Author is unknown/annonymous.                                  September 1, 2009


You say you can’t understand the anger and frustration of taxpaying citizen voters in this country, so you are reacting with “punching” back, or bewilderment, cowardice, or outrage.

You are so far removed from “ordinary” life you can’t understand why we ordinarily polite, mostly middleclass people are so angry. 

For generations we have treated you with respect, even when you betray us time and time again.  You steal our money, our freedoms, our futures, our Bill of Rights, our hopes and dreams and still think we should respect you?

For all the “Honorable’s”, pleases, begging, cajoling,  and polite acceptance of your cat of nine tails…what did it get us?  Only more, and more arrogance, corruption, rudeness, chicanery, brutality, and utter disregard for our wishes and well being.  While we were being polite and respectful you were busy weaving your protection racket scheme to cover each others’ rears, feather your nests, and keep us in the dark.

You continue to dream up new ways to rape and rob us.  You sneak pork and diabolical laws into voluminous Bills, which most don’t read before you vote to pass the abominations.  But we are supposed to keep treating you nicely and show you respect??? If you were honest you would abide by every suffocating bill you pass, including socialized healthcare, but you are not honest and mean only to control us.

We may be as a mass, purposely dumbed-down, naïve, trusting, or have fallen for some of your rotten tricks, but we are not Stupid, Crazy, or a Mob, e.g.  the illegal aliens who openly marched vociferously to demand their “rights” (since when do illegals have U.S. citizen rights?) then you have the audacity to say you can’t find the illegal invaders because they’re hiding in the “shadows”…how about their day labor sites, emergency rooms, protests, jails, well known work places, ad infinitum? Lies upon lies to protect yourselves and your exploitive corporate and Marxist benefactors.

We are not thugs hired and bussed by ACORN, ACLU, SPLC, La Raza, LULAC, Unions, etc.  You are only showing your arrogant disregard for your constituents when you compare us to the anti-American propaganda trash groups.

Your protection racket, as instigated by the 1930’s Cultural Marxists at Columbia University which they called the “march through the institutions and which now includes all levels of government, mainstream media, academia, financial institutions, churches, public education, corporations and organizations who exploit the illegals and pick our pockets, has worked  very well for you.  However, hopefully you have gone too far this time and your traitorous behavior has awakened the beleaguered taxpaying citizens who are experiencing the loss of jobs, retirement savings, standard of living and healthcare, while you flit around the world and steal the country blind.

Also, how about your murderous, illegal, unconstitutional wars you wage and expect us to fund and fight for you while untold innocents are maimed and killed on all sides?

You’ve not only attacked but often destroyed our very being—our sovereignty, our culture, our heritage, our true courageous history and heroes, our accomplishments such as achieving the highest standard of living for all people in history, i.e. our pride.

We’re mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore!  We want and mean to have our country back to sanity, honesty, and INDIVIDUAL CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY…not your bloody, tyrannical Collective Dictatorship.  Whether you did it through complicity, cowardice or stupidity is not important, the result is the same and we are judging you by your actions/votes and not your slimy, self-serving words.