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 September 5, 2009   10:45 p.m  CST

Author:  Marti Oakley (c) 2009 


Consider this a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to all members of the Senate, all members of the House, and to President Obama.  I am sure you are fully aware of the intent and implications of MOUs, as each of you, in one way or another, uses them to establish the outlining of agreements between yourselves, collectively or individually, concerning the agreements you have made with individuals acting as state’s representatives or agencies; generally to avoid Constitutional prohibitions on your intended actions and in avoidance of the Constitution.  I am using it in quite another fashion as you will see in the following text.

For you, MOUs are the terms and agreements of what, are in fact the first step in contractual agreements. MOUs are most often accompanied by cooperative agreements and funding (bribes) to implement what generally turns out to be egregious assaults to civil rights and liberties to the benefit of the federal government, linked so inextricably to corporate interests and global agreements.

Consider what follows a Memorandum of Understanding between me, Marti J. Oakley, and all of you, collectively cited in the above paragraph.

To Wit:

We (you and I) agree that each and every one of you holds your office as a result of election. And, that as a result of your victory and subsequent oath of office, you were expected to actually represent the people who put their faith and trust in you.  The fact is you have violated this oath at every opportunity regardless of which party you claim allegiance to or which political philosophy you espouse at any given time. 

In light of a profound understanding of how you have used and abused this trust and faith, I need you to understand how I (we) perceive you, i.e., your activities, your betrayals of these United States of America, your pandering to corporate interests, your illegal agreements with foreign governments and interests and ultimately what appears to be a very concerted effort to destroy our country and to convert the same into a region in some coveted global plantation.

Consider this a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to all members of the Senate, all members of the House, and to President Obama. 

Because the instances of your acts against the people are so numerous, in this MOU, I will address only this one issue:  National Security

Please consider this Memorandum of Understanding No. 2

Please be advised that no cooperative agreement with the anticipated funding (bribe money) will be forthcoming.  You may consider this an “Unfunded Mandate” in the sense that I will never contribute one dime to the re-election efforts of any one of you.  “We” in the following text means “WE THE PEOPLE.”

I (We) understand:

The term “national security” was simply the enabling and justifying of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which had been long planned and prepared prior to the attacks on 9/11 and has little to no affect on terrorist activities by foreign agents and was never intended as the primary function of this agency. When referring to DHS in this memorandum, it is to be considered inclusive of all the agencies now held and operating under the direction and control of DHS:

I (WE) understand:

We agree (you and I) that “National Security” has a different meaning and intent with regards to the corporation operating as the UNITED STATES, a.k.a., THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, hereinafter referred to as “the Corporation”,  than the meaning and intent as understood by the people of the (50) sovereign states, known as the [united states of America], independent of the Corporation and that with an understanding of this difference in intent and meaning comes the true meaning of “national security” as expressed by the Corporation operating as the federal government.  That if any true and real intent was existing from foreign interests:

1. Our southern border would have been long ago secured; yet you refuse even today to do so, even as millions have admittedly entered the country undetected and illegally.

2. We would not allow the emigration of people from countries you claim are our enemies and we should be fearful of, and;

3. Would not be engaged in arming, or selling with the intent to arm, war weapons of all kinds to nations that you could, at your discretion, decide to wage war against.

I (WE) understand:

1. The Corporation holds the belief and opinion that “we the people” of the (50) sovereign states constitute the greatest threat to the Corporation.

2. That “national security” as expressed by the Corporation is in fact the use of unconstitutional laws and actions to protect the Corporation from “we the people”.

3. That no foreign terrorist, (by their very nature), is or will be concerned with any laws passed concerning these kinds of activities.

4.  That the focus and intent of all expansions and encroachments by the Corporation are;

              a) The intent to render the “people” as powerless against the Corporation, and:

              b) To create a continuing state of crisis, fear and panic to facilitate acceptance of loss of freedom and liberty with the false claim of intentions: to keep us safe.

              c) To redefine PATRIOTISM as only those activities or actions supporting the Corporation; its agencies and activities.                

 5. That many laws infringing on our civil rights and liberties have been enacted using “national security” as the justification”.

  a) The Patriot Act

  b) The Security Enhancement Act of 2203 (Pat #2)

  c) Sections of the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007; specifically giving the president unilateral authority to label any one, or all of us as “domestic terrorists, further allowing him to:

       1. Strip us of our citizenship; denying us access to our judicial system.

       2. Deny our right to counsel and due process.

       3. Detain us indefinitely without any specific charges.

       4. Deny us our right to mount a defense, and;

       5. To dispose of us through military tribunal, or other means; at will.

       6.  The FISA Act, signed into law July 10, 2008 which increased and condoned the illegal and unwarranted surveillance of communications of all kinds, against American citizens and, which had been conducted;

a)      Outside the legal limitations of the Corporation operating as government,  and,

b)      With full cooperation of tele-communications corporations, and,

c)      Was a “defacto” (i.e., “after the fact”) law,

**The Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 3.

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

* Bill of Attainder (laws directed against a person or a group that pronounces them guilty of treason or felony and denies recourse to normal legal procedure)

d)    In this case after the crime was committed to make the crime appear lawful and to expand this activity:

e)     Providing retro-active immunity from prosecution for those who colluded with and conspired with the Corporation to deprive the “people” of their Constitutional rights, liberties and protections.

f)      Expressly identified in the Constitution as “prohibited”.

Concluding our understanding:

I (WE) understand that the laws in the above citations, and others too numerous to include in this brief MOU #2, were enacted for the sole purpose of protecting the Corporation from the free and sovereign states and their citizens, and;

That as free and sovereign citizens of the (50) united states make these affirmations:

1. That “patriotism” does not silence free speech,

2. Demand adherence to intrusive and egregious policies and laws;

3. That all activities perpetrated and activated against these same people under the Corporate flag of National Security and corporate control, cease and desist.

4.  That all activities, agencies, agents, and any other operatives be focused and dedicated to the actual defense and security of our nation and cease to be used as tools and weapons against “We the People” with altered intents.

I (WE) understand that YOU, The House, The Senate, and The President (past and current) represent the greatest threat to our sovereignty, our safety and our freedom. That you have, collectively, (past and current) continued to act in opposition to the will of the people in violation of the oaths you took, promising to do otherwise.

That you have conducted a “War of Terror” against the (50) sovereign states and their citizens.  That this offense is and has been committed using the misrepresentation of “patriotism”, “national security” and with intentional manipulation to advance an un-American, anti-sovereign agenda.

Quote: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” Dan Inouye United States Senator for Hawaii

I, speaking for myself alone, agree with Senator Inouye completely. My only reservation is that this thought did not continue on and demand that this “shadow government”, which is now at least partially exposed, be immediately disassembled and those involved in its conception, creation and activities be immediately stripped of their citizenship, and declared “domestic terrorists” and a national threat.

I fully support the efforts to stop the re-election of any one of you, and fully support the idea that each of you should be brought to justice for these acts stated and numerous others which have harmed the people of the sovereign but united, states. 

 Marti Oakley

MOU #1: Read here: