Even Eleanor Clift had to acknowledge the hypocrisy of the left on the recent posthumous lionization of The Last Pinko, Ted Kennedy, in her essay in the current edition of Newsweek.  Mr. Kennedy’s combustible mixture of copious amounts of alcohol with a brand of serial womanizing not seen since his brothers departed this veil of tears, was consistently ignored by a Feminazi constituency enamored of his faithful commitment to the ongoing execution of millions of unborn children, and the legitimization of queerdom.  The Feminazi hypocrisy is matched only by that of the Roman Catholic church, which has also given Mr. Kennedy a free pass for all the obvious reasons.

     The late libertarian speechwriter, Karl Hess, once hoisted some German Weissbiers with me in the 1970s at a notoriously heterosexual watering hole in Washington.  At the time, Hess mirthfully quipped that he’d be glad to cruise the Nation’s Capitol with both The Last Pinko and Barney Frank, as long as “Kennedy picked the dates and Barney did the driving.” You get the picture.  Pat Buchanan similarly observed at the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, that when it came to Kennedy, you had to go with a guy who at age 60, was “still going to Florida for spring break.”

     But the ultimate legacy of Ted Kennedy must surely be the mesmerizing faith in the deification of Caesar and the Central State that he bequeathed to America, an America that memorialized him this past week, even as it forgot to place Old Glory at half-staff for an Old Republic that died too long ago to remember.  The echoes of the rifle reports for the imaginary funeral for the Old Republic at Arlington National Cemetery, no longer even resonate in one’s late-night dreams.  The Lee-Custis mansion above all 3 Kennedy brothers’ graves is now, thanks to Orwell, Lincoln, and all of the faithful who worship at the altar of Leviathan Government, now referred to as The Arlington House.  America’s gloried Constitutional past is now embodied in the permanent image of a riderless horse with reverse boots in the stirrups, even as the mournful sound of accompanying drumbeats wafts away over the Potomac.

     A look at The Last Pinko’s legislative legacy is best understood and interpreted in terms of the supremacy of the Central State. His aforementioned  commitment to the execution of even 9 month old infants half way through the birth canal of the mother, is matched by an absolute desire to keep violent felons alive at virtually any cost.  His crusade against 2nd amendment rights was designed to insure that firearms and deadly force remain only in the hands of said violent felons, including the ones representing Caesar at both Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Even as he rightly decried the loss of civil liberties at home and the over-expansion of American military presence abroad in Iraq, he voted to re-authorize the Patriot Act, to expand NATO’s membership to include former Eastern bloc countries, and to authorize NATO’s police actions in Kosovo in 1999.  He never met an IMF or foreign aid expenditure he didn’t like.  His love of expanding federal entitlement programs matched his enamorment of booze and broads.

     In the end, Ted Kennedy became the high priest of  the Leviathan Central State entering a Roman Empire-like stage 4 cancer metastasis.  His ultimate epitaph will be three-fold.  First, the trillion dollar federal deficits each year for the next decade, will engulf America and its once vaunted dollar in a sea of foreign borrowing and Federal Reserve funny money.  Second, as documented in a fine piece last week by my good friend, Frosty Wooldridge, entitled, “Teddy Kennedy’s Deadly Legacy for America,” Kennedy’s key role in the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, has sealed America’s ultimate fate in the drive of the once-greatest nation on earth to achieve Third World toilet status and a comprehensive linguistic and cultural Balkanization.

     And finally, Mr. Kennedy assiduously avoided any public pursuit of the real powers behind the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, as documented by Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgment.

     As Martin Luther King would say, “I Have a Dream.” As a matter of fact, I happened to have one last night, prior to finishing this op-ed.  Ted Kennedy was driving a car.  Mary Jo Kopechne was riding in the passenger seat.  Bob Dole, Orrin Hatch, and John McCain were in the back seat, representing the Loyal ‘Opposition’.   As you might imagine, the car veered off the famous Dike’s Bridge at Martha’s Vineyard.

     But there was a happy ending.  Ms. Kopechne emerged from the car and swam to safety.  The Last Pinko, Dole, Hatch, and McCain remained at water’s bottom. 

     Can the Old Republic still swim?