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BTC Editorial
Obama disappoints. He disappoints because he’s been assimilated into the machine of Bush’s predecessors. He disappoints because he behaves as Bush did. Make no mistake – there is simply no possible way for a President to pristinely carry the adulation of the American public at all times. Which means that leaders have to have a fallback plan after the Honeymoon is over. However, so many elected him on the auspices that we wouldn’t get the Bush treatment.
Obama still has a chance to come correct. He can change direction any time he chooses. The issue for actors on the world stage is always MOTIVATION. Where does the context for these decisions come from?
This spring, I think Cheney has made himself a little too important. He wasn’t getting the cooperation of his former colleague, Obama. Obama himself, his staff and those in current governance are not immune to self-preservation. Cheney as a retiree couldn’t settle for skeet shooting, he decided to go duck hunting instead. If he couldn’t kill a duck – he could make one lame. He set his sights this spring on Obama and here we are.
For salt, I always blame the CIA. They suck. They don’t respect anyones privacy or humanity. They want too much information. They get what they want because they are heavily rewarded to lie, cheat and steal. What kind of people are stocked up in an agency dispatched to upset small 3rd world governments and assassinate democratically elected leaders?
I am someone who still believes in free speech and the cemented ideal center of the U.S. Constitution. I can point out those in Congress and the Senate who actually value the document as is and those who legally observe it when it is expedient for business. Sometimes it really depends on the issue.
Obama always had a plan for the internet. It’s really no big surprise with Emmanuel as a sidekick, Jane Harman in an Intelligence Director position and Cheney skulking around as an unwanted consultant that the internet is now a big problem for the incumbent government. I would be insecure too if I farmed out 20 million Americans livelihood overseas, sold them into debt slavery to China over a war most supporters were duped into after 9-11. I’m sure all the complaining is really starting to get to them.
I don’t think things are going Obama’s way right now; so he is taking it out on the public by trying to castrate our technology and communications. I bet he feels stuck. He couldn’t keep Monsanto out of Michelle’s garden, much less our food supply leadership. You see, he’s been trying to get some kind of health care to sick people. Instead of the lobby sponsors bending a bit and working with some of the Republican interests on how things play out or parsing up the bill and working constructively about specific concerns of Red state Americans; it’s been fight or flight, my way or the highway.
Should we allow our nation to be run by bunch of spoiled shortsighted bureaucrats? Is tolerating this cafeteria food fight the best Obama can do?  It’s really hard when people call your good thing, bad.  At the end of the day, Obama is one guy. The more isolated our President gets, the more people like Cheney and advisors like Rahm Emmanuel aim to suck the marrow out of him.
In the meantime, the town halls have become stages for Americans who never get a chance to say much of anything on their own behalf. It’s a new thing for shortsighted Congressional leaders to deal with auditoriums filled with Americans who are both sick and underemployed because of their stupidity. They never thought they would ever see those people in those circumstances. Most of them were working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. They’ve got plenty of spare time now to fix their aberrant government.
America is just filled with bunches of crankypants and fusspots.
Republican or Democrat? Vote anyone but incumbent or you’ll get the same. Bush’s people who weren’t cycled out in the inauguration tides are hanging around like corpses fouling the enduring tide. There’s your problem.
Watch out for the wave of workhorse independents who don’t have law degrees who will be running for office in an election near you.