not rocket science. We can’t afford to screw around anymore! If we don’t boot those most directly responsible and consequently the only people we can get our hands on, our nation will fall.

We have another golden opportunity coming up in about one year’s time to effect change in the most peaceful way imaginable. You have a choice to make. It’s going to take every second between now and the next election to teach everyone what needs to be done to remove the traitors in Congress. If we don’t make it the absolute most critical priority that it is, I guarantee you the exact same criminals will win reelection again and they will finish the job of destroying what little is left of our country. If you don’t help us prepare enough people to go to the polls fully knowledgeable and prepared to do the most damage possible to incumbents, then kiss our country goodbye and try to explain to your children why you didn’t do anything to stop these people in Congress sooner.

We just allowed our criminal Congress to hand over TRILLIONS to the very corporate/banking cartels responsible for getting our nation in the mess it’s in right now. We just allowed our Congress to hand them all the resources they need to finish the job. If we don’t stop acting like total idiots and mess things up for them in the next election by removing their henchmen and henchwomen in Congress we have nobody to blame for what is going to happen but ourselves.

It’s time to step up. It’s time to act like courageous Americans. We need you NOW. We need your support now in every obvious way or the next election will arrive and we will participate in the same old idiotic way, which virtually guarantees the same old den of thieves will return to Congress and shovel the last bit of dirt on the grave of our Constitutional Republic. If we don’t act with deliberate intent through our peaceful Constitutional power to vote these traitors out, it will come to violence. These people will not stop.

We either take the peaceful action of voting out their minions in Congress now or face the full force of the police state that will be the inevitable outcome if we don’t slam on the breaks. If we fail again in the next election it will not be long before we will have to be prepared to do what Russia’s Alexander Solzhenitsyn the Russian people would have done with Stalin’s secret police. In “The Gulag Archipelago” Solzhenitsyn stated categorically that Stalin’s bloodthirsty secret police would have been thoroughly defeated if only the Russian people had shown the character to resist with whatever tools and implements they could find. A thoroughly oppressed people, they could have hidden in closets and under stairwells, wielding broomsticks, coat hangers, rocks, or whatever other items they could find. Stalin’s enforcers would have been met by overwhelming numbers that would have quickly destroyed them all.

Many people think I’m exaggerating or being too extreme. For those of you who think that way, you obviously have not taken the time to read the information posted on our site and you’re not willing to face the truth of what’s really going on. Have fun at your “Liberty Lovers Parties.”

Bruce McDonald

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