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By Paul Griepentrog

 The Lost People: Part I

Earlier this year my father gave me a book outlining the heritage of my ancestors, on his mother’s side of the family, a beautifully done collection of photos and history. They even had detailed information of their Pomeranian origins and the reason for their exodus, religious persecution. Not an uncommon occurrence in those times, as this country was, for many, the destination of the oppressed. In an ironic twist of fate we now have come full circle, with our government becoming the oppressors of religious freedom.

In an incident stemming from the outbreak of pseudo rabies in Clark Co. where 47 Amish farms that had their hogs killed, because of two positive tests in Russian boar pigs, none of the farmers involved had their property registered as a “premises”. The Wisconsin DATCP took it upon themselves to prosecute only one of the 44 farmers remaining. Emmanuel Miller Jr. was chosen for prosecution, having written a letter to the D.A. Darwin Zwieg, stating that collectively the group had decided to leave it up to Zwieg and Judge Jon Counsell to find an attorney to represent them. In an act of faith reminiscent of Daniel, the letter indicated that the Amish would trust that God’s guidance would direct them.

Duane Brander, Compliance Officer, acting under orders from Dr. Paul McGraw DVM head of the animal health division of the Dept of Ag. determined that forced compliance was necessary. In an effort to make a landmark case against the religious objections of the Amish and others, Zweig stated that “the case was filed as a complex forfeiture.”

The case is subject to administrative civil procedure.  A Wikipedia search brought up annotated Wisconsin statutes, that by a preponderance of the evidence, the defendant must prove innocence. Although used in other countries, it is for the prosecution of organized crime.

The Amish are organized in a communal sense and this certainly can be witnessed at any barn raising, but, any application of the word criminal certainly doesn’t apply.  However the severe inconvenience of the DATCP personnel, having to go door to door to search farms for hogs in the area, deprived of their ivory towers with air conditioning, their laptops to simply plug in premise registrations, is tantamount to high treason against the administrative bodies enforcing Big Ag’s corporate  agenda.  The complete case against NAIS, including testimony from Amish and other religious leaders can be located here.

Of particular interest is an article that displays the indifference of Farm Bureau to these religious concerns.

Although I agree disease issues are a concern, they can only be addressed at the source. Farm Bureau, National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn. and other organizations with strong ties to USDA and government officials, including this state’s ag committees, continue to advocate the import of diseased livestock from foreign countries, whether as willful intent to do harm, or depraved indifference, the results are the same. Nothing is being done to stem the source of these diseases. The spread of disease will further the implementation of NAIS, these organizations will be the beneficiaries of these programs; having received Federal grants to operate the data base and tracking system where every animal movement must be entered and subject to fees.

While this is certainly cause for concern, the situation has only worsened, and is yet another reason to resist premise registration as it grants warrantless searches, fines and forfeitures, never mentioned by those promoting the program.

Why implement such a program in the first place, with all these inherent violations of our personal freedoms? In the end we are told to follow the money. Who will truly benefit from “premises registration”? A look into the definition of this word on an international basis may give us insight. The answer lays here in this article by Derry Brownfield. Would this explain where the collateral for our national debt has been coming from to fund the bailouts?

As I write this it is Veteran’s Day, we are reminded to remember our Veterans. Let us also remember those veterans who with frozen feet wrapped in rags, crossed that dark valley so long ago to gain us our freedom. Most of them were Calvinists, here fleeing religious persecution.
When they came for the Amish, I did nothing because I was not Amish…..

The Lost People: Part II

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