By: Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeurvaccty_dees
      Montréal (Québec – Canada)
       Ce 13 octobre 2009

This list of reasons are, only my own view.   They’re the conclusions I have arrived at after several months of thoroughly studying the scientific documents, official publications and declarations of medical authorities.

I’m giving you links to Internet sites so that you can check information yourself and give the whole issue further consideration.  As you will see, the reasons for my own refusal are many. I do not expect you to agree with my arguments since everyone has a different point of view. What I do invite you to do is to consider which, are the sentences, here that fit your own reality, and simply follow the voice of your conscience. In any case, only one reason should be enough to push you to refuse this vaccine. For you and for your close relations, it is your choice.

I refuse this vaccine because there isn’t any flu pandemic in 2009 yet

(I remember that it was the WHO which, on April 27, 2009,  defined what the levels of pandemic were and  considerably lowered the threshold of how to define a pandemic level – See:

Before that  date, the current figures would not have merited even a short article in the media. Indeed, this little flu has had a mortality rate of only 4,525   WHO statistics at October 4, 2009   i.e. fifty times less than the normal seasonal flu, which kills between 250.000 and 500,000 people per annum

I’m refusing this vaccine because forty years of anti-flu vaccination have not brought convincing proof of its effectiveness

 (In other words, for forty years, the people vaccinated against the influenza get as sick with influenza as those not-vaccinated  but spend more on health care in the year which follows vaccination)

I refuse the vaccine because I’d have a 50 times greater chances of dying of the consequences of vaccination than of dying of this influenza (indeed,   in the six next months, if one doubles the number of deaths caused by the influenza H1N1, that  would make about  13,000 dead for the whole of the planet ( of 6.8 billion inhabitants). I thus have a 1: 520.000 chance  of  dying of the influenza. On the other hand, according to the pharmaco-epidemiologist Marc Girard, we have a 1:10.000 chance on of dying of the effects of this  H1N1 vaccine.

By my calculations then, I have, in the event of mandatory vaccination, a fifty times greater chance of dying of the vaccination than of the influenza.

I refuse this vaccine because recent history shows that the last vaccine prepared in haste against a swine flu pandemic (which are always taking place) in 1976 caused more deaths than the pandemic itself  because of the thousands of side effects (including more than 530 cases of Guillain Barré

I refuse to be used as guinea-pig to test a new type of vaccine which I never asked for and which has not been field tested (see, on this subject, the excellent publicity leaflet of the national union of  professional  male nurses, in France. 

I refuse this vaccine because no serious test has been carried out to measure long-term effects (a few months to a few years) of the additives (of which squalene is one)   in this new type of vaccine (see also the same publicity leaflet of the Trade union of the male nurses). It is the first time that this type of vaccine will be put on the market, with ten times fewer amounts of antigen.  This means the manufacturers have to increase the quantity of adjuvants and additives, but without the ability to retract if the consequences of this change in terms of public health and terms of safety should be damaging)

I refuse this vaccine because it contains more mercury (in the form of Thimérosal) than any vaccine ever manufactured;

I refuse this vaccine because there won’t be a sufficiently broad sample of population  used to detect  any severe or rare side effects     (for example, to check if the vaccine could increase the cases of  Guillain Barré syndrome  , it should be necessary to test the vaccine for several weeks on a sample of a million people before putting it on the market. Yet the new vaccines are tested on a few tens or a few hundreds of people, for just a few days.

I refuse to receive in my body, via this vaccine, the genetic information contained in the   H1N1 virus, while so little light has been shed  on its mysterious origin ( I recall that in 2004,  the team  at the Molecular laboratory of Pathology of the American Armed forces, under the direction of Doctor J.K. Taubenberger, exhumed the corpse of a victim of the Spanish influenza of 1918 to take pulmonary samples  . In that way, they resurrected the 1918 pandemic virus, which worried several scientists because of the potential use of this virus for bio-terrorism.  The fact that this  was done in a laboratory of the American Armed forces does not reassure me in the least. See also the declarations of the Russian expert Leonid Ivachov

I refuse this vaccine which is imposed to me by media propaganda  with  lies and manipulation on behalf of the health authorities and with  attacks on civil liberty that  would make me a criminal, liable to imprisonment, if I refuse to subject myself to it;

I refuse this vaccine because for years, I have been taking care of my own physiological, emotional and interior  balance, in an autonomous and responsible way, without resorting to drugs and vaccines likely to generate many more undesirable side effects than any benefit   they bestow (especially  in the specific case of the anti-flu vaccines, no active benefit can be assumed);

I refuse this vaccine because I assert my own  unconditional and inalienable right to be ill, because for years  I have appreciated that- as Carl Gustav Jung put it – “ disease is the effort that nature makes to find its balance.” And I’d prefer to be sick with influenza for four days, than paralysed  for the next forty next years of my life;

I refuse this vaccine because there are no guarantees that I will not be injected, in the course of the vaccination,  with an electronic microchip  manufactured by Hitachi or Verichip, under pretext of being able to detect in real-time the presence of virus H1N1 in my body so reducing me to a quarry whom  one can track, like cattle that one can remotely handle by  radio frequency waves, or a citizen  whose medical, legal, legal, administrative, banking and personal files  can constantly be controlled. see also this report of LCI:  

I refuse this vaccine because I no longer have any confidence in the integrity of the scientists nor of the political officials who are now in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies

I refuse this vaccine because I do not have any confidence in the  independence or  neutrality of the World Health Organization, financed by private banking (Rockefeller, Rothschild and Morgan) which holds majority shares in the largest companies manufacturing the vaccines;

I refuse this vaccine because I do not want to be accessory to the enrichment of the pharmaceutical companies under the pretext of being offered protection (factitious and illusory)

I refuse this vaccine, quite simply, because no one can oblige me to accept a remedy or a medical care without my free and willing  consent

I refuse this vaccine which would make me the subjected slave of the elite of the world.  And I know that my refusal raises me above master-slave mindset and transforms me into individual in my own right, free and sovereign.

For some among you, there are only a few days left to decide which attitude which you are going to take.  Are you going to go on living in fear and submission? Or are you finally going to stand tall and take responsibility, take control of  your own life and your own health ? 

Whatever your choice, make sure that your YES really is YES, and that your NO  is really NO! 

Remember that the Dark works for the Light even though it doesn’t want to nor knows it’s doing so!


Pourquoi je refuse catégoriquement le vaccin contre la grippe H1N1 ?