Tell the Senate “NO!” on HR 2749…..not in any form!

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Please take the time to send your Senator a note and rather than asking or begging them not to pass HR 2749 when it comes out of committee, demand they adhere to at least some semblance of the office they hold, and vote this assault on family and independent agricultural producers promoted under the guise of “food safety” down.  In fact, this bill should not even make it to the floor for a vote.

HR 2749, as received in the Senate from the House is the codifying of Codex Alimentarius into US Law.  This will end your right to choose vitamin and mineral supplements or other alternative supplemental approaches in health.  It is also set to put in place Codex regulations on the growing, harvesting and processing of foods making it so costly, so overly regulated and controlled for small family and independent producers, and will drive them out of business.  And thats the whole point. 

HR 2749 is nothing more than the construction of an ever larger US bureaucracy with police state powers whose sole function will be to conduct surveillance, enforcement and police state control of independent American Agriculture while lowering the standards for multi-national corporations and leaving them virtually untouched or subject to the fines, fees, regulations, and possible imprisonment for breaching some pointless and contrived rule.  This bill will combine the USDA, FDA, and HHS under one big umbrella agency with a new “food czar” right out of Monsanto heading the whole thing up.

We are at a crossroads.  Our elected officials have shown time after time their loyalties are not to the people who put them in office, who put their faith and trust in them.  We can’t let them get away with destroying what has been the most productive and safe food supply in the world and turning it over to global harmonization standards meant to reduce the standards to facilitate profits of corporate bio-pirates and globalized rules that have caused so much damage to food quality and availability around the world.

HR 2749 bears little resemblance to S 510 which preceeded the House bill by three months.  S 510 is 69 pages long with twelve pages devoted to food allergies; not food borne illnesses.  S 510 states in no uncertain terms as does HR 2749 that it is meant to facilitate the codifying of Codex Alimantarius into US law.  Both bills force the capitulation to illegal international agreements, called “harmonization agreements” wherein each agrees to codify and implement full Codex compliance.  S 510 will no doubt be re-written and resubmitted under a new bill number to capture all the invasive provisions passed by the House. 

Either our Senators vote no on this bill or we vote no to them continuing in their office.  At some point, these people have to decide who it is they represent.  The vote on this bill will surely let us know just who that is.

Use the free fax provided, and in your own words let Senators know what you expect of them.  Believe me, the majority of them don’t know half of what you do about the real intentions or contents of this bill.   And while you’re at it…..send all those representatives who voted to pass this thing in the House a word or two to let them know what you think about them passing this assault on family and independent farming for their corporate buddies. 

Marti Oakley

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NAIS Stinks <nonais@naisstinks.com

By Darol Dickinson

Scripts for NAIS state directors have been prepared with Delphi anti-groupthink interrogation techniques. Neil Hammerschmidtz, facilitator Larry Miller, change agent Jeri Dick and John Weimer at USDA have perfected these deceptive, contradictory and extreme methods to high pressure sell the flawed thought of NAIS.

President Eisenhower said, “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” Born in Abilene, Kansas, an area known for corn and wheat production, was the authoritative background of this presidential quote. Oh, for a quote today with accuracy and experience to back it up! Quotes by elected leaders today contain larger words, eloquence and surety, yet completely lacking integrity.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS), proposed by profit motive industries, the World Trade Organization and fund-hungry USDA branches are riddled with pabulum substance quotes. Different from the factual Eisenhower, but similar in that quotes are coming from high up leadership with degrees as long as a wagon tongue; today’s honesty is sickly void. As highly paid government employees make poorly thought-out quotes, their numbers often reflect the serious need of a $3 Chinese calculator.

A Time To Be Serious

With up to 2000 U.S. ranchers going belly up per month, grandiose quotes of great profit from beef exports quickly perk the ear of hard working livestock people. Even though they seldom check the numbers, USDA leaders can tease a rancher off a cliff with a grandiose profit theory.

In a recent Beef Magazine article called “Put up or shut up” the author quoted, “If we do nothing and we lose market access……the losses would amount to $18.25/head if we do not adopt NAIS and we lose 25% of export market share.”

Only Listen to Exact Data

What is market share? Last year, 2008, the USA exported beef, live and processed, a total value of $2,876,906,000. The same year the USA imported beef, live and processed, paying exactly $4,764,392,000. In simple terms, this means the US doesn’t produce enough beef to feed the nation and nearly two billion dollars worth of beef must be imported. Annually this data changes very little.

If export sales are reduced there will not be a need to import as much product. If export sales are increased there will be a need to import that much more to feed the nation. Therefore, all the scuttlebutt about increasing exports to help ranchers be more profitable is no more than Botox verbiage.

The $18.25/head loss without NAIS on all 97,000,000 U.S. cattle equals $1,770,250.000. Wow, that causes most of the whole export income to go away. Perhaps the $18.25 figure was slightly exaggerated – like a 93% exaggeration! Today, not a single country requires animal tracing to purchase USA beef.

The King of Exaggerations More

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